05 August 2008

Look who's barking............

Fixing the petrol price at RM2 per litre is possible but there are implications, said Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

“Anything is possible. It depends on how much you want to set aside for the subsidy,” he said. At the current rate, however, the subsidy was already huge, he added.

On Sunday,Anwar Ibrahim promised he would fix the petrol price at RM2 per litre if Pakatan Rakyat succeeded in forming the Government, a promise even better than his earlier one of a 50 sen petrol price cut.

“The global trend is moving towards a world market price. What he is suggesting has implications,” said Najib.

“It is another example of a populist approach,” he said

source : Star


Look who is barking now? When Anwar invited him to debate on petroleum subsidies, he chicken out......a "cluck, cluck" here and a "cluck, cluck" there; here a "cluck"; there a "cluck"
everywhere a "cluck, cluck".........

Meanwhile, unreliable sources said that BN had offered the Mufti Perlis,Dr.Mohd.Asri Zainul Abidin a chance to contest in the Permatang Pauh bye-election. The Mufti is said to be a local resident of Permatang Pauh,but he turned down the offer. Read here.

Read here,and here.


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