13 September 2014

Dr.M kata Melayu malas,Perkasa,Isma tak repot polis ke...

Melayu masih malas dan hilang rasa malu...

Bangsa Melayu dirumuskan sebagai masih dibelenggu sifat malas dan sudah hilang rasa malu, sehinggakan ada dalam kalangan orang Melayu yang dipenjarakan pun boleh tersenyum, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu berkata, beliau melaksanakan Dasar Pandang Ke Timur kerana kagum dengan kerajinan rakyat Jepun yang berusaha tanpa jemu untuk membangunkan negara selepas perang sehingga boleh muncul sebagai ekonomi kedua terbesar dunia.

Katanya, orang Jepun menjadi bangsa yang berjaya kerana mereka memiliki sifat malu jika gagal dan sikap itu semakin pudar dalam kalangan orang Melayu.

"Sebab itu ada orang Melayu yang dipenjarakan pun boleh tersenyum. Hilang sudah rasa malu.

"Sekarang ini jumlah penuntut Melayu perempuan lebih ramai di universiti. Mana pergi anak lelaki Melayu? Hendak kata mereka bodoh tidak juga. Tapi mereka tidak ada perasaan malu kerana sanggup merempit daripada menuntut ilmu," katanya ketika berucap di majlis pelancaran buku Wahai Melayu tulisan Anas Zubedy.

Dr. Mahathir mengambil ccontoh dirinya sendiri di mana, katanya, beliau tidak pandai kerana memasuki Fakulti Perubatan dengan keputusan 3A sahaja sedangkan para pelajar lain mendapat keputusan jauh lebih baik.

"Saya sering dipandang rendah oleh para penuntut lain sehingga pernah diminta supaya pulang sahaja ke kampung dan menanam padi.

"Saya tahu saya tidak pandai sebab itu saya baca buku 15 kali sehingga boleh membayangkan gambar dan muka surat buku yang dibaca ketika mengambil peperiksaan. Dan saya lulus dengan baik.

"Ini menunjukkan walaupun tidak bijak tetapi jika kita membuat ulangkaji berulang-ulang tanpa kecewa, pasti kita akan berjaya juga akhirnya," ceritanya.

Tambah beliau, orang Melayu juga jangan cepat putus asa sambil mengaitkan kampung-kampung Melayu semakin lenyap di bandar disebabkan cepat mengalah dengan kehidupan.

Katanya, dia pernah tertanya-tanya mengapa orang Melayu tidak banyak di Alor Setar sedangkan bandar itu dibuka oleh orang Melayu.

"Semasa duduk di bandar kehidupan mereka terhimpit akibatnya mereka menjual tanah kepada bukan Melayu selepas dipujuk berkali-kali.

"Mula-mula tidak mahu jual, dipujuk lagi, tidak mahu jual juga tetapi apabila mendapat tawaran yang baik akhirnya jual juga. Sebab itu di Kuala Lumpur perkampungan Melayu juga semakin hilang," katanya.

Kata beliau, seorang rakannya berbangsa Cina yang merupakan pemilik francais hairan mengapa orang Melayu yang menjadi francaisor gagal dalam perniagaan sedangkan bangsa lain dalam perniagaan yang sama berjaya.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu percaya, mereka sebenarnya gagal kerana tidak pandai mengurus kewangan baik, hasil jualan yang diperoleh bukan digunakan untuk membeli bekalan sebaliknya berbelanja untuk perkara-perkara lain yang tidak sepatutnya.

Keadaan itu, katanya, menunjukkan mereka tidak menguruskan kewangan dengan ikhlas, jujur kerana mengambil kesempatan walaupun wang tersebut bukan milik mereka.

Beliau yang membuka kedai roti turut ditipu apabila hasil jualan roti turut diambil oleh pekerjanya.

"Kita minta dia masukkan duit ke dalam bank setiap hari, katanya takut setiap hari ke bank. Dia pulak cadangkan untuk masukkan duit tiga hari sekali.

"Apabila buat macam ini, pejabat tidak memantau dengan teliti hasil jualan harian dengan jumlah wang yang dimasukkan. Tindakan pekerja memasukkan duit setiap tiga hari itu memudahkannya mengambil duit. Mereka yang buat kerja macam ini tidak amanah," tambahnya.

Lantaran itu, beliau berkata, orang Melayu jangan menyalahkan orang lain jika gagal kerana kaum Melayu sebenarnya yang suka melakukan perkara yang menyebabkan mereka gagal.

Dr. Mahathir berkata, duit bukan segala-galanya dalam kehidupan sebaliknya kepuasan hati dalam melaksanakan kerja-kerja yang disukai merupakan satu nikmat yang tidak ternilai.- malaysiagazette

Will reports be made over Dr M's 'Malays are lazy'....

So will right-wing Malay groups make a beeline outside police stations to file a battery of reports against former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

What about the self-appointed defender of the Malays, Ibrahim Ali? What is the Perkasa chief's take on the scathing indictment of his race by the movement's patron?

And will Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) chief Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman sound the clarion call?

Last but not least, will the identity crisis suffering Ridhuan Tee Abdullah pen a vitriolic response to these "ultra kiasu" comments in his weekly newspaper column?

Speaking of Ridhuan, it is often suggested that the 89-year-old former prime minister, too, is afflicted by a similar condition.

Speaking at the book launch of ‘Wahai Melayu’ by entrepreneur Anas Zubedy yesterday, Mahathir systematically ran down the country’s majority ethnic group.

He called them "lazy", "unashamed of being failures" and accused them of "lacking integrity in handling money" and even went as far as suggesting that they are petty thieves.

Such derogatory remarks are far worse than calling Umno "celaka" and one wonders if Umno Youth would storm the octogenarian's house in protest.

Furthermore, aren't Mahathir's remarks considered seditious? Will the current sedition law dragnet include him as well?

This is not a call for the police to investigate the ex-PM under the Sedition Act but to point out the double standard and selective application of the law.

As for Mahathir, such racially-tainted statements come as no surprise, given his track record. He is known for his sweeping remarks and has, time and again, condemned Malays as he did the Jews last month.

When airing his views on the military strikes on Palestine, he had dismissed all Jews as evil following the brutal actions of Israel.

Never mind that many Jews around the world also protested against the Zionist regime.

Similarly, there are many Malays who are hardworking and possess immaculate integrity in matters of finance.


One observer quipped that perhaps Mahathir was using Umno leaders as the yardstick for his critique.

In the foreword of Anas’ book Mahathir penned, he again defended the New Economic Policy (NEP) and warned Malays against the perils of rejecting affirmative actions.

Is this not a contradiction?

On one hand, he supports a policy that provides a head start to its recipients of a certain race, who in return might slip into a comfort zone and lose their competitive edge.

And on the other hand, he accuses them of bone idling and not working hard enough.

Affirmative actions must be colour blind and be extended to those in a disadvantaged economic positionm irrespective of colour and creed.

In the case of the NEP, there has been much abuse over the decades, which have rendered the policy's aims unachievable.

As for Mahathir and his tongue-lashing, "lazy" he is not, "unashamed" he is not, but the jury is still out on whether the former prime minister of 22 years is qualified to broach the subject of "integrity". - mk

Speaking his mind, Dr Mahathir has once again generated a flood of response online with his comment that 'Malays are lazy' at an event yesterday. - The Malaysian Insider pib by Nazir Sufari, September 12, 2014.

Social media users tick off Dr Mahathir for ‘lazy Malays’ remark... 

Malaysians on social media have taken Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to task over his labelling of Malays as “lazy” yesterday.

They have also highlighted the double-standards in the use of the Sedition Act, with some questioning if the former prime minister would be charged for criticising the Malays, while others said he was at fault for creating a culture of dependency on the government with his policies.

Among them was Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen, who tweeted: “Hope Dr M will read ‘The Myth of the Lazy Native’ by Syed Hussein Alatas – and recognise his role & what he has done to perpetuate this.”

Former Perak menteri besar from PAS, Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin tweeted from his handle @mbnizar: “Tun M-melayu malas, melayu tak amanah, pencuri, geng2 melayu tak mau saman Tun M ke?” (Tun M-Malays lazy, dishonest, thiefs, Malay gangs don't want to sue Tun M?)

Another Twitter user, Malek Hussin using @AbdMalekHussin posted: “Dr Mahathir kata, orang Melayu memang pemalas. Cuba yang cakap begitu Lim Kit Siang, Gobind Singh Deo, Tian Chua, Surendran, apa jadi?” (Dr Mahathir said Malays are lazy. What if Lim Kit Siang, Gobind Singh Deo, Tian Chua, Surendran said it, what would happen?)

@AbdMalekHussin got some responses to his post, with BEYYY@IBALZAMRI tweeting in reply: “akan ditangkap. Dan mungkin rumah mereka dilempar cat merah, dapat surat nyata bakal dibunuh beserta peluru.” (They would be caught. And maybe their houses would be sprayed with red paint, and they would get death threats and bullets in the mail).

Another response was from Twitter user @akurazal who simply tweeted: “Akta Hasutan.” (Sedition Act).

Yesterday, Dr Mahathir said that he spent 22 years as prime minister trying to change the mindset of the Malays and turn them around, but failed to do so.

"I always tell non-Malays not to think that the Malays are lazy. If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy," he had said.

The Malaysian Insider's report on Dr Mahathir's controversial remark yesterday also drew spirited responses, with a reader using the ID angrybird14 posting: “This is lame, shameless, dishonest confession of judgement as he claimed. TDM is shedding crocodile tears. He himself once became the head of racism, cronyism, corruption and placed high importance on NEP. He should know [that] what happened today was expected. He should exercise his common sense and integrity before say anything. Who [wants] to be hard working and serious about life if everything is ‘durian runtuh’”.

Another comment to the article was posted by a reader with the user ID onenight4, who wrote: “Because you have pampered them for 25 years who to blame but only yourself.”

Yet another user, TheMan6868, had this to say, believed to be in reference to Malay rights group Perkasa and Muslim rights group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia: "Yo... Perkosa &; I$MA go file police report on TDM for sedition la....."

There were also those who made references to the remark in jest, with Jimadie Shah Othman using @jimadieshah2 posting on Twitter: “Rasa malas pula nak pi sembahyang Jumaat. Ni semua salah Chedet.”

He also posted: “Lepas Chedet kata Melayu malas, saya pun rasa malas hari ni.”

Dr Mahathir also mentioned the “lack of honesty and integrity” and the “failure to handle money properly” as other bad Malay traits.

He spoke of his experience running a bakery after his retirement from politics.

"I am operating a bakery and have given many opportunities to Malays to hold management positions.

"Unfortunately, time and time again, honesty and integrity appear to be lacking as there have been staff who keep stealing.

"They do not seem to understand that it is wrong to take what is not theirs, they do not think of the big picture or the long term, Dr Mahathir had said at the launch of the book “Wahai Melayu” by author Anas Zubedy in Petaling Jaya yesterday. – tmi

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