Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said today that he had recommended for a successor to Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) president Zainal Abidin A'ala to ensure a smooth transistion.

His action, he explained, was to ensure continuity in the management of human resources involving government officers who served in the state.

"As Selangor menteri besar, I must look at the succession plan. I have made some efforts for the succession plan to be carried out.

"So, if I know a mayor has only one year to serve his term before retirement, I will not wait for his retirement before finding a successor.

NONE"I have to find the successor earlier," Khalid told a press conference at the state assembly building this afternoon, after tabling the Selangor budget for 2013.

However, he denied that he had written a letter to chief secretary to the government (KSN) Ali Hamsa to terminate Zainal Abidin's services.

“I did not discuss the matter with JPA (Public Service Department). I only raised the matter with the appointment officer in SUK (state secretary’s office).

“I told the officer that this time, the state government would like to pick the mayor, as well as the local council president."

Khalid added that during the discussion, he had asked for potential names for Zainal Abidin's replacement and after that, the matter would be brought to the JPA which will then make a report to the chief secretary of the government.  

"I had not written a letter to the KSN to terminate the services of the Selayang Municipal Council president," he said.

Khalid was responding to last Friday's statement by Ali that the termination of the secondment of Zainal Abidin (above) as MPS president was made by the state government.

Ali said the termination of service was made by the Selangor state secretary through a letter dated Oct 15 which stated that Khalid had decided to replace Zainal Abidin with another officer.

Khalid: Statement confirms state's powers 

The controversy arose last Wednesday when state executive councillor Ronnie Liu blamed Putrajaya for transferring Zainal out on a 24-hour notice. 

Liu said the sudden transfer could be the result of Zainal's earlier statement clearing Pakatan Rakyat of approving a 29-storey condominium project next to the Batu Caves Hindu temple complex.

Both Selayang MP William Leong from PKR and MPS councillors also disputed the transfer and claimed it was initiated by Putrajaya.

Khalid also said at the press conference that Ali's statement that the transfer order came from him was further confirmation that the menteri besar and the state government have the power to choose city mayors or municipal council presidents.

"Now that he has confirmed I have the power to appoint or dismiss the municipal president or city mayor, I am very happy with this confirmation.

"As has been understood by the state government, the power to appoint the mayor is in the hands of the menteri besar and the state government," Khalid added.- malaysiakini