24 August 2008

"Lu olang pigi itu Melayu punya lumah kasi depa sokong sama Anwat......."

Joceline Tan, the Star columnist,in her analysis on the Permatang Pauh by-election "A fight to win over Malay fence-sitters" wrote,

The PKR side insists that Malay voters tak makan or have not swallowed the implications of Saiful’s testimony. But PAS central committee member Dr Mujahid Yusof said: “We’re still not sure of the impact. Morality is a serious thing to the Malays and Saiful did swear on the Quran and he did it in a mosque.”

PAS is planning to capture the fence-sitters this weekend by bringing in its three ulama superstars, party president Hj. Abdul Hadi Awang, Mursyidul Am Nik Aziz Nik Mat and famous spiritual healer Dr Haron Din.They are depending on their ulama leaders to provide the Islamic arguments to this thorny issue.

So the ulamaks,Hadi Awang,Dr.Haron Din and other ulamak leaders were in Permatang Pauh last night. Today,PAS spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Aziz will around to provide a lending hand to Anwar.

Last night they were in Guar Perahu,where between 10,000 - 15,000 people attended their ceramah. To-night, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz,Hj.Hadi Dr.Haron Din and PAS dignitaries,including Anwar will at Mesjid Bandar Perda for solat hajat prayers and ceramah.

Last night,I happened to follow a group of PAS house to house campaigners,some from Penang and others were from Terengganu making home calls in the Kampung Sama Gagah area. We covered quite a large area,from the kampung extending into the old town of Permatang Pauh.

We were distributing fliers from door to door and it so happened we came across a group of Chinese residents in that area. One fine lady,looked and smile at us and this was what she said,"Aiya....lu olang jangan takut,kita olang mesti kasi itu Anwat naik. Dulu pun kita ada kasi sama lia ma!"

Then, another elderly Chinese man standing by,said, "kita olang cina mesti kasi ini Anwat punya,tapi lu olang patut pigi itu Melayu punya lumah kasi depa sokong sama Anwat." "Itu bulak sudah bikin kasi Anwat busuk ma....dan ini olang Melayu pun ada susah mau percaya atau tidak.

Another lady joined in and said,"Eh,kawan kita olang tatak percaya sama itu budak. Lu tengok itu budak manyak besaq lagi muda,lu ingat itu Anwat boloh kah mau bikin itu keleja?,ini semua tatak masuk akai punya, ini semua keleja olang jahat mau kasi Anwat jatoh"

Then we came across a group of Indian youngsters on their motorbike,who saw us and came to ask for some fliers while chanting "makkal sakti". One of them even ask for the PAS cap worn by one of the PAS campaigner in our group. After giving the cap to him,he said in fluent Malay, "Terima kasih,jangan takut brader Permatang Pauh kita punya dan Anwar boleh menang besar"

I wanted to follow them further but my knees and feet were hurting badly and decided to rest at the PAS pondok nearby. In case you all forget the Penang gomen has declared August 26 2008 a public holiday, If you are a voter don’t forget to cast your vote for Anwar. If you are not, just enjoy your holiday............

I was back home around 1.00 am..........


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Ni kalu orang BeEnd baca misti dia kata korang pandai2 je buat crita. Depa mana mau percaya punya.