27 May 2008

Rashid mulls mass voter re-registration........

The Election Commission(EC) have proposed re-registering all 10.9 million voters in a mammoth exercise aimed at silencing allegations of fraud and vote-rigging, a report said. EC chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said on Monday the project would take about two years, in time for the next general elections unless a snap poll is triggered by current political turmoil.

'The new registration exercise will be held if the government accepts the proposal. We hope the proposal will be accepted,' he said according to The Star daily. Read here.

Rashid said the existing rolls was a 'thorn in his flesh', after being condemned by the opposition and rights activists who say it is deeply flawed and riddled with phantom voters. Election reform campaigners said ahead of March 8 general elections that almost 9,000 voters born more than 100 years ago - including two reported to be 128 years old - were enrolled to vote.

Do you think by a mass re-registration of voters will solve the problem....the answer is NOPE!! It will create more problems and off course it will be done in favour of the gomen.

By re-registration of eligible voters is just another way to filter off those who voted for opposition. While those who have voted BEnd all along will be maintain,those voted opposition will be chucked out from the rolls.In other words the EC is gonna systematically botch up the database.

The real pain in the arse about the EC is Rashid himself. This stubborn dude in fact has turned the EC into a political party supporting the gomen. But you can’t blame him for being his master's voice, because his appointment was approved by the gomen and the gomen pays him to do the job. So whether he likes it or not he has to kowtow to the gomen. Opposition leaders said before the March polls that they would be the country's 'dirtiest ever' after the EC controversially abandoned a plan to mark voters' fingers with indelible ink.

Remember how Rashid dropped a bombshell by revealing that the cabinet had rejected the use of indelible ink in the March 8 general election on the day Parliament was dissolved. “I have not told the country about this (before) but what happened was that cabinet rejected our proposed law (on indelible ink) on Feb 13 - the day dissolution of Parliament was done,” Eventually the plan was cancelled four days before the March 8 polling day. Read here.

However, according to Pat Lah the cabinet had merely suggested to the EC to not use the indelible ink for the general election. It was not a directive. This shows how the EC and the gomen collaborate hand in hand in their 'wayang kulit' play. Read here.

Nevertheless, the ruling BEnd coalition suffered the worst results in its half-century history, losing five states and a third of parliamentary seats to the opposition. The outcome triggered calls for the resignation of PM Pat Lah, as well as splits within UMNO which commentators say could potentially force Pat Lah out of office or to hold fresh elections.

What has EC being doing all these years,after all, the general election comes once in 5 years. EC should have updated the electoral rolls every year, removing those who died and register new voters. However, instead of doing this, they used the electoral rolls to manipulate and gerrymandering electoral boundaries.

Before Rashid begins the act of re-registering voters,Rashid and the EC might consider how to exorcised the phantom voters and the ghost of "Project M" in Sabah, that haunts on every general election.

Probably Rashid might also consider automatic registration as an eligible voter by 21 years old.

Otherwise, Rahid should step down and let the EC, be an independent body that only is answerable to the king....


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