10 July 2014

Tania Billingsley 'hot' kerana Rizalman cabut lari...

Gadis NZ berang diplomat Malaysia 'lari'...

Tania Billingsley, wanita yang menuduh diplomat Malaysia Muhammad Rizalman Ismail menyerangnya di rumahnya di New Zealand pada Mei hari ini berkata, tindakan Rizalman meninggalkan negara ini tanpa kehendaknya.

Bercakap kepada TV3 New Zealand untuk pertama kali sejak insiden itu, Billingsley, 21, merasakan pihak berkuasa negara itu tidak menangani aduannya dengan cukup baik.

“Saya dapat panggilan dan ia seperti, 'ya, kami baru dapat tahu dia sudah pergi hari ini',” katanya.

“Sudah tentu saya kecewa dan marah kerana daripada awal saya kata saya mahu dia tinggal di New Zealand dan ditahan secara telus di sini.”

Kementerian Pertahanan menubuhkan lembaga siasatan tetapi dalam masa yang sama bersetuju menghantar pegawai tentera itu balik ke New Zealand. Buat masa ini dia sedang menerima rawatan di Hospital Tentera Tuanku Mizan.

Dalam kes yang mendapat perhatian antarabangsa itu, Rizalman ditahan pada 9 Mei dan dibawa ke mahkamah pada hari berikutnya atas dakwaan cuba memecah rumah dan cuba melakukan serangan seksual terhadap seorang wanita 21 tahun.

Beliau bagaimanapun belum dibicarakan dan dibawa pulang ke Malaysia pada 22 Mei selepas pertikaian isu diplomatik, dan mencetuskan kemarahan ramai di New Zealand selama lebih sebulan selepas dilaporkan pada 28 Jun.- mk/tmi

Woman at centre of Malaysian diplomat case speaks out- video

Alleged victim angry over 'diplomatic escape'...

Tania Billingsley, the woman who accused Malaysian diplomat Muhammad Rizalman Ismail of attacking her at her home in New Zealand in May, said today Rizalman left the country against her wishes.

Speaking to local TV network 3 News NZ programme 3rd Degree for the first time since the incident, Billingsley, 21, said she felt the New Zealand authorities didn't pursue her complaint hard enough.

"I got this call and it was like, 'Yeah, you know we just found out that he's leaving today’," she said.

"Obviously I was frustrated and I was angry because I had, from the very beginning, said that I wanted him to stay in New Zealand and to be held accountable here."

Her wishes, though, counted for nothing, for Rizalman returned to Malaysia on May 22, with diplomatic immunity, even after being charged in a Wellington court on May 10, a day after his arrest.

Rizalman was a staff assistant for defence at the Malaysia High Commission in Brooklyn, Wellington, and held the military rank of second warrant officer.

Billingsley said she first became aware of Rizalman's diplomatic status on May 11, which is also her birthday.

She was informed by the police officers handling her case and although they did well, they could not prevent Rizalman being squirrelled away by higher authorities.

Rizalman remained in Malaysia for over a month. His case was publicised on June 28 and the Malaysian government was again pressured to extradite him back to New Zealand.

His return, approved by Wisma Putra, has however been delayed this week as the 38-year old soldier is still undergoing psychiatric treatment, the Defence Ministry said.

'Legal process yet to play out'

According to the 3 News NZ report, the legal process is yet to play out, so Billingsley cannot talk about the accused.

But she had decided to apply, through the Wellington district court, to make her identity public so that she can hold the New Zealand government accountable.

Billingsley slammed both Prime Minister John Key and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully for their soft approach in her case. Even an apology now was too little, too late, she added.

"I would take them (Key and McCully) actually committing to address rape culture and to being just more engaged in this stuff as an apology instead; if they want to swap an apology for them starting to deal with this stuff then I'm okay with that," she said, adding that McCully should resign.

Billingsley is also angry that the NZ prime minister look bored when talking about her case.

"I don't feel from him any sincerity in his concern for me," she said.

Billingsley said she also felt sorry for Rizalman's family for they were also victims.

"I would also like to take this space to let Rizalman's family know that I am thinking of them and that I hope they are being supported. I can't even begin to imagine how hard the last couple of months must have been for them as well," she said.

In response to Billingsley coming on record to formally complain, the New Zealand government only responded in a letter that it was sorry and hoped to do better.

"Our focus now is on performing the rest of our role in this matter to a high standard and on learning from the lessons that come out of the independent inquiry," Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade chief executive John Allen wrote to Billingsley, hours before the interview went on air. - mk

Rizalman's alleged victim goes public...

Tania Rose Billingsley, the 21-year-old woman who accused Malaysian diplomat Muhammad Rizalman Ismail of attacking her at home in Wellington, has asked the court to allow her name to be made public.

A report on stuff.com.nz says the identity of a complainant in certain sexual cases is automatically suppressed in New Zealand.

"But in the Wellington District Court today, Judge Bruce Davidson granted an application from the woman - represented via a TV station - for her name suppression to be lifted this evening," reported stuff.com.nz portal.

In the case that almost sparked an international row, Rizalman was detained on May 9 and taken to court the next day for attempted burglary and sexual assault on Billingsley (right).

But he escaped trial and returned to Malaysia on May 22, after some diplomatic wrangling, and the matter sparked public outrage in New Zealand more than a month later, on June 28, when it was publicised.

The suppression of Rizalman's name was lifted after a legal challenge Fairfax Media won in the New Zealand court, stuff.com.nz reported.

Acting for Rizalman as 'friend of the court'

Rizalman was represented at the hearing to name the victim by lawyer Barbara Hunt, who was appointed on an amicus curiae (friend of the court) basis, to preserve a fair trial right for Rizalman.

Hunt was also at last week's hearing on the suppression of Rizalman's name.

Asked by Judge Davidson whether she had heard anything about Rizalman returning to New Zealand, Hunt said it was likely and that she would be his preferred lawyer if he returned.

She said she made inquiries with the Malaysian High Commission but had received no response.

On Monday, the Malaysian government reiterated a promise to send Rizalman back to face trial in New Zealand.

The Malaysian Defence Ministry said Rizalman, a warrant officer previously attached with the High Commission in Wellington, was undergoing psychiatric treatment and pleaded that he remains "innocent until proven otherwise." - mk 

Apalah dosa anak kecil ini terhadap Israel kecuali dendam kebencian yang meluap2 itu yang tak berkesudahan... 

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