08 March 2019

UMNO/PAS, the ilicit marriage of desperation...

UMNO-PAS Alliance Marriage
UMNO/PAS Should Merge,Not Collaborate...

After years of flirting, finally UMNO Malay Nationalist Party and PAS Islamist Party are married. Congratulations!! It is certainly a match made in heaven. Both parties were so compatible it makes you wonder what took them so long to finally tie the knot. For some strange reason, they prefer their marriage to be known as “collaboration”. 

Exactly why UMNO and PAS do not “merge” completely is beyond comprehension. One of the meanings of collaborating is “cooperate traitorously with an enemy”. It means the so-called marriage was a fake one. It is just an alliance of convenience. Otherwise, they would have merged to avoid potential problems in the not too distant future – 15th General Election in 2023.

One of the major problems is the fight for seats when the nationwide election is being called. However, if both parties are merged, such issue will not exist. So, why didn’t UMNO and PAS merge, unless the whole idea of the marriage was a hoax to scam 2-million PAS and 4-million UMNO supporters? An alliance, not merger, will also allow them to split with ease when they no longer enjoy each other’s company.

A merger would create a giant political party with 6-million walking zombies, a force so powerful and fearsome that even the master strategist PM Mahathir would squirm and beg for permission to join the club. PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim would be so terrified that he probably thinks it’s wise for him to accept some lecturing jobs at overseas university.

There are about 140 out of the 222 Parliamentary seats that have more Malay than non-Malay voters, making it absolutely possible for a Malay-Muslim alliance such as UMNO-PAS to win enough seats to take power and forms the federal government. Even if 100% of the ethnic Chinese vote for the Pakatan Harapan government, an UMNO-PAS “Malay Tsunami” will be unstoppable.

In fact, UMNO was so confident of its alliance with PAS that its warlord, Nazri Aziz, mocked and insulted MCA and MIC to leave the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition after the Chinese-based and Indian-based component party scolded the notorious Nazri for spewing “racial remarks”. Mr. Nazri told MCA and MIC to stop talking cock and leave the coalition – for real.

Nazri Aziz Showing Finger Gesture

Amusingly, while UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz tells MCA and MIC to quit BN, UMNO acting president Mohamed Hasan insists that the two shameless parties are still needed in the coalition. Why a powerful UMNO-PAS alliance, armed with 6-million diehard supporters, still need the pariah MCA and MIC, which has only 1 parliamentary seat respectively?

Not only UMNO insisted on having MCA and MIC, the Islamist party PAS has also vouched for MCA despite the Chinese-based party’s constant rejection of Hudud Law introduced by PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang. As the protector of Malays and the defender of Islam, how could UMNO and PAS consent to having a foursome with infidels such as MCA?

It’s incredibly hilarious that UMNO, presumably the bridegroom of PAS, was once labelled “infidels” by the same Islamist party so much so that marriages, even “kenduri (feast)”, between PAS-Muslims and UMNO-Muslims members were banned. However, after former UMNO President Najib Razak bribed PAS leaders with RM90 million, suddenly UMNO is no longer infidels (*grin*).

PM Mahathir once said – “PAS members are willing to make enemies of fellow Muslims, thanks to the teachings of their leaders. And that is why the Malay Muslims in Malaysia are divided until now. Until today, there are still Malays who pray separately in the same mosque. Islam did not divide them, but the politics of PAS brought to the division of the Malays. What PAS has done is unforgivable.”

In a way, PAS has just married the same infidels UMNO whom it had once despised. Could that be the reason why PAS President Hadi Awang did not attend the UMNO-PAS wedding ceremony? It would be fun to see if 2-million PAS fans, as do 4-million UMNO supporters, qualified to get 72 virgins as a result of this “illicit marriage”, after years of “khalwat (close proximity)”.

From the beginning, UMNO and PAS have different ideologies. UMNO, like the capitalists, desires wealth accumulation and focus on economic development while PAS seeks the establishment of an Islamic state – the same way ISIS terrorist group tried to create in the Middle East. Interestingly, PAS’ history began as a religious unit of UMNO.

The splinter Islamist group quit UMNO to become more religious. PAS pioneers left UMNO because they considered the party which gave birth to them was not Islamic enough. Hence, collaboration between UMNO and PAS was unthinkable in the past because the splinter group has always considered UMNO “infidels”, even pariah in the eyes of Islam.

UMNO-PAS Marriage - UMNO Acting President Mohamad Hasan and PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

In fact, as early as last Christmas, in his remarks at a dialogue in Dublin, Ireland, PAS President Hadi Awang told his audience that the Islamist party may sink if it gets too close to UMNO. He said – “UMNO is currently a sinking ship. When we go to sea, if we approach a sinking ship, we may also sink with them.” PAS’ old message was that supporting UMNO means going to hell.

Since its establishment in 1951, the Malay-Muslims of PAS have been looking down on Malay-Muslims of UMNO. PAS members were constantly reminded and brainwashed that they can go to paradise but UMNO members will go to hell. Of course, with the gift of RM90 million, perhaps Hadi Awang managed to “kautim” (settle) the God, allowing the infidels UMNO free access to heaven.

As pointed out by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, PAS has never retracted its “edict” on UMNO infidelity, which means Malay-Muslims of UMNO are still “kafir” or disbelievers. In essence, Malay-Muslims of UMNO cannot go to paradise. To prevent confusion and argument with the God at a later stage, UMNO should at least demand PAS to withdraw the edict, and immediately revert UMNO back to Islam.

In truth, the UMNO-PAS marriage was not only a marriage of convenience, but also an illicit marriage of desperation. UMNO has been given a breath of life after PAS instructed its walking zombies to vote for the corrupt party in the Cameron Highlands and Semenyih by-elections. UMNO, after losing power for the first time in 61 years, desperately needs PAS voters to prevent itself from extinction.

In the same breath, PAS needs to prop up UMNO after leaders of the Islamist party were caught lying about receiving dirty money from the infidels UMNO. They hope a formidable force of UMNO-PAS would make Mahathir government thinks twice about slapping them with charges of corruption and money laundering, betting that it could anger its gullible supporters and retaliate against the government.

To prove that UMNO and PAS are sincere and genuine in the interest of uniting Muslims and Malays, not only they should merge, but also swear on the Quran to implement Hudud Law once the couple succeeded in taking over the federal government. They should probably start chopping some arms and legs in the states they control now – Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. - FT

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Takiyuddin dilondehkan 
Tuan Presideng senderi...

Presiden Pas, PM Online menegaskan gambar bersama ahli perniagaan, Rameli Musa memang dirakam di Thailand dan tiada kaitan dengan dakwaan bayaran RM1.4 juta kepada pengarang Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

Ini bermakna dia mengakui adanya pertemuan tersebut yang cuba dinafikan Setiausaha Agungnya, Takiyuddin Hassan dengan cuba meniru lawak antarabangsa bekas menteri kerja raya, S Samy Vellu yang pernah berdalih ‘muka macam saya, rupa macam saya tapi belum tentu itu saya’.

Memanglah kita semua tahu pertemuan tersebut tiada kaitan dengan bayaran kepada Clare tetapi apa yang penting netizen berjaya membuktikan bahawa PM Online memang mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan Rameli yang ditinggalkan terkontang-kanting tanpa ucapan terima kasih atas ‘pertolongan’ yang diberikan kepada lebai penipu nombor satu itu.

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Siapa pula yang menuduh pertemuan tersebut ada kaitan dengan bayaran yang dibuat sedangkan Rameli membayar cek bertarikh 31 Januari 2019 manakala pertemuan yang PM Online akui berlangsung sekitar dua tahun lepas?

Cerita pusing-pusing sampai pening ini dibuat hanya dengan satu tujuan, mengelak dirinya dari dakwaan penyelesaian luar mahkamah bersama Clare tiada kena-mengena dengan bayaran tersebut namun bila Anwar Ibrahim mendedahkan fakta, kelam-kabut penyembah berhala PM Online menafikan termasuk Takiyuddin sendiri.

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Bila terkantoi memang ada cek dibayar atas nama peguam Clare, Americk Sidhu dan surat arahan kepada Maybank supaya mengarahkan Americk memasukkan wang RM1.4 juta ke dalam akaun banknya di London, barulah semuanya terbongkar satu-persatu.

Paling kelakar dengan tak semena-mena PM Online tetiba lari ke Palembang tanpa memberi penjelasan terhadap kes yang diciptanya sendiri.

Sementara itu Presiden PAS, Hadi Awang hari ini menegaskan bahawa tiada sebarang bayaran dibuat kepada Editor Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle-Brown, berhubung penyelesaian luar mahkamah kes saman fitnah.

Hadi berkata, PAS atau beliau sendiri secara individu tidak pernah membuat bayaran RM1.4 juta itu seperti didedahkan peguam Rewcastle-Brown, Americk Singh Sidhu dan Presiden PKR, Anwar Ibrahim.

"Saya tak bayar, PAS tak bayar. Dakwaan itu tak betul," katanya yang dipetik oleh portal Berita Harian Online.

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Hadi turut mengulangi penafian parti itu sebelum ini berhubung dakwaan PAS membayar RM1.4 juta kepada Clare, menerusi pihak ketiga, untuk penyelesaian luar mahkamah kes saman fitnah yang difailkannya di London.

Hadi berkata, 'pertuduhan' terbaru ke atas PAS berhubung pembayaran RM1.4 juta kepada Clare hanyalah satu agenda pihak tertentu untuk menjatuhkan parti berkenaan.

Katanya, PAS hanyalah sebuah parti miskin yang menerima sumbangan daripada orang ramai dan tidak mempunyai dana untuk membayar Clare seperti didakwa. - mk

Image result for hadi - bohong syarie on tumpang sekole

Dah terang2 buat bayaran lagi mahu nafi, mengaku sajalah, apa masalahnye, orang yg tolong buat bayaran pun berasa hati, dahlah orang tolong bayar, tak mengaku pulak.. apa punye manusia tak kenang jasa orang, lepas tu nak mengadu dengan Allah, ini bukan kes ilmu ghaiblah, ini kes betul2, ada bukti, ko mengaku sajalah, lepas tu ngadu pada Allah minta ampun, baru betul, bukan nak minta Allah tutup kes tipu ko.memalukan islam je.. orang dah tak hormat ko sebagai ulamak lagi...kaki kelentong - Aziz Mohd Zaini

Bohong syarie lagi. Teruskan dengan fitnah syarie dan sumpah laknat syarie. Saman tak juga. Nampaknya, Rameli saja2 bayar Clare melalui Americk Sidhu atau Rameli diguna PH, Anwar, Clare, Americk Sidhu dan Rafizi untuk fitnah Hadi.. syiok bohong Hadi ni. Harap2 Rameli Musa akan bersuara. Jangan benarkan Hadi dari parti Umpas layan awak seperti hampas. - Hamzah Bin Mohammad

Ini isu bayaran hadi dgn sarawak report...sarawak report tak perlu tahu hadi ambil duit sapa atau ada org tlong itu bukan urusan clare...clare tahu jumlah 1.422 juta yg dia dapat dari hadi...hadi perlu bagi tahu pda umum sapa bantu bayar kepada clare...duit derma tin milo, atau duit turun dari langit, atau duit nombor ekor.  - Afandi

Sapa kata hang bayaq,yang bayaq tu kroni hang janganlah konfus Hadi. The claim was that the mediator paid on your behalf,no one said you or your party paid. - TS

Guna cek org lain bayaq. Lepaih tu tak mengaku. Nanya org yang tolong bayaqkan. Ibarat melepaskan Lebai tersepit telor. - f/bk

Correct ! he did not pay the money , PAS did not pay and also not an Arab donor. Actually who paid the money does not matter. The question is why so much money paid to settle the lawsuit if Hadi and PAS claimed they did not receive the RM 90 million ? - Anonymous

The RM1.4 million payment formed part of the settlement, which was the result of lengthy negotiation, of which Clair Rewcastle had kept a full record, according to her article dated Feb 28. The final session of negotiation was held on Jan 24 in the KL office of Claire’s lawyer Americk Sidhu, where as stated by Americk himself on Mar 5, a cheque post dated to Jan 31 was issued by Hadi’s intermediary, a day before the London high court issued the order dated Feb 1. That explains why the RM1.4 million was not included in the court order.

There is no way Hadi can wriggle away from his out-of-court payment to Claire, as there are many witnesses who can bear testimony to the negotiations that led to the final settlement, of which the RM1.4 million payment formed an integral part. Witnesses such as the principal Claire, her lawyer Sidhu, Hadi’s representatives, Hadi’s lawyer, etc.

Now that he is driven to a corner, Hadi has run to Allah for help, presumably to save himself, followed by his party. He has called for special prayers across the nation to reject what he calls “slander”. One can ask Allah for forgiveness for sins committed, but can one really ask Allah to cover up his lies and crimes? Does Islam really endorse such a teaching? How much more hypocritical can Hadi go? - Kim Quek

Amaran Sdr Rafizi Ramli semasa penerangan pasca kemenangan PH 

Salahkah pindahkan  22 penghuni yang sudah tak layak diganti dengan 22 penghuni Melayu baru yang lebih layak?  Gomen bagi tempoh setahun untuk berpindah.Tempoh masa setahun pun kejamkah? Dok rumah PPR dah 14 tahun,suami warga asing,pakai kereta,ada piring astro dan sebagainya. Duit sewa rumah RM100 sebulan saja tu pun susah nak bayaq kah? Bila kena tindsalahkan gomen. Tulah Melayu semua nak free.Cukuplah tu bagi peluang kat rakyat tempatan yang betul2 layak pula... - f/bk

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Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'Umno pandir dan lebai malang Pas ingat Tun M tak boleh baca tipudaya mereka konon sokong PH. Pi jalan dah... Moga SPRM giatkan siasatan tiada maaf bg pengkhianat amanah Lepas PAS, Umno pula umum sedia sokong Dr M'


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