11 August 2008

Between Bakaq aka Penarik Beca and Mahathir Mohammad......

I am quite perplexed at Mahathir Mohammad who confessed that he will migrate if Anwar becomes PM. Mahathir believes that as far as politic is concern Anwar is a gone case,not,until in March 2008 that changed the political landscape of the nation. Against all predictions except his own, Anwar led a 3 party opposition alliance to astonishing victories in the general election, winning 5 states and denied BN 2/3 majority in parliament.

This unprecedented results,and his boasts that he was poised to seize power, shook the ruling elite to the core.However,he was slapped with another sodomy charged,the same charge he was convicted of 10 years ago before being acquitted. His next court appearance for his sodomy II trial is on Sept 10. Anwar has denied the charges and accused the gomen of being the main culprit behind the allegations made by Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, a former volunteer and coffee boy.

On the day Anwar was charged in court for sodomy II, a well known blogger,Bakaq of the famous Penarik Beca blog was detained and his laptop seized. Bakaq was said to had published an article entitled "Kenapa tak usik Raja Petra" and with derogatory comments about Musa including claims that Musa was being controlled by Chinese crime syndicates.

Bakaq was held under the Sedition Act purportedly for also depicting PDRM's logo.Bakaq,though he isnt a PAS card carrying member, is an austere supporter of PAS Islamic gomen concept that will be fair to all races.

Bakaq defended his written article,but was regretful for depicting the PDRM logo and he is so sorry about it. Bakaq said that he didnt defaced the logo but was done by someone else,and his only crime was to copy and paste on his blog.

The difference between Bakaq and Mahathir is that Bakaq willingly admits his mistakes and was sorry for his faults. While Mahathir is arrogant and will never say sorry for whatever mistakes he makes.

The excuse given by Mahathir why he will migrate if Anwar is PM is that Anwar was greedy enough for support that Anwar would forsake the special privileges for his own Malay race to cooperate with HINDRAF which is filled with racism. Maybe he too forgot that he wanted the Malay special privileges withdrawn so that the Malays could stand on their own. However,failed to convince the Malays. The withdrawal of immunities of the Malay rulers were part of his scheme to neutralise Ketuanan Melayu. As a known Malay ultra, Mahathir too was filled with racism in his early years.

There are many reasons why Mahathir wants to migrate and most Malaysians are fully aware of this. Most important reason of all may be Mahathir fears the truth will be revealed by Anwar. Referring to Mahathir's desire to migrate if he made it as PM,Anwar said,"I have no vengeance for anyone and have forgiven all those who have been cruel to me,"

However if he wants to migrate,well and good go ahead, probably he wants to seek peace and solacement in either Zimbawe or Myanmar.

As for Pak Bakaq,maybe you are a dreamer for a new Malaysia for all and most of all a reformed PDRM thats is fair in line with PDRM's motto "Firm, Fair and Courteous"

To Pak Bakaq keep up the good work and your fight for justice masih belum selesai.........and in Mahathir's words...

Perjuangan kita belum selesai
kerana hanya yang cekal dan tabah
dapat membina mercu tanda
bangsanya yang berjaya



Anonymous said...

kalau aku mahadei pun aku lari kalau nuar jadi PM...

nak mampus tunggu... dengan segala kes rasuah, salah guna kuasa, penyelewengan... baik mati lam pelarian dengan duit berkarung dari mati lam jel ooowww....

dan rasanya bukan mahadei saja... yang lelain pun... semua musti cabut punya lah... ntah-ntah, anak imam taranum, patkilo pun sama lari... nordin kardi pun... hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Lari, jangan tak lari. Gila tak lari, huru hara Malaysia ni nanti kalau dia jadi PM. Dia dah la 'Bapa Demonstrasi'. Segala jenis demo, tunjuk perasaan dan bantahan di jalanan dia punya kerja hasut. Esok semua tu jadi amalan. Tu belum kira pasal dia dengan US tu. esok kita semua jadi warganegara US. Huiyoo, mau ka?