23 May 2008

Batu Putih - Malaysia putih mata..........

ICJ rules for S'pore on islet dispute with Malaysia.....

THE International Court of Justice ruled on Friday in favour of Singapore in its 28-year sovereignty dispute with Malaysia over the tiny uninhabited island of Pedra Branca.

Ownership of the island's rocky outcrop- Middle Rocks- was given to Malaysia.

Pedra Branca is considered important for its strategic position and impact on territorial marine boundaries. It lies 7.7 nautical miles off the Malaysian state of Johor.

The dispute came to the fore when Singapore protested in 1980 against a new Malaysian map of its maritime boundaries which claimed the islet for itself.

Years of bilateral talks failed to resolve the matter and the parties agreed to seek the intervention of the UN court. - (Straits Times Singapore,23/5/08).

Hopefully we wont lose sovereignty over the Iskandar Development Region...Pat Lah!!!


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Anonymous said...

It's about time Malaysians start boycott Singapore products.