04 July 2008

Najib admits meeting Saiful..........

According to Malaysiakini the DPM Najib Abdul Razak today admitted that he met Saiful Bukhari Azlan a few days before the latter lodged a police report against Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sodomy. Najib however denied that he had advised Saiful to lodge the police report against Anwar, the PKR de facto leader and opposition chief.

The admission by the deputy premier today was a shocker as previously he had acknowledged Saiful meeting his special officer three months ago to seek government scholarship. At the time, he did not disclose about this personal meeting with Saiful.

"There are two elements. He (Saiful) came to the office to seek help for scholarship and he only met with my special officer.

"He (also) came to my house because he needed help because he was so traumatised, so that was it.

"I am saying it because there has never been a conspiracy, you can't link the two things together. He just came for help, that's all and he never met me when he came to my office," said the deputy premier.

Najib's admission that he had met Saiful days before he lodged the police report is likely to bolster Anwar's claims of a conspiracy.

"I don't know, maybe he (Anwar) thinks I am the one behind the guy (Saiful). Actually there is no conspiracy, he came and saw me to complain that he had been sodomised by Anwar," said Najib.

Najib added he accepted the meeting with Saiful in his capacity as a government leader and the young man as a Malaysian citizen. With his ‘revelation', Najib was pressed by reporters for more details on their meeting, including whether he believed the claims made by Saiful on the alleged sodomy.

In this, Najib said: "I was sceptical, I was not sure whether there was any basis or whether it was genuine or whatever it was. I was worried, so I said ‘look, it's up to you (to decide on the next course of action)." But he also added that Saiful "looks genuine".

"I don't dare to say. He looks genuine as he was in fear, his hands were seram sejuk (cold) but I dare not draw a conclusion, I advised him that 'you decide for yourself'," said Najib.

On whether he asked Saiful to lodge a police report, he said: "No, I said, 'it's up to you', and I was not sure whether he was going to file the police report."


I am no predictor of what lies ahead, but Najib's addmission that he met Saiful arouses more question than answers.

a. Najib's addmission that he met Saiful,is truly captivating. Firstly,the admission, why now?,why not earlier? Saiful says he is sodomized,he should go to the police not to Najib. Surely they must be hiding something.

b. Its so easy for Saiful to walk in and out the DPM's office and house,though we know that the security surrounding the DPM is very tight.Unless,there is something going on,say like they are concocting some plan, and that might explain as to why the security lag on Saiful.

c. Najib said: "I was sceptical, I was not sure whether there was any basis or whether it was genuine or whatever it was. I was worried, so I said ‘look, it's up to you (to decide on the next course of action)." - obviously when you are faced with a tough decision,you wont straight away say,"go make a police report". Morever the person involved is a well known enemy. He(Najib) would rather give the guy(Saiful) some benefit of doubt and I am sure much more things were said to that effect. Thats when the script writers were brought in to start the conspiracy..........

What will happen next......a SD from Saiful......as the mystery deepens.



Anonymous said...

His mistake is to not reveal it earlier.

You are entitled to be suspicious. But why would Najib reveal this piece of incriminating information, if not done in good faith?

This is not like some act like running off to an Embassy, claiming death threat, 10 year late police report of a conspiracy, etc.

Yet this is the man who is the biggest Conspirator - ship jumping MPs, an RC that end up to be inconclusive but spinned to incriminate the accused, and lots of unsubstatiated accusation of corruptions ... remember the six boxes.

Its obvious that since Ijok by election, Anwar focussed target on Najib is too obvious. Perhaps you will call it political stratagy coz its to weaken the successor #2 with a weakened #1.

I can go on but with all the perception against him and the released Bala SD, yet Najib willingto be truthful abt it.

Perhaps, Najib is not your preference and Rosmah is not everyone's favourite person but giving power to a perpetual rebel, instigator and manipulator like Anwar is disastrous!!!

You have every right to do your political manouvering but considering the faith of the nation with Anwar as PM.

Why is Anwar so precious to the American? In fact, Abdullah too?

Anonymous said...

"....his hands were seram sejuk (cold)..."

DPM holding his hands during the meeting?????

Unknown said...

kah... kah.... najib pun dah dapat title al-juburi ker? syok kat budak tu ker sampai pegang tangan? rasa sejuklah! kecian dia yek!