01 November 2012

Anak Nazri Aziz memang guna kereta mewah milik Michael Chia,ahli perniagaan yang derma RM40 juta kpd.UMNO...

Anak Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz menikmati manfaat terus dari Michael Chia, ahli perniagaan yang terbabit dalam skandal RM40 juta untuk Umno Sabah.

Dedah Pengarah Strategi KEADILAN, Rafizi Ramli pada sidang medianya di Parlimen hari ini, Nedim Nazri menggunakan kenderaan mewah jenis Hummer berwarna hitam dengan nombor pendaftaran WNX 9776 milik Chia.

“Kenderaan itu berharga RM459,000…hak miliknya boleh disahkan melalui carian saman di laman MyEG.

“Saman bernombor 1100105197 bertarikh 1 April 2011 mengesahkan ia milik Michael Chia atau Chia 0tien Woh (670406-12-5261),” jelas Rafizi.

Menurut Rafizi, berdasarkan pemantauan, kereta tersebut kebiasaannya dipandu oleh pemandu peribadi keluarga Nedim di antara kediaman beliau di Clearwater Residence, dan kedai miliknya di Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Rafizi turut menunjukkan beberapa gambar bukti.- keadilandaily

Rafizi dedah anak Nazri Aziz terima kenderaan mewah Michael Chia

Kereta mewah Hummer WNX 9776 kepunyaan Michael Chia dipakai oleh Nedim Nazri Aziz...

Beberapa hari lalu Nazri Abdul Aziz telah menafikan menerima RM3 juta daripada 'kawan' hartawan kayu tetapi tidak pasti samada kawannya itu meminjamkan keretanya kepada anaknya.

Itu kenyataannya bila mengulas tulisan Raja Petra Kamarudin mendakwa bahawa Nazri dan anaknya Mohamad Nedim masing-masing menerima RM3 juta dan sebuah kereta sport dari Chia.

"Oh tidak, ia tidak benar, ia tidak benar. Chia ialah rakan. Saya tidak tahu jika dia dipinjamkan kereta untuk anak saya. Anda perlu bertanya kepada anak saya, "katanya di pejabatnya.

Jika kita pergi untuk bertanya kepada anak Nazri Aziz sendiri ada dua kemungkinan yang akan kita hadapi. Samada kita akan dibelasah oleh anaknya itu ataupun pertanyaan kita tidak akan dilayannya.

Bagi merungkai jawapan tentang kereta mewah tersebut KEADILAN dengan kerjasama Sarawak Report telah menjalankan siasatan sendiri untuk mengesahkan bahawa kenderaan mewah itu benar-benar digunakan oleh anak Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz.

Dan penemuannya ialah memang benar sebuah kereta mewah milik Micheal Chia kini digunakan oleh anak Nazri Aziz tetapi yang ditemui ialah Hummer.

Sebagai seorang Menteri kanan yang dipertanggungjawabkan menangani kes-kes rasuah dan pengubahan wang haram yang sensitif seperti kes RM40 juta ini, Nazri Aziz perlulah telus, bersih dan dilihat tidak mempunyai sebarang kepentingan dengan mana-mana individu yang dipertahankan beliau.

Malangnya, KEADILAN mempunyai bukti bahawa kaum keluarga beliau mendapat manfaat terus (direct benefit) dari sumbangan Michael Chia, iaitu individu utama yang dituduh di dalam skandal RM40 juta.

Anak kepada Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz iaitu Nedim Nazri Aziz dan keluarganya mendapat manfaat melalui sebuah kenderaan mewah jenis Hummer hitam dengan nombor pendaftaran WNX 9776.

Kenderaan mewah Hummer hitam WNX 9776 ini dianggarkan berharga lebih RM459,000 dan dimiliki oleh Michael Chia. Hakmilik ini boleh disahkan melalui carian saman di laman MyEG.

Saman bernombor 1100105197 bertarikh 1 April 2011 mengesahkan bahawa kenderaan Hummer hitam (gambarnya disertakan sekali di dalam carian saman MyEG seperti dalam Gambar A2) adalah dimiliki oleh Michael Chia atau Chia Tien Foh (670406-12-5261).

Bukti-bukti berikut (diperolehi melalui siasatan mengenai latar belakang anak Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz dan pemantauan Hummer WNX 9776) mengesahkan bahawa kenderaan tersebut digunakan sepenuhnya oleh anak Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz:

Kenderaan tersebut berada di parkir Clearwater Residence, Damansara Heights

Pemantauan kami menunjukkan bahawa Hummer WNX 9776 dipandu oleh pemandu peribadi keluarga Nedim Nazri Aziz. Rutin harian kenderaan tersebut banyak berkisar di antara Clearwater Residence (kediaman anak Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz) dan Bangsar Shopping Complex (kedai anak Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz).

Gambar-gambar pemantauan di lobi Clearwater Residence yang jelas membuktikan bahawa kenderaan itu berulang-alik dari Clearwater Residence dan dipandu oleh pemandu dan pengawal peribadi keluarga Nedim Nazri Aziz. - paspb2.blogspot


Hummer shows Nazri-Chia links...

NONELaw Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz has been accused of acting with conflicting interests when he told Parliament that businessman Michael Chia had been cleared of corruption charges, because they appear to be friends.

The link between the duo is in the form of a black Hummer SUV, which retails at over RM459,000, that is owned by Chia and may have been used by Nazri's eldest son Nedim.

This claim was made by PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli today, who furnished a copy of a traffic ticket which stated the owner as Chia Tien Woh and covertly obtained photographs to show that the vehicle was frequently spotted at the condo where Nedim lives (photo right).

“Here you have a very high profile corruption and money-laundering case previously involving one chief minister and several jurisdictions, and the very person who cleared the Sabah chief minister’s and Chia’s name is the minister on whom we have found evidence that his family had received ... benefits from Chia.

“If this is not (graft), I don’t know what it is. At the very least, there is a question of conflict of interest where he should take political and moral responsibility,” he said during a press conference at the Parliament lobby.

Nazri laughs it off

Following this, reporters immediately rushed to Nazri's office for comments, where he jovially laughed off any allegations of conflict of interest. 

NONENazri explained that his written reply to Parliament on the matter came from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), and neither answer to him.

"If I am a high court judge, Chia appears before me and my son drives his car. (Then) I am in trouble.

"I am not the judge in Chia's case. I am not even the investigator. MACC is Chia's investigator. I am a minister replying in Parliament," he said. 

In addition, he said what happens between Chia and his son is none of his business because the latter is already an adult.

“I’m not gay, my son is not my wife, my son is not my lover, I don’t sleep with him. What he does he doesn’t tell me.” 

He told reporters that questions about the veracity of Rafizi’s claim that Chia had given Nedim a car should instead be referred to the two of them.

“That’s between my son and Michael Chia... If he wants to give a Hummer or Ferrari, that’s Michael Chia’s business.”

However, he did admit that he does know Chia personally and had once travelled to Dubai with Chia, but at his own expense.

"I know Chia and I am not worried about it," he said.

Asked whether he was worried about the allegations, their potential effect on the BN and himself and whether he would take action against Rafizi, Nazri replied in the negative to all the questions.

“Why (would it) harm BN? What about Anwar’s pictures screwing a prostitute. That one doesn’t harm. Is what happened to me worse than that? I’m asking you, is it worse?

“If Anwar was not worried, why am I worried about this? His pictures go around town, cyberworld... f***ing this prostitute from China... He was not worried, why should I worry? You can quote me, you are the one who asked.”

When further quizzed whether the public would believe his explanation, Nazri said that is not of his concern.

“I don’t care, I don't care, I know you like me, I tell you. I'm not worried, go ask my son, because I can't be responsible for him, I don't screw him, I don't sleep with him, he sleep with his wife, he’s got a kid.” 

'It does not bother me... I have film star status'

He said he wasn’t even inclined to answer to Rafizi, since he was not an MP and responded because reporters came to ask him.

“I don't really want to answer because he is not an MP... make sure he is an MP first then come and talk to me... of course if an MP asks question I would answer, get into Parliament first.

“I don't want to stoop so low and be with him, but since you come and ask, I say,” he said.

He also told reporters, when asked, that he does not intend to take any action against PKR for stalking his son.

“Why should I? It does not bother me. I am popular. Do you know I have film star status here? Not a local one, Hollywood!” he said.

At the press conference earlier, Rafizi told reporters that Nedim had been placed under surveillance for “some time” after links between him and Chia emerged, and he furnished reporters with the findings.

NONEIn addition to the unpaid speeding ticket issued on April 1, 2011, obtained from the myEG website, Rafizi released a blurry photograph of two persons standing next to the Hummer, which was parked outside Nedim’s purported residence in Damansara Heights.

Rafizi claimed that the two were Nedim’s driver and bodyguard, and showed another set of dark, blurry photographs purported to be the same individuals handling the family’s Toyota Vellfire van.

Although the Hummer’s licence plate is legible in the photographs, the facial features of the two men in them were not recognisable.

Rafizi claimed that the Hummer was the vehicle used for commuting between the condo and the Bangsar Shopping Complex, where Nedim supposedly operates an outlet.

To show that Nedim indeed lives at the Damansara Heights condo, Rafizi showed reporters a purported tweet from Nedim inviting his friends to the swimming pool there, along with a photograph of the pool.

He said a PKR team had visited the condo, posing as property investors, and took pictures of the area. They found the swimming pool to match that in Nedim’s tweet and in the condo's website.

No blanket denial, please

Mohamad Nedim Mohd Nazri AzizRafizi also warned Nazri against issuing a blanket denial of his accusations, or saying that he (Nazri) did know what his son was up to. Nazri should explain how and why Nedim (right) obtained and used Chia’s car.

“A year before, another senior minister used exactly the same excuse. In fact, that excuse has been repeated in court, in that she said she does not know anything about the business affairs of her husband and children.

“Politically, she suffered tremendously because the people can no longer tolerate that kind of excuse... A politician must not only be ‘white’ but also seen to be ‘white’,” Rafizi said.

While Rafizi did not name this minister, he was clear that he was referring to former women’s minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who stepped down when her term as senator ended on March 11, at the height of the National Feedlot Corporation scandal in which her husband and children are implicated.

Rafizi promised reporters that video recordings of PKR’s surveillance would be released at a press conference tomorrow since the environment at the Parliament lobby was not conducive for screening them. A report would also be lodged with the MACC in the near future.

When the reporters pointed out that Nedim was not featured in any of the photographs he released so far, Rafizi said more evidence would be released connecting Nedim with the Hummer.

“Of all the photographs we have given you, it is true that Nedim is not in the car. As I said, after some surveillance, the car was found to be used largely by his bodyguard and driver.

“Nedim drives a sports car. He doesn’t drive the Hummer, it is only for the bodyguard and the driver. He moves around in a convoy, with the sports car in front and the Hummer at the back,” Rafizi said.
- malaysiakini

Transcript: Why Nazri is not worried...

De facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said that he sees no problem with his son driving businessman Michael Chia's Hummer SUV. 

NONEHe said that if a certain opposition figure (name withheld due to legal reasons) is not worried about a leaked video purportedly depicting himself having a tryst with a foreign sex worker, then there is no reason why he should be.

The full transcript follows:

Nazri: He (Rafizi Ramli) got no locus standi.

Reporters: (Batu MP) Tian Chua and (Ampang MP) Zuraida (Kamaruddin) were there also.

Then bring him to Parliament lah.

We can show the stuff that they (PKR) have done.

Reporters had questioned Mohd Nazri at his office after the allegation on the Hummer was exposed by PKR leaders at the Parliament lobby today. 

Then bring him to Parliament lah.

We can show the stuff that they (PKR) have done.

I saw. If it is an offence... Ask Tian Chua to ask me... If it is an office, report to the police... If I have done any offence, report me to the MACC.

Basically they just said it is a conflict of interest.

Who asked the questions?

All three of them (Zuraida, Tian Chua and Rafizi).

No, no, in Parliament, who asked the question?

First time was Tian Chua (who raised the issue) in question-and-answer session.

Then who is the minister in-charge of... so, who give me the question?

They are saying if your son has links with Michael Chia, then you should not have stood up and defend them...

No, no, no. I'm the minister. I've got no personal interest. When he asked that question, I didn't even know what question was coming. It was (the) committee-level debate.

There was also (a) written answer if I'm not mistaken.

That (question was answered) under my name, of course, and what conflict of interest do I have? I don't have any conflict of interest. And I have no control of the MACC. I can't tell the MACC to drop cases. They are independent. So because I have no power to do that, how can I be bribed? I cannot do something which they want me to do.

And in Parliament, you must understand, answers come from the MACC, not from me. I don't even know that... when they asked about Michael Chia, the answer came from the MACC, I don't even know that Michael Chia was not arrested, but the answer came from the MACC. I don't know anything.

What about the claim that you were talking on behalf of (Hong Kong's) Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), saying that the ICAC has cleared them of the charges?

That's the answer from the MACC. You see, our system, you know what, first of all, I don't even know the questions that were going to be asked because it was not planned, it was committee-level debate.
When I was answering, they stood up and asked me. So I'm the minister, I have to answer. The answer all came from the MACC.

Okay, all things aside, whether or not the car is registered under Michael Chia's name...

I don't know. It is between my son and Michael Chia... Anyway, if my son drives a car of Michael Chia, what has that got to do with me? What has that got to do with me? He is not a kid below 21 years old, he is an adult.

They are saying that Dato Seri Shahrizat has claimed the same thing and now it has caused her...

Yeah, that's what they are trying to do... but what have I done? I don't know.

But the thing is, you see, even though you can say that it is not your fault, nothing to do with you and all that, but when it comes out in media, you know how the public would view this kind of... it doesn't sound nice...

It doesn't bother me a bit. (laughs)

Like Shahrizat's case, she said: “I don't know anything about my husband… ”

That's husband and wife. I don't sleep with my son. I'm not gay (reporters laugh). My son is not my wife, my son is not my lover, I don't sleep with him.

What he does, he doesn't tell me. It is different from husband and wife, okay? Why are you so worried?

Not to say worried; I'm just saying that it does not sound nice in public, then the public... and people will start talking.

Let it be, let it be. You press Wikipedia, 'Nazri Aziz', what come out? All sorts of things. I'm still a minister, my friend, okay? It is not going to hurt me one bit. I'm not affected by gutter politics.

Do you know Michael Chia?

I know him also. You see, there must be this difference, okay. If I'm a High Court judge, and Michael Chia appears before me and my son drives his car, then I'm in trouble.

I'm not a judge in Michael Chia's case. I'm not even the investigator. The MACC is (the investigator) in Michael Chia's case. I'm a minister replying in Parliament.

They claimed that the ICAC has not cleared (Michael Chia), and the ICAC closed the case because they didn't get any cooperation from Malaysia, from the MACC.

No, no, it was a donation... This one, you don't ask me. You must ask the Attorney-General's Chambers, you must ask the MACC.

You know I'm not their spokesperson. I only replied what they gave me. They are independent body, I got no control over the MACC, I got no control over the AG. So how can I be influencing them? 

I can't and all those replies in Parliament, you know, are answers given by the MACC, not my personal answers.

You must understand the system. The AG and the chief commissioner of the MACC, they cannot appear in Parliament, they have got no locus standi.

You are the spokesperson?

With their consent. All my answers, anything about the MACC and AG's Chambers, all from them like people who get angry with me (when) I said secular state. That's AG.

People get angry with me because I say Pati (illegal migrants) in Sabah is not a threat. That is security council punya jawab (answer). Kalau PM jawab, PM kena marah. I'm okay, I have no problem. It's part and parcel of my job.

As de facto law minister, although just reading out answer from different agencies, do you see yourself influential because your reply carries weight... ?

I'm a very influential person. I'm a very influential man. There's no doubt about it, very important too. I'm not scared at all, I did nothing wrong. Those replies came from Parliament. I was merely doing my job, discharging my duties and responsibility.

So you won't consider suing Rafizi then?

What for? Let him be a trumpet blower. Anyway, I don't really want to answer him because he's not an MP. 

I think if Tian Chua was there only to let him (Rafizi) make a statement at (the) parliament (lobby), because he's not a member of Parliament, he cannot make a statement here, he's just a wannabe. Make sure you're an MP first, then come to talk to me.

Anyway, even in the Parliament, (during) debates... Ketua Pembangkang (Opposition Leader), that's my level. But of course, MPs ask me, they ask. But this guy, no way.

If one day, he enters Parliament as an MP, he'll bash you.

Suruh dia masuk parliament dulu la. (Tell me him to enter Parliament first). I don't want to stoop low and deal with him, okay?

But since you all come and ask, I just say lah. It's not even a mosquito bite. I'm sorry. If you all come here thinking I'll be upset, far from it.

But do you know about the Hummer?

That's between my son and Michael Chia. I know Michael Chia.

So you confirm Hummer really exists...

Kalau dia nak bagi Hummer ke, Ferrari ke, itu Michael Chia punya pasal lah, bukan bagi dekat I (If he wants to give a Hummer, or a Ferrari, that's Michael Chia's business. He's not giving it to me). I'm the minister, not my son, okay?

So you confirm that the Hummer really exists.

Buat apa nak confirm. Gambar dah ada. You pergi tanya anak I. (Why should I confirm it? The pictures are there. You go ask my son.)

As I've said, I don't sleep with my son, okay? I'm not gay and I'm not incestuous.

Do you see a problem (with the fact) that your son (drives) Michael Chia's car?

Why is it a problem? It's between him and Michael. Go and find Michael lah. Go and find Michael.

Is there a problem?

You can ask him lah if there's a problem. I don't drive the car. Mine is WVJ 6. Everyday I come here, WVJ 6. Wealth, victory and justice. Some people say 'wisdom', I don't want (wisdom).

You prefer wealth to wisdom?

I prefer wealth. That's why I'm rich. I can afford a lot of things but certainly it's not NFC's (National Feedlot Corporation's) money.

I know you don't care about gutter politics and that this is not even a mosquito bite to you. But do you think this issue would harm BN in the election?

Why harm BN? Why BN? What about (an opposition figure's) picture screwing (a) Chinese prostitute and all that? That one don't harm... is what is happening to me worse than that? Huh? Is it worse ah? Is it worse?

If (the opposition figure) is not worried, why should I be worried about this? Your picture all over town, in the cyber world, f***ing this prostitute from China. He's not worried, why should I worry about this. You can quote me on this.

You ask me if I'm worried, on whether it will harm BN. What I'm saying is that this picture of (the opposition figure) screwing this Chinese prostitute going all over the cyberworld, he's not worried. My question is: should I be worried?

(Question inaudible, muffled by other reporters' chatter) The way you answer ...

I don't care. Why are you so worried?

I need to confirm again, you know (of) the Hummer?

No need, the pictures are there. You go ask my son. I cannot be responsible for my son. I don't screw him, I don't sleep with him. He sleeps with his wife, he's got a kid. So whatever he does, I don't know. I know Michael Chia, I'm not worried.

If the allegations really exist?

Go report police lah. Why do you (hold) a PC (press conference)? Right or not? You know anything about me, why you make PC? Publicity seeker lah, cheap publicity. Go report police lah, MACC.

If your son is really guilty...

Guilty of what?

If he really committed...

Committed what? Do you know what you are talking about? Committed what? Kiss a girl?

Conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest? But he is not a minister.

But he is related to you.

He's my son. I have no power over MACC. I have no power on AG's Chambers. How can I? And all those questions, answers, came from MACC. How can I be compromised? I cannot be compromised.

It's not my answer, it's the answer of SPRM. You must understand that. It's not my answer, all these answers are from MACC. If I said Michael Chia was not arrested, that was the answer from MACC, not me. I'm not the investigator, I didn't investigate.

If AG said, if I answer in Parliament that ICAC has already closed the case, that is the answer from AG's Chambers. Not my answer.

I see your point.

So don't worry, I'll still be around.

But you're not going to stand in elections, right?

What has this got to do with ... aiyo ... It's not connected, the question.

That's why when you see me, when someone asks (me a question in Parliament), I stand up and the I look around, because I'm waiting for the answer from the officers. It's not my answer.

Are you concerned that your son and his family are being followed?

I'm a rich man, I'm powerful, good looking. (reporters giggle) Wealthy. So what can I do? My son ask, 'Pa, is it...' I say, 'Look, you are my son.'

Will you lodge a police on your son being followed?

Why should I? It doesn't bother me. I'm popular, I have a film star punya status here you know? Celebrity. Bukan film star local, Hollywood punya (laughs).

No, but there is nothing I can do, (if) they want to follow.

And if Rafizi lodges a report with MACC?

What kind of question it that? He wants to report, he report lah. You know, he's a clarinet player, he told me in his tweet.

In Malay College (Kuala Kangsar), when he (enrolled), I was not around, but those who play the clarinet are jambu, you know. Ni jambu punya style la.- malaysiakini

 Tycoon’s Hummer used by Nazri’s son...

PKR has come up with proof supposedly showing senior minister Nazri Abdul Aziz’s son using a car belonging to timber tycoon Michael Chia.

Armed with photographs and screenshots, PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli detailed an extensive account of Nedim Nazri Aziz’s use of a black Hummer worth more than RM459,000.

He showed that the Hummer (registered plate: WNX 9776) was not only used by Nedim’s personal bodyguard and driver, but was also seen parked at the Clearwater Residence apartments, Damansara Heights, where Nedim is said to live.

The expose comes several days after Nazri, the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, denied receiving any money from Chia, who was embroiled in the RM40 million Sabah Umno scandal involving various senior government officials.

“We have established that this Hummer is not owned by Nazri’s son, but Chia,” said Rafizi.

He said that they were first able to determine the car’s owner by checking the Hummer’s traffic fine status through the MyEg website; which clearly showed that the car belonged to a Chia Tien Foh, or Michael Chia.

Rafizi added that PKR devised a surveillance team of its own to not only tail Nedim and the car, but to also monitor his Internet usage, particularly through his and his wife Bee-Khan’s Twitter acounts.

He also showed photographs of Nedim’s Clearwater apartment, sourced from various Twitter accounts.

To cement this further, Rafizi said that he and his team disguised themselves as “real estate agents” to probe the apartments and see if the photos were similar to what they saw at Clearwater.

He also showed a blurred image of Nedim and Bee-Khan’s son supposedly traveling in the Hummer.

“If this is not bribery I don’t know what it is. At the very least, ethically there is a question of conflict of interest where he (Nazri) should take moral and political responsibility for it,” Rafizi said.

He asked how Nazri was able to let his son use Chia’s car, after the tycoon was supposedly arrested by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for smuggling RM40 million.

Nazri had earlier told Parliament that Chia was never arrested by the ICAC, a matter that was disputed by Rafizi.

ICAC’s reputation at stake

The PKR leader claimed that the ICAC had to drop the case – which began in 2008- as there was no cooperation from the Malaysian government, particularly Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail.

He added that he intended to go to Hong Kong and was waiting for a response from the ICAC over this.
“It’s going to be a different ball game this time around. It’s not about ICAC, but the reputation of ICAC which has been dragged into this,” he said.

Rafizi added that he was in contact with “other parties” in Hong Kong over the matter involving ICAC.

He added that he would “eventually” lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the matter.

‘Between my son and Chia’

In a response, Nazri told reporters that Chia’s car had nothing to do with him. He said: “That is between my son and Chia. If my son is friends with Chia, what has that got to do with me?”

He added that he had no influence over the AG’s chambers or the MACC, and shrugged off concerns that this would affect his political carreer.

Nazri also did not plan to sue Rafizi over his claims, terming the PKR man’s allegations as less than a “mosquito bite”.-FMT

Musa’s troubles deepen amid alleged link between Michael Chia and Nazri...

Photographic evidence was presented by PKR’s Rafizi Ramli today allegedly showing Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz’s son using a luxury vehicle registered to Michael Chia, the timber trader the senior Cabinet minister recently defended against corruption claims linked to Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman.

In his latest expose, the PKR strategy director alleged that the link between Chia and Nazri raises the question of “conflict of interest” and suspicion over the minister’s apparent haste and determination in dismissing the corruption claims against the businessman and Musa.

“Here you have a high-profile corruption and money-laundering case that not just involves the chief minister.

“And yet the very person who announced the clearance of Musa is the same minister whom we found proof of how he has been receiving direct benefits from Chia.

“He must take moral and political responsibility for this... there is a direct question of corruption here, involving him and his family,” 

Rafizi told a press conference in Parliament.

Rafizi revealed that a special surveillance team has been tailing and observing the activities of Nazri’s son Nedim “for a long time now” in order to obtain proof that Nedim’s RM500,000 black Hummer WNX 9776 belongs to Chia.

He added that prior to Nazri’s “relentless” defence of Chia and Musa in Parliament, it was already rumoured that the luxury vehicle belonged to Chia.

“We have been waiting for the things that he (Nazri) has said (about Chia and Musa)... If it had not been for his words...,” Rafizi said.

Nazri recently told Parliament that Musa had been cleared of corruption allegations after anti-graft authorities in Malaysia and Hong Kong found that the RM40 million “political donation” that Chia was accused of attempting to smuggle to Malaysia in 2008 was not for Musa’s personal use but for Sabah Umno’s.- malaysian insider


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