NONESekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim has accused Kuang assemblyperson Abdul Shukor Idrus of lying about how Umno used the state lands it had bought below market price during the party's reign in Selangor.

Ng (left) said instead of using the land for community purposes as claimed, some of the land acquired had been used for commercial purposes or  sold off.

"The lands were (developed) under joint-ventures and some have already built shops, condominiums and other properties.

"There is no public hall, and even a pre-school is very far-fetched. The kindergarten is just an illusion, a mirage.

"This means the Kuang assemblyperson has made a big lie," Ng said at a press conference outside the Selangor state assembly today.

Previously, Ng claimed that 24 plots of land totaling 33.5 acres or 1,459,260 square feet were sold to Barisan Nasional component parties for RM1 per square foot.

NONEHowever, Shukor, who is the Selangor Umno information chief, said the lands were only used for the community’s benefit, such as by building community halls and pre-schools.

"Umno is the people. Umno represents 400,000 people in Selangor and these people pay taxes. The (land) is for the people of Selangor,” he said.

However, in his counter-example, Ng said five lots of three-storey shophouses now stand on a 874.12 square metre plot that Umno bought in Pekan Sekinchan, selling for between RM800,000 to RM1 million each.

NONEHe also claimed that in Tanjung Karang, the local Umno division’s 4,370 square metre plot had changed hands to a private company and is earmarked as a “commercial building”. The land has yet to be developed.

As for his estimate that the lands are worth RM20 million in total on the market, he said this was only a preliminary estimate and he would announce a higher revised figure tomorrow.

“It means that the lands were bought for RM1 per square metre for what? It is only for profit, for Umno and for cronies,” he said.- malaysiakini
Not Confused - Yet another lying UMNO toad. No matter what he says, we all know what they have been up to and with public records of land deals available for public viewing, they cannot hide. It is easy to see the various plots and what has or has not been built on them, or where they have been sold on to developers at a handsome profit. They still think we are all deaf, blind and stupid. Sorry Shukor and the rest of you - it is you that are deaf, blind and stupid, not us Selangorians. Get ready to vacate your offices - oh, and leave behind all the files and other paperwork. We may be needing it in the future!

Louis Give - UMNO another 5 years, it is possible that they might sell all the state land for profit. The prize of winning back Selangor is the land still owned by the state.

Angry bird -Shukor's face tells us what he is like....oh yes he has developed very inteligent schools for the benefit of poor students and many more to come with luxurious place for community.... pandaila awak ini!!!