31 May 2008

Will Anwar Ibrahim be PM........

PKR - Anwar Ibrahim will not be PM

Posted by mindspring on May 30, 2008

Despite all the speculation and the on going turmoil in UMNO, the road to the PM’s office still ha a number of obstacles for Mr Anwar Ibrahim. The biggest obstacle is that public perception of him is quite divided.

There are those who say Anwar is no different and will be no different from the UMNO boys of today - after all he was a master at the game as he rose up the ranks in UMNO.

Then there are those who say Prison does change a man and they quote Ghandi and Mandela as examples… Unfortunately in the case of GHANDI and Mandela, prison did not change them but further strengthened their resolve to see independence, liberation and for Mandela the abolishment of apartheid.

In my view, prison has only strengthened Anwar Ibrahim’s resolve. Resolve about what? Resolve to proof that Tun Mahathir was a despot perpetrating cronyism and nepotism. Whilst I think Anwar has got good leadership qualities, I don’t think he will use those qualities for the benefit of the nation but for the benefit of installing his view or concept of how UMNO and BN should be run.

There is just too much “sandiwara” or posturing going on to make the him a trustable and believable candidate, not withstanding that he is an astute and respected politicians. I think Anwar’s prime and only concern is about himself becoming PM and he will use what ever means it takes to achieve that objective, but it does mean that to achieve that he will have to be the president of UMNO.
Just like Mahathir, for Anwar the ends do truly justify the means.

The political and ideological concessions that DAP and PAS will have to make in order to fit into a unified PKR platform are simply too big. The fact that we are not seeing any public discussion of how this loose “PKR coalition” is going to come together under a single party symbol is telling enough. Right now the binding factor between PKR, DAP, and PAS is the common goal of weakening Barisan’s hold - which they have done very well.

But the party lines are still drawn with strong racial undertones… and if PKR’s promise is for a unified Bangsa Malaysia - the the three parties really need to be talking about it now, in public. What does Bangsa Malaysia mean in terms of a national agenda and what is the policy framework for it. It is easy for Anwar to criticise about what is currently wrong with the government and it is easy for him to paint a picture of what an ideal future can look like, but the challenge will be in the details
and for that - we have heard nothing.

At the state level, PAS with Kelantan and Kedah under its belt will seek to consolidate its position, likewise DAP with Penang and Perak while PKR really only has Selangor and the most Parliament seats held by the opposition.

So with this level of wins - the “opposition” is far better of
f collaborating with each other rather than fighting as they all have a common enemy - namely BN.

Should this balance of power change in that either DAP or PAS becomes significantly strong relative to the other at the next elections, think we will see a lot more flexing of muscles and thats where the real ideological conflicts will arise.

Right now, I give high marks to the respective MB’s for demonstrating that the “opposition” controlled states can function and are functioning better that when they were under BN. And if the “opposition” is serious about working under a single flag then they are going to have to demonstrate it in the states first. Right now the mood is toleration, simply because it is needed to show solidarity. However, to step the relation up a few more notches will require compromises and this will be hard to do.

For PKR to really unify - Anwar will have to step down - together with Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, and Nik Aziz and allow the next generation to take over and push the agenda. For now the old guards have done enought to get us to where we need to be. Unlike UMNO, the PKR coalition
, in order to succeed, must show an ability for the old to give way to the young in order for constant renewal to take place.

So, Anwar, thank you for getting us this far. You may not become PM but the outcome of this election is more than what any PM has done for the country.. but now its time for you to find a new face to lead the PKR coalition….

Is Anwar still the same Anwar who was the DPM so many years ago,nobody knows, only he can tell so. The imprisonment may have changed him and his perspectives, but what about his will and determination? Must we argue on that too? Give him a chance to proof who he says he is and we will judge him after he has done his job.

Its normal for people to be vary of Anwar because he was part of the system; the number two man in UMNO, the party that the rakyat despise most.

While Umno and BN supporters are slinging mud at him saying his is corrupted, racist and also anti Malay,PKR supporters and sympathisers literally worship the ground he walks on. Thousands were drawn to his campaigns at the height of the 12th general election last March 2008. Isnt that enough proof that the rakyat supports him?

If it wasnt for Anwar's bargaining skills Pakatan Rakyat wouldnt have denied BN 2/3 majority and caputured 5 states. Anwar was the man of the hour who managed to unify the opposition parties and fought on a single manifesto,"Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia" and the "Agenda Ekonomi Malaysia"

At 61 Anwar is still considered young to step down. Lets give Anwar and the Pakatan leaders a chance and thats the only way we will know for sure to see if Anwar really do take over the helm and judge his performance then. Till,then lets pray that he has the numbers as he wants us to believe, enough to form the Pakatan Rakyat gomen soon but why wait till September?

We do not need another flip-flop corrupted PM.... over to you Anwar Ibrahim..........



Anonymous said...

I agree with the conclusion that Anwar may not be PM.

In fact I go on to say further he should NOT seek the PM position. The stakes are high and the risks to his image are higher.If he loses, he loses his political clout.

I quote one blogger who had suggested Anwar be a king maker instead of aiming for the crown.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, the glue that holds PR is not DAP or PAS, it is PKR(Keadilan) embodied by Anwar's vision for the country.

Let's look at the three parties of PR and how they stake their future with the voters since March 2008 election:


DAP now realises that it cannot form government without working together with a Malay-based party. It needs Malay votes and Malay support in the campaign to win seats.

It has to shed its outdated Chineseness, after all, DAP was not formed to fight for Chinese causes. The failure of MCA unwittingly made DAP the torch holder for disgruntled Chinese, especially the chinese speaking, while the english educated chinese, who has a distaste for the hidden racist agenda of DAP, flocked to Gerakan, another party not meant to champion chinese causes.

DAP also realises it may win majority seats in States, but it needs a Malay candidate in its party to have a DAP Menteri Besar.

Governing states need to interface with the Palace, responsible for Malay and religous issues.

DAP will eventually be more multiracial and will have to aim for more non Chineses supporters and candidates and be seen fighting for the causes of Indians and Malays UPFRONT.


Pas's goal of an Islamic state is a non-starter if it wants to win the Federal Govt. Unless it has 2/3 majority in Parliament it cannot change the Constitution to make it an islamic state.

Malaysia is an Islamic country BUT not an Islamic state.

PAS knows that it has to work with other non Muslim parties, or with UMNO to win Govt. Its experience with UMNO in the past was a bad one.

UMNO knows, after running the country for 50 years, that under current international politics, Malaysia has to be sold to the world as an Islamic COUNTRY but a SECULAR STATE. Otherwise our economy will go to the dogs.

PAS has to appeal to non Muslim/non Malay voters while retaining its Islamic character to win Federal Govt.


If PKR is perceived as another Malay nationalist party, it will die a natural death.

The Malay members of PKR have to ensure that PKR is not being dragged into the public perception it is an alternative to UMNO. There will be pressures from UMNO and the Malay members of PKR to move from the central position towards a more racially based position. If they do that, PKR is doomed.

PKR should be seen as an alternative to Barisan Nasional, not UMNO.

The uniqueness and attractiveness of PKR is that it is the only GENUINE MULTIRACIAL PARTY and the first of its kind, where its constituency is a rainbow of races, of Indians, Chinese and Malays. The give and take in PKR is admirable and that should not be lost at any time.

EZAM and his fellow PKR Youth colleaues left PKR is because they want to make PKR as a Malay nationalist party, with support of non Malays. If Ezam had succeeded, PKR is as good as dead.

The non racial approach to heal the nation by PKR will determine the sustainability of the party and withstand the test of time.

It should not go the way of Gerakan, started with noble objectives, but was hijacked to be another basically chinese party.

The Malays in PKR should learn that lesson from Gerakan, otherwise non Malays will not support it, and will flock back to MCA or DAP.

ali allah ditta said...

You are right Frank,but you musnt forget without Anwar,the Pakatan coalition will crumble. Currently there is no alternative leader to Anwar. Pakatan is just 3 months old. It need to grow and the only person who can guide is Anwar himself. With his vast experience Pakatan can succeed.

You cannot create a political leader overnight,thats what happen to Guan Eng,Khalid Ibrahim. They can be good opposition leader or an outstanding corporate manager but where politics are concern they tend make many mistakes.So Anwar must be around and let him groom future Pakatan leaders.


CaptainCaveman said...

Dear Frank,

Your piece is a good one, however with all the racial cards being play by politicians and with money politic, i doubt Malaysia will ever have a two party system.

It really does not matter who would be the PM. Money is the root of all evils and i see Malaysia future is bleak.....