21 May 2008

The letter to Ehud Barak,Isreal Premier that Mahathir denies writing to....

The letter below was supposedly written by Mahathir to the PM of Isreal and is circulating in the internet.(Click on image to enlarge).

However Mahathir in his blog had denied writing such letter. This is what he said......

"Letter" to Prime Minister of Israel

1. There is a letter being circulated purporting to be from me when I was Prime Minister, to Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel congratulating him on his appointment and requesting for the “Clinton Fund”, for “the purpose of withstanding the onslaught of Islamic Fundamentalist in Malaysia”.

2. This letter is not from me or from my office. Firstly, the font used is not the same as the type in all my letters from the Prime Minister’s office.

3. The Malaysian Coat of Arms at the top is not similar to the one on all my letters from the Prime Minister’s office.

4. The address at the side of the Coat of Arms is not the same as on my official paper. Often no address is printed, only “Prime Minister Malaysia” on the top right-hand corner.

5. The contents of the letter is totally different from the one I sent to Ehud Barak. Unfortunately, the Government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi refuses permission to reproduce my letters to Israeli Prime Ministers condemning them for their oppression of the Palestinians. This action by the Abdullah Government will lend credence to the letter that is being circulated.

6. I deny categorically that the letter which is being circulated with annotation “Sumbangan kakitangan JPM untuk Rakyat Malaysia” originated from me. This is the kind of dirty tricks that my detractors have to resort to because they have found nothing to blacken my name with.- (http://www.chedet.com)

Mahathir did wrote a letter to Ehud Barak,but not the one above. So who was the culprit trying to incriminate him?

Probably the boys at tingkat 4 JPM............



Anonymous said...

I came across that letter on the internet about a month ago.

I have analysed it.

Definitely the letter CANNOT be written by Dr.M and also the way it is written and composed, it is wrong protocol and it would not have pass through the Foreign Affairs.

There is a diplomatic protocol when one head of Govt writes to another.

The way this letter was composed, anybody who is familiar with letters between heads of Govt will know this is a fake. And a bad fake.

Anti-Dr M factions are out to discredit him. The language style in the fake letter is a giveaway and Dr M does not normally write in that form and manner.

There will be some idiots who would believe that such letter is real.

Definitelt this letter was written by some bureaucrat in Putrajaya, most likely people aligned to the son in law.

ali allah ditta said...

This must be the work of the boys on Tingkat 4 JPM. Simple letter but make mistakes!!