06 May 2008

'Openess' only to BN’s advantage……..

“Beaming live proceedings in the Dewan Rakyat without any censorship by RTM 1 since April 30 bears testimony to the government's openness and transparency of the mainstream media, Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek told the Dewan Rakyat today.The 30-minute live coverage of Question Time is also aired by Radio Klasik Nasional and the ministry's website, he said in a written reply to a query from Kuala Krai MP Dr Mohd Hatta Md Ramli.Mohd Hatta had asked when was the actual time of the live feed and the rationale for choosing the time.”

Shabery Cheek you got the cheek to say that the live telecast of the Dewan Rakyat debate as a proof of government openess. What openess are you talking about? Do you realise that the actual airtime for the live telecast is less than 15 minutes,then TV1 revert to its studio in Angkasapuri for commentary and analysis. In all we Malaysians only watched a less than 15 minutes of the live telecast and not the 30 minutes as widely reported.

The live telecast of a day-long Parliament session is estimated to cost the gomen a whopping RM3 million per month, or RM100,000 per day, plus another RM9 million to pay for the line services from telecommunication provider Telekom, says the minister. Its taxpayers money and well spent, rather than giving out as handouts to those half past six crony contractors for their cheap and shoddy jobs.

Till then let the public make their own judgment regarding the MPs’ behaviour in Parliament,so that the public will know exactly what to do when the next general election comes. But, Shabery Cheek tell your RTM goons not to focus only on the BN MPs and the gomen Ministers while asking or answering questions. The public would also like to see the opposition MPs in action too.


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