02 May 2008

Pat Lah put a stop to live telecast........

Pat Lah described the chaos that happened on the Dewan Rakyat's first day of sitting yesterday as "too much" and prefers that the 30-minute daily live telecasts of its proceedings by the RTM1 television channel be stopped.Pat Lah who was in Parliament when it descended into chaos yesterday, said he was ashamed by what happened and more so it was seen by all and sundry.

"I think it was because of the live telecast, everyone wanted to be seen to be in action when the broadcast was done," he told reporters shortly before leaving for Saudi Arabia.

So sorry Malaysians, the show is over. Everyone wants to be a Rosyam Noor and old habits never dies. If the Speaker was 'adil' the choas in the august house could be curtailed. But,what to do when you have a member from the same species appointed to be the keeper,everything goes wild.....


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