08 May 2008

BN in great danger of collapsing,says Mahathir....

Mahathir has asked the BN gomen to take the threat made by Anwar Ibrahim seriously in that Pakatan Rakyat will form the next federal government in the near future as it had convinced more than 30 BN Members of Parliament to cross over to the opposition front. BN has 140 MPs in the Dewan Rakyat and Pakatan Rakyat 82 out of a total of 222 MPs.

Mahathir felt that Pakatan Rakyat was a force to be reckoned with, not because it was strong or the people loved the Opposition but because of "the feeling of disappointment."

When asked where the Opposition would obtain the 30 MPs, Mahathir pointed towards Sabah and Sarawak. "If we take Umno, MCA and MIC, they have their roots here (in the peninsula) but not in Sabah and Sarawak. Although you have Umno in Sabah, it is transplanted from here to there. He said even in the peninsula, there could be MPs who could cross over since they knew that they could be in the new opposition-led government."

He said,"I first wanted to dismiss this possiblity but on studying the situation I feel that there is great danger. "I feel very strong, it can really happen."

For once Mahathir realized that Anwar is a powerhouse that cannot be dismissed easily and it isn’t a fantasy anymore. Now,Mahathir is having nightmares about MPs crossing over not for the sake of serving the nation but interested in how much they get.

Well,you cannot blame them,Mahathir,after all the hardwork they put in,at least a "setiausaha parlimen" post will suffice,but,Pat Lah got other ideas by offering ministerial post to the, in what RPK termed as,"‘expired’ politician who managed to convince an Australian court that he speekee no Ingleesh", to a state assemblywoman and to an ex-minister rejected by the rakyat,etc....

Give some credit to the opposition, they worked hard, they presented a good manifesto and the rakyat made their choice but short of capturing the gomen. The rakyat are just fed up with BN, no doubt BN brought about developments, but their arrogance is too hard to swallow.

Let’s go with Pakatan Rakyat and see how good they can be....



Unknown said...

2 days ago when in class, I heard something which I have never heard before. It all started when I was talking about Tokoh yang saya sanjungi, in the siviks class when all of a sudden a boy raised his hand and said Anwar Ibrahim. This thing about mentioning an opposition figure had never happened before in class.

Then I heard the boys talking amongst themselves about PAS and PKR as if it was a common thing. And what did Mahathir say,"the feeling of disappointment"?
He should think again.

ali allah ditta said...


My 4 year old neighbour's son asked me whom did I vote,Anwar or DAP? I was suprised and wondered why that little tot didnt mentioned anything on BN or Pat Lah?