21 July 2008

The problem is Saiful's underpants was splashed with 1998 semen........

In his latest posting on "No Hold Barred", Raja Petra Kamaruddin, revealed how Anwar's 1998 semen was splashed on Saiful's undergarment to look as if, read on.............

How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar - Raja Petra Kamarudin

The ‘evidence’ is ready. The semen specimen on Saiful’s underwear has been confirmed as Anwar’s. The only problem is if they allow an independent foreign expert to do an audit on the Chemistry Department’s findings, he or she might confirm that the specimen is ten years old and not dated 26 June 2008 as alleged.It was a great party that night. The Chemistry Department was so pleased they had an airtight case against Anwar Ibrahim they decided to celebrate. And the RM25,000 party was financed by a Good Samaritan who was delighted that this time, unlike last time, they have got Anwar by the balls. RM25,000 is not a lot to spend on a party if it is a party to celebrate the wedding of the Prime Minister. Last year, when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi got married to the Maid from Putrajaya, they spent millions. RM25,000 is also not a lot to spend on a celebration the day Najib Tun Razak finally takes over as Prime Minister in 2010. Rosmah Mansor spends more than that on a handbag. But RM25,000 is certainly a lot to spend on a party to celebrate the ‘success’ of the Chemistry Department in being able to nail Anwar’s balls to the wall.

Why does the Good Samaritan need to sponsor a RM25,000 party for the Chemistry Department staff? What is there to celebrate? Do they always celebrate with a RM25,000 party whenever they succeed in cracking a case? Or was this an once-in-a-lifetime celebration for successfully coming up with the ‘evidence’ to send Anwar to jail for at least ten years, which will ensure he will never be able to form the new federal government on 16 September 2008? Hold on awhile though. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that Anwar must volunteer his ‘new’ DNA profile. The 1998 DNA profile that the police have on record is ‘too old’, argued Abdullah. The police, in turn, said that if Anwar refuses to volunteer his ‘new’ DNA profile then they would have to obtain a court order to force him to do so. Hmm…..there appears to be many things wrong with all this.

Firstly, if the Chemistry Department has already wrapped up its case and the airtight ‘evidence’ against Anwar has already been secured then why the need for Anwar’s new DNA profile? DNA profiles never expire. Would the police also need Anwar’s ‘new’ fingerprints because the one they took ten years ago has ‘expired’? Fingerprints never change from the day you were born till the day you die. And the same goes for DNA profiles as well. If you can remember, they once dug up Napoleon Bonaparte’s grave and did an examination to prove he had died of arsenic poisoning. And Napoleon died on 5 May 1821, which is more than 187 years ago. You mean to say that Anwar’s DNA profile of ten years ago is already basi?

The truth is, the airtight ‘evidence’ that the Chemistry Department recently conjured is based on Anwar’s specimen of 1998. So they need a new specimen dated 2008. If not, if Anwar calls in an independent foreign expert to audit the Chemistry Department’s evidence, he or she might just discover that the so-called ‘evidence’ is actually ten years old and not from the 26 June 2008 ‘sodomy’ incident as alleged by the government. Yes, that’s right, they not only can tell whether the so-called ‘semen’ on Saiful’s underwear belongs to Anwar, they can also tell whether it is from September 1998 when they first took Anwar’s specimen, or whether it is dated 26 June 2008 as alleged by the government.

The ‘evidence’ is ready. The semen specimen on Saiful’s underwear has been confirmed. The only problem would be if they allow an independent foreign expert to do an audit on the Chemistry Department’s findings, he or she might confirm that the specimen is ten years old and not dated 26 June 2008 as alleged. So they need to exchange the September 1998 specimen with a new one dated July 2008. And that is why Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Syed Hamid Albar, and all those others, have asked Anwar to volunteer his new specimen. They need this new specimen to ‘prove’ that the semen on Saiful’s underwear is dated 26 June 2008 and not September 1998. And Abdullah himself ‘confirmed’ this when he asked Anwar to volunteer his new specimen whereas the old specimen is good enough if it is just required for DNA profiling — only that it would not pass the test if an independent foreign expert was to audit the Chemistry Department’s ‘evidence’ and then come out with a report that says the specimen is ten years old.

Yes, in September 1998 they already took Anwar’s specimen. But they can’t use it as evidence in this latest sodomy allegation. They need to ‘update’ the evidence and unless they can force Anwar to give them his new specimen then the evidence will be shot full of holes. And that is why the police had to reluctantly release Anwar on police bail one day after his dramatic Hollywood-
style arrest. They either had to release him or bring him to court to be charged. But how to charge Anwar when the evidence is defective? And evidence of Anwar’s so-called sodomy crime supported by a specimen from September 1998 will certainly be defective and will not stand up in court. Anwar is alleged to have sodomised Saiful on 26 June 2008, not in September 1998.

Now can you see how the slime-ball AG and scumbag IGP work? And these two slithery creatures are the same slime-balls and scumbags who fabricated evidence in 1998 that resulted in Anwar having to spend six years in jail. And am I committing an act of sedition and criminal defamation in saying this? I certainly hope so. And, while we are at it, why not I commit yet another ‘crime’? I am going to accuse the AG and IGP of fabricating evidence and of intimidating witnesses. You see, they asked a certain doctor from a certain hospital to conduct an examination on Saiful. The doctor did so and he came out with a report that said there is no evidence Anwar had ever penetrated or sodomised the young man. The police then picked up the doctor and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so.

Until today, the doctor stands by his report that there is no evidence Anwar had sodomised Saiful. He knows he is going to be made to pay for this but he doesn’t care. He is not going to change his report and say that Anwar sodomised Saiful whatever they do to him. Exasperated, the police had to release Anwar on personal bond or police bail. The doctor refuses to doctor his report and neither does Anwar want to volunteer his new specimen. The ‘evidence’ against Anwar is no good. They now need to look for another way to ‘prove’ that Anwar sodomised Saiful. In the meantime, let us see if the AG will be making another police report against me and whether the IGP is going to arrest me and charge me in court for sedition and criminal defamation for this latest allegation of mine. Hey, I already face four charges of sedition and criminal defamation. What are another two or three charges? The important thing is not whether I get sent to jail or not. What is important is that the world is told that they are attempting, yet again, to fabricate evidence against Anwar Ibrahim. And that is worth going to jail for. 

You can read the Malay translation here.


Here's what Anwar got say...............

"Where on earth do we have a case where the Minister of Health, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Home Affairs Minister and the Prime Minister (making statements on a police case)? Everybody's coming in!" he said.

"It is the vulnerability of a (single) citizen against the might of the entire government."

Riled up when asked about his reservations on giving a DNA sample to the police, Anwar questioned whether all accusations of sexual offence lead to an immediate DNA test.

"I haven't (even) seen the report (against me). What is the issue? What is the claim? What is the evidence? Why is it in this case, a DNA sample is being asked for (immediately)?

"Why don't you ask all the others (against whom such accusations have been) alleged? Why are their samples not asked? Why the assault, the ambush and arrest? Why dump me into a cell?

"These are the questions that have to be raised. There is a pattern here to demonise and intimidate me," he said.

Unlike other criminal cases, Anwar added, the burden of proof had been stacked against him instead of being placed on his accuser.

"The burden of proof is on them to prove (my guilt). It's not for me to prove (my innocence)," he said.


Din Merican says...............

Dear All,

See what this government can do very well. They can deceive, lie and fabricate. Yet, they cannot stop a man whose time has come to lead our country to better times. Repression comes at a time when a regime led by idiots savants is about to meet its ignominious end. Before it was a badly soiled mattress from some prison and now it is purportedly Saiful’s underpants. What a joke.

You can go to the Sungai Buloh Remand Center and get litres of semen, visit Globe Silk Store to buy a heavily discounted underpants of Saiful’s size, soil it with semen, get the Chemistry Department to say it is Anwar’s, entertain the Department Head and his staff to a rm25,000 dinner plus entertainment by a local dangdut band and dance, and then announce to the Malaysian public with the help of the mainstream media (Utusan Malaysia, NST, the Star, etc) that the government has indisputable evidence that Saiful was sodomised by Anwar. Walla! A political checkmate? No, hubris. Not that easy.

This is because the Malaysian public thinks Anwar is innocent and the Government is a dirty liar. What will these people with power do next? They will arrest and charge Raja Petra. Or they will declare him as a danger to our national security and take him in under ISA. This will be the opportunity for Syed Hamid to flex his ministerial muscle.


Deputy IGP and Sivarasa says...............

Deputy IGP, Ismail said the police were acting within the law by not giving Anwar a copy of the police report.

“Whatever we do is strictly in accordance with the law. Section 51A of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) clearly stipulates that,” he told the Star.

However, Sivarasa said section 51A does not apply to Anwar’s case as it referred to the handing over documents when a person has already been charged.

“Section 51A of the CPC as referred to by the deputy IGP is totally not applicable at this stage. The deputy IGP should go back to his basic legal books. Section 51A only applicable if a person has been charged in court and the documents to be delivered before the commencement of a trial.”

Sivarasa said it was “elementary natural justice” that an accused “should have sight of the accusation, before being called upon to explain anything”.

“How can anyone called in to give a police statement in relation to a criminal investigation know what exactly the police are investigating and be obliged to answer questions without having a copy or even sight of the initial documents that sparks off the relevant criminal investigation?

“How is a person under a police questioning to know whether the answer he is giving will incriminate him unless he first knows exactly what offence he is being accused of or the police are investigating?”


Thats the reason why the sudden arrest ala hollywood, the demand for Anwar's DNA from various personnels including Pat Lah, coz they could not complete the script.................


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