29 May 2014

P76 Teluk Intan - Jom balik undi...

kabinet pelawok najib

To all Teluk Intan voters! Every vote counts...

The upcoming Teluk Intan by-election will be an important by-election for Malaysia. It is a unique opportunity for you to send a strong message in support of breaking racial and religious barriers in this country. Please vote!

Since the bus tickets are selling off, we are arranging for buses from Klang Valley back to Teluk Intan (only for registered Teluk Intan voters). The details are as follow:

Klang Valley <-> Teluk Intan Bus Station

Depart from Klang Valley: Friday, 30 May 2014

Departure points:
1. Bukit Jalil LRT station (8pm)
2. Kelana Jaya LRT station (7pm)

Depart from Teluk Intan (bus station):

1. Saturday (6pm)
2. Sunday (6pm)

Ticket Price: RM 10 (return ticket)

To book a place, please SMS to 0172327929: your name, I/C, contact number, choice of pick-up points and day&time leaving Teluk Intan.

NOTE: Our phone line is hacked, please also email your information to 



Anonymous said...

Hampa nampak dak wahai orang melayu yang dibodohkan ,DAP letak calun melayu dikawasan depa ,tapi sebenarnya depa nak tengok sapa nak sokong sapa, la nie hampa nak tengok sapa dok sokong sapa ,melayu dok begadoh sesama melayu cina ada ka depa dok becakaq sesama sendiri depa dok sengap saja,tapi sebenaqnya depa sokong DAP qbukan macam UMNO begadoh bagai nak gila sampai mati kenuri kenara pun tak mau pi ,mampuih la hampa lepas nie cina semua kan bubuh orang melayu kawasan cina dan cina dikawsan melayu lepas tu baru hampa nak sedaq dah telambat. Renungkan sebaik-baiknya.

Anonymous said...

Selama ni calon2 Cina yang diletakkan di kawasan majority Melayu hampa tak komplen tapi bila DAP letak Melayu sebagai calon di kawasan majority Cina hampa naik biol!!!

Betoi kata Mahathir Melayu cepat lupa tapi bukan semua Melayu, Melayu jenis dok angkat teloq pemimpin2 penyamun UMNO tu...