19 May 2008

As Dr.M quits, Pat Lah ponders, will Anwar make his move.......

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad quit Umno today after a long feud with his successor, deepening the cracks that appeared after the party's recent massive electoral losses. Dr Mahathir's son Mokhzani said his father was leaving Umno with "immediate effect." He said his father's decision was a sign of no confidence in the leadership of PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is fighting for political survival with many party members calling for his resignation to take responsibility for the losses in the March 8 general elections. "He has asked other members of the party to follow suit," Mokhzani, a businessman, said. He said the former leader made the announcement in a speech in his home state of Kedah.- Malaysian Insider. Read here,here,and here.

Is this one of Mahathir's tactical move, in order to get as many UMNO MPs who are his sympathiser to quit UMNO? Can Mahathir be able to get enough support to bring down Pat Lah's gomen? Those disgruntled UMNO MPs who are fed-up with Pat Lah's leadership will surely jump ship but to where? Obviously,PAS and PKR won’t be their choice. Or they may remain as Independents.

Will Mahathir's move spark off the possibility of a snap election? If half of the UMNO MPs decides to leave Pat Lah, then Pat Lah has no other choice either to call for a vote of confidence or call for a snap election.

Surely Pat Lah and UMNO will not welcome a snap election at the current moment. Mahathir too knows that a snap election, with UMNO split right is in the middle is bad for UMNO, coz it will eventually lead to UMNO's demise.

However can Mahathir's move too be construed as a move to deny Pakatan Rakyat's plan to take over the gomen thru crossover of BN MPs, thus ending Anwar's dream of becoming PM? It seems that Mahathir is killing two birds with one stone. And Pat Lah,UMNO and Mahathir are not going to handover the PM'ship on a golden plate to the opposition. Or, will there be another MAGERAN in the making?

Will the angry Sabahans MPs make their move now? Will they follow Mahathir; remain loyal to Pat Lah or just crossover to the opposition? Its anyone guess. However, after bashing the gomen in parliament recently the likelihood of a crossover is imminent. If so prepare for a change of gomen sooner than expected, unless Mahathir, UMNO and Pat Lah got other things up in their sleeves.

However,one thing is certain, that many will be against having a snap election,coz,the new MPs will not be certain whether they will re-elected and the gomen itself will not be too sure whether they can win.

Sanusi Joned has quit UMNO too and rumours have it that Ku Li will follow suit so will some UMNO MPs. Read here.

Its time for Anwar to make his move....


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Anonymous said...

Anwar should wait for while to see UMNO disintergrate and then makes his move.