01 July 2008

Najib's denial elicits more questions.......

Speaking to reporters in the Parliament lobby after chairing a cabinet committee meeting on foreign workers and making his address in the house, Najib replied to a barrage of questions from local and foreign journalists, including queries involving a picture of Saiful Bahari together with Najib’s special officer Khairil Annas Jusoh as posted on the net.

Question: Datuk Seri Anwar is being investigated for sodomy allegations and has linked you to it …

Najib: I'm not involv
ed in this case at all. The officer (Saiful Bahari) met with my officer when he came to get a scholarship from the government. The picture was taken three months ago. He is a student leader and had come to meet my officer pertaining the scholarship. He had also taken pictures with other leaders too. The question is not whose role … the main question is: did the act take place?

Question: When you say the government assures him (Anwar) of his safety, what kind of protection are you giving him? He claims that BN (Barisan Nasional) agents had threatened him?

Najib: We have never threatened his life. No, no, no, no, we’re not involved in anything, to threaten any politician. We’ve not harmed any politician in Malaysia all this while and we don’t intend to do so. That is not the practice of the BN government.

Question: Anwar expressed concern that there would be a repeat of the incident in 1998 pertaining the IGP (who gave him a black eye)

Najib: No, that was a very, very, very unfortunate incident and we have gone through that.


No minister remembers Saiful...........

The cabinet ministers who were seen in photographs with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the man who lodged a police report against Anwar for sodomy, today claimed they did not know him. They said as public figures, they posed for pictures with the public all the time and they do not necessarily know each and every one of them. These were the reactions from the ministers:

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad

"I have taken photographs with many people and I do not even remember when I took it." He believed that the photo, which depicted him in Malay traditional wear, was taken during an Umno assembly because he seldom wore such clothes.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman happily joked that she looked fat in the picture.

"I only know that the picture was taken when I was the Youth and Sports Minister and it was taken with a group of students," she said, adding that she was told by her press secretary about the photo yesterday. She could not recall who was the man and did not remember talking to him.

"I would have to check with my previous press secretary if the picture was taken inside or outside the country."

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said he took picture with a lot of people and he shook his head when asked if he knew Saiful. "I only saw the picture from Malaysiakini."

source: the Sun.

If thats what Najib says, my questions:

1. Why is Saiful applying for scholarship 3 months ago,when he dropped out from UNITEN in 2007?

2. Saiful should apply for scholarship in the JPA office not in Najib's office.

3. Saiful admitted that he opted out of the university due to poor results. Why is he applying for scholarship,when he had already quit varsity?

Verdict : Najib is lying from the bottom of his pants.......

As for Saiful Bukhari's posing with Ministers and Khairil Annas,Najib's special officer, probably thats his right to do so. But knowing Saiful Bukhari is from the opposition camp why would these Ministers and the special officer even entertained him, unless they(ministers/special officer) got something to gain from that? Yes,they did and eventually Saiful became UMNO/BN's 'pacak' boy in PKR's place.

The rumour mills has always been spinning prolifically,stimulating and entertaining too,read here and here, but on a more serious note and mind-boggling,read here , here , here and here.



Anonymous said...

My philosophy lecture once reminded his first year students, "lying is like a snow ball".

The class went silent, unable to fathom.

He explained: "You tell one lie, and you will need two to cover it up."

The students wondered what's so philosophical about that.

The professor then ended the reminder very tersely: "Eventually that snowball of lies will be rolling down behind you fast while you are running and only getting bigger than you all along down hill and eventually large enough to roll you in".

Something for everyone to think about in these uncertain times...especially politicians. They must remeMber there is such a thing called HISTORY.

ali allah ditta said...

j.d lovrencier,

There is also this Chinese sayings goes, “to cover up a lie, it takes another 100 lies to cover up that lie”

Thanks for visiting.