02 November 2012

Nazri to Rafizi - "You wants to report, report lah!!! "I am rich man, I'm powerful"...; Sue me then,says Rafizi...

A transcript of press interview with Nazri Aziz (pic) has been making waves on the internet, in which the embattled minister in the Prime Minister's Department launched a personal attack on PKR stategic director Rafizi Ramli repeating the same insult thrown by his former cabinet colleague Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in the National Feedlot Corporation saga.

In the transcript published by news portal Malaysiakini, Nazri stubbornly denied any knowledge of his son Nedim Nazri's links with businessman Michael Chia, following Rafizi's revelation of documents and pictures to show that the Sabahan businessman's half-a-million ringgit Hummer was being used by Nedim.

"He wants to report, he report lah. You know, he's a clarinet player, he told me in his tweet. In Malay College [Kuala Kangsar], when he (enrolled), I was not around, but those who play the clarinet are jambu [pretty], you know. Ni jambu punya style la," said Nazri, clearly irritated by a reporter's suggestion that Rafizi might report him to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

On Twitter, Rafizi said he had no problem with the label.

"In my lingo at school jambu = good looking/handsome. So am ok with that," remarked Rafizi, a former student of Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

"I am rich man, I'm powerful"

Earlier this year, Shahrizat, whose family members had been exposed by Rafizi for mismanagement of the government-funded NFC, labeled Rafizi the same.

"They say this person has aspirations to become UMNO Wanita Chief, so it will be appropriate for us to send our red and white uniform to him. If he wears it, he would look good as he is a 'pretty' boy," Shahrizat said, weeks before she stepped down from cabinet.

Yesterday, Rafizi (left) published evidences showing Chia's black Hummer bearing the plate number WNX9776 being driven by the thirty-something Nedim’s family bodyguard to and fro his luxury residence in Clearwater Residence, Damansara Heights and Bangsar Shopping Complex where he has a shop.

Nazri had recently defended Chia in parliament over a corruption probe following Hong Kong authorities's interception of RM40 million cash carried by Chia. Nazri claimed the money was not linked to corruption but "donation" for Sabah UMNO, and as such Chia had been cleared.

He also maintained that there was no conflict of interest over his son's involvement.

"It is between my son and Michael Chia... Anyway, if my son drives a car of Michael Chia, what has that got to do with me? What has that got to do with me? He is not a kid below 21 years old, he is an adult.

"I don't sleep with my son. I'm not gay. My son is not my wife, my son is not my lover, I don't sleep with him," he added, when a reported compared his case to Shahrizat's.

Nazri then launched a veiled attack on opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, referring to a pornographic video clip which UMNO leaders said showed Anwar at a hotel with a prostitute.

"What about (the) picture screwing (a) Chinese prostitute and all that? If (he) is not worried, why should I be worried about this? Your picture all over town, in the cyber world, f***ing this prostitute from China. He's not worried, why should I worry about this. You can quote me on this," said an irate Nazri.

Nazri's son Nedim in various situations

The de-facto Law minister said he was least worried about his political future following the latest expose.

"I'm a rich man, I'm powerful, good looking. Wealthy. So what can I do?

"I have a film star punya status here you know? Celebrity. Not local film star, but Hollywood," said Nazri.

Nazri's son Nedim was recently cleared by the police of an assault case involving him, his bodyguard and a security guard, in what was described by rights lawyer N Surendran as 'unprecedented' for a criminal case. 

Last year, it was reported that Nedim, driving his Porsche, had refused to alight to register at a condominium's guard house. His bodyguard had then punched the security guard for insisting that Nedim register like everyone else.- harakahdaily

Read transcript below...

Transcript: Why Nazri is not worried...

De facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said that he sees no problem with his son driving businessman Michael Chia's Hummer SUV. 

NONEHe said that if a certain opposition figure (name withheld due to legal reasons) is not worried about a leaked video purportedly depicting himself having a tryst with a foreign sex worker, then there is no reason why he should be.

The full transcript follows:

Nazri: He (Rafizi Ramli) got no locus standi.

Reporters: (Batu MP) Tian Chua and (Ampang MP) Zuraida (Kamaruddin) were there also.

Then bring him to Parliament lah.

We can show the stuff that they (PKR) have done.

Reporters had questioned Mohd Nazri at his office after the allegation on the Hummer was exposed by PKR leaders at the Parliament lobby today. 

Then bring him to Parliament lah.

We can show the stuff that they (PKR) have done.

I saw. If it is an offence... Ask Tian Chua to ask me... If it is an office, report to the police... If I have done any offence, report me to the MACC.

Basically they just said it is a conflict of interest.

Who asked the questions?

All three of them (Zuraida, Tian Chua and Rafizi).

No, no, in Parliament, who asked the question?

First time was Tian Chua (who raised the issue) in question-and-answer session.

Then who is the minister in-charge of... so, who give me the question?

They are saying if your son has links with Michael Chia, then you should not have stood up and defend them...

No, no, no. I'm the minister. I've got no personal interest. When he asked that question, I didn't even know what question was coming. It was (the) committee-level debate.

There was also (a) written answer if I'm not mistaken.

That (question was answered) under my name, of course, and what conflict of interest do I have? I don't have any conflict of interest. And I have no control of the MACC. I can't tell the MACC to drop cases. They are independent. So because I have no power to do that, how can I be bribed? I cannot do something which they want me to do.

And in Parliament, you must understand, answers come from the MACC, not from me. I don't even know that... when they asked about Michael Chia, the answer came from the MACC, I don't even know that Michael Chia was not arrested, but the answer came from the MACC. I don't know anything.

What about the claim that you were talking on behalf of (Hong Kong's) Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), saying that the ICAC has cleared them of the charges?

That's the answer from the MACC. You see, our system, you know what, first of all, I don't even know the questions that were going to be asked because it was not planned, it was committee-level debate. 

When I was answering, they stood up and asked me. So I'm the minister, I have to answer. The answer all came from the MACC.

Okay, all things aside, whether or not the car is registered under Michael Chia's name...

I don't know. It is between my son and Michael Chia... Anyway, if my son drives a car of Michael Chia, what has that got to do with me? What has that got to do with me? He is not a kid below 21 years old, he is an adult.

They are saying that Dato Seri Shahrizat has claimed the same thing and now it has caused her...

Yeah, that's what they are trying to do... but what have I done? I don't know.

But the thing is, you see, even though you can say that it is not your fault, nothing to do with you and all that, but when it comes out in media, you know how the public would view this kind of... it doesn't sound nice...

It doesn't bother me a bit. (laughs)

Like Shahrizat's case, she said: “I don't know anything about my husband… ”

That's husband and wife. I don't sleep with my son. I'm not gay (reporters laugh). My son is not my wife, my son is not my lover, I don't sleep with him.

What he does, he doesn't tell me. It is different from husband and wife, okay? Why are you so worried?

Not to say worried; I'm just saying that it does not sound nice in public, then the public... and people will start talking.

Let it be, let it be. You press Wikipedia, 'Nazri Aziz', what come out? All sorts of things. I'm still a minister, my friend, okay? It is not going to hurt me one bit. I'm not affected by gutter politics.

Do you know Michael Chia?

I know him also. You see, there must be this difference, okay. If I'm a High Court judge, and Michael Chia appears before me and my son drives his car, then I'm in trouble.

I'm not a judge in Michael Chia's case. I'm not even the investigator. The MACC is (the investigator) in Michael Chia's case. I'm a minister replying in Parliament.

They claimed that the ICAC has not cleared (Michael Chia), and the ICAC closed the case because they didn't get any cooperation from Malaysia, from the MACC.

No, no, it was a donation... This one, you don't ask me. You must ask the Attorney-General's Chambers, you must ask the MACC.

You know I'm not their spokesperson. I only replied what they gave me. They are independent body, I got no control over the MACC, I got no control over the AG. So how can I be influencing them? 

I can't and all those replies in Parliament, you know, are answers given by the MACC, not my personal answers.

You must understand the system. The AG and the chief commissioner of the MACC, they cannot appear in Parliament, they have got no locus standi.

You are the spokesperson?

With their consent. All my answers, anything about the MACC and AG's Chambers, all from them like people who get angry with me (when) I said secular state. That's AG.

People get angry with me because I say Pati (illegal migrants) in Sabah is not a threat. That is security council punya jawab (answer). Kalau PM jawab, PM kena marah. I'm okay, I have no problem. It's part and parcel of my job.

As de facto law minister, although just reading out answer from different agencies, do you see yourself influential because your reply carries weight... ?

I'm a very influential person. I'm a very influential man. There's no doubt about it, very important too. I'm not scared at all, I did nothing wrong. Those replies came from Parliament. I was merely doing my job, discharging my duties and responsibility.

So you won't consider suing Rafizi then?

What for? Let him be a trumpet blower. Anyway, I don't really want to answer him because he's not an MP. 

I think if Tian Chua was there only to let him (Rafizi) make a statement at (the) parliament (lobby), because he's not a member of Parliament, he cannot make a statement here, he's just a wannabe. Make sure you're an MP first, then come to talk to me.

Anyway, even in the Parliament, (during) debates... Ketua Pembangkang (Opposition Leader), that's my level. But of course, MPs ask me, they ask. But this guy, no way.

If one day, he enters Parliament as an MP, he'll bash you.

Suruh dia masuk parliament dulu la. (Tell me him to enter Parliament first). I don't want to stoop low and deal with him, okay?

But since you all come and ask, I just say lah. It's not even a mosquito bite. I'm sorry. If you all come here thinking I'll be upset, far from it.

But do you know about the Hummer?

That's between my son and Michael Chia. I know Michael Chia.

So you confirm Hummer really exists...

Kalau dia nak bagi Hummer ke, Ferrari ke, itu Michael Chia punya pasal lah, bukan bagi dekat I (If he wants to give a Hummer, or a Ferrari, that's Michael Chia's business. He's not giving it to me). I'm the minister, not my son, okay?

So you confirm that the Hummer really exists.

Buat apa nak confirm. Gambar dah ada. You pergi tanya anak I. (Why should I confirm it? The pictures are there. You go ask my son.)

As I've said, I don't sleep with my son, okay? I'm not gay and I'm not incestuous.

Do you see a problem (with the fact) that your son (drives) Michael Chia's car?

Why is it a problem? It's between him and Michael. Go and find Michael lah. Go and find Michael.

Is there a problem?

You can ask him lah if there's a problem. I don't drive the car. Mine is WVJ 6. Everyday I come here, WVJ 6. Wealth, victory and justice. Some people say 'wisdom', I don't want (wisdom).

You prefer wealth to wisdom?

I prefer wealth. That's why I'm rich. I can afford a lot of things but certainly it's not NFC's (National Feedlot Corporation's) money.

I know you don't care about gutter politics and that this is not even a mosquito bite to you. But do you think this issue would harm BN in the election?

Why harm BN? Why BN? What about (an opposition figure's) picture screwing (a) Chinese prostitute and all that? That one don't harm... is what is happening to me worse than that? Huh? Is it worse ah? Is it worse?

If (the opposition figure) is not worried, why should I be worried about this? Your picture all over town, in the cyber world, f***ing this prostitute from China. He's not worried, why should I worry about this. You can quote me on this.

You ask me if I'm worried, on whether it will harm BN. What I'm saying is that this picture of (the opposition figure) screwing this Chinese prostitute going all over the cyberworld, he's not worried. My question is: should I be worried?

(Question inaudible, muffled by other reporters' chatter) The way you answer ...

I don't care. Why are you so worried?

I need to confirm again, you know (of) the Hummer?

No need, the pictures are there. You go ask my son. I cannot be responsible for my son. I don't screw him, I don't sleep with him. He sleeps with his wife, he's got a kid. So whatever he does, I don't know. I know Michael Chia, I'm not worried.

If the allegations really exist?

Go report police lah. Why do you (hold) a PC (press conference)? Right or not? You know anything about me, why you make PC? Publicity seeker lah, cheap publicity. Go report police lah, MACC.

If your son is really guilty...

Guilty of what?

If he really committed...

Committed what? Do you know what you are talking about? Committed what? Kiss a girl?

Conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest? But he is not a minister.

But he is related to you.

He's my son. I have no power over MACC. I have no power on AG's Chambers. How can I? And all those questions, answers, came from MACC. How can I be compromised? I cannot be compromised.

It's not my answer, it's the answer of SPRM. You must understand that. It's not my answer, all these answers are from MACC. If I said Michael Chia was not arrested, that was the answer from MACC, not me. I'm not the investigator, I didn't investigate.

If AG said, if I answer in Parliament that ICAC has already closed the case, that is the answer from AG's Chambers. Not my answer.

I see your point.

So don't worry, I'll still be around.

But you're not going to stand in elections, right?

What has this got to do with ... aiyo ... It's not connected, the question.

That's why when you see me, when someone asks (me a question in Parliament), I stand up and the I look around, because I'm waiting for the answer from the officers. It's not my answer.

Are you concerned that your son and his family are being followed?

I'm a rich man, I'm powerful, good looking. (reporters giggle) Wealthy. So what can I do? My son ask, 'Pa, is it...' I say, 'Look, you are my son.'

Will you lodge a police on your son being followed?

Why should I? It doesn't bother me. I'm popular, I have a film star punya status here you know? Celebrity. Bukan film star local, Hollywood punya (laughs).

No, but there is nothing I can do, (if) they want to follow.

And if Rafizi lodges a report with MACC?

What kind of question it that? He wants to report, he report lah. You know, he's a clarinet player, he told me in his tweet.

In Malay College (Kuala Kangsar), when he (enrolled), I was not around, but those who play the clarinet are jambu, you know. Ni jambu punya style la.- malaysiakini

Sue me! Rafizi dares law minister...

PKR’s Rafizi Ramli has dared Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz to sue him over the expose involving his son, Nedim and a Hummer supposedly given by controversial timber tycoon Michael Chia.

“If Nazri wants to take legal action, that is his right. If this is slander, then he has to take action…If what I’m saying is not right then Nazri has to take legal action immediately, like with Shahrizat,” he said, referring to former Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

He said this after he showed video footage of Chia’s Hummer being used by Nedim’s family to reporters at the PKR headquarters.

This followed an expose the PKR strategic director made in Parliament yesterday.

The allegation was later brushed off by Nazri, who regarded Rafizi’s claim as less than a “mosquito bite”.

[Rafizi was referring to Shahrizat's purported involvement with the RM250 million National Feedlot Corporation scandal. The matter, which Rafizi exposed in the past, led the former Women's minister to sue him and Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin for RM100 million for defamation.]

PKR has argued that Chia was arrested by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for smuggling RM40 million, intended for Sabah Umno.

Nazri had earlier told Parliament that Chia was never arrested by the ICAC. Rafizi disputed this, claiming that a lack of cooperation from Malaysia’s authorities led the Hong Kong commission to drop the case.

Today, Rafizi showed seven different video clips of the Hummer parked at and travelling from Clearwater Residences, Damansara Heights, where Nedim is said to reside.

The clips appeared to depict the Hummer as a storage vehicle and that it moved via convoy, carrying the family’s maid and personal bodyguard.

“The family doesn’t travel in the Hummer. They travel in a Toyota Vellfire, and Nedim in a sports car,” Rafizi said, adding that a green Audi was seemingly owned by the family.

None of the videos appeared to show Nedim or any of his family members.

Rafizi added that these videos would soon be made available on the Internet via YouTube. A report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, he said, would also be lodged next week.

Take a break, Nazri told

These events led Rafizi to ask Nazri to take a “holiday” from his work as minister while the link between him and Chia was investigated.

“There is already a precedent set in Shahrizat ['s case], because what is revealed in this is not too different from her. She claimed the same, that she was not involved.

“From a gentleman to a gentleman… it would be right for Nazri to take a holiday temporarily while waiting for the investigation [to go through],” he said.

He said that it was not right for Nazri to claim that he had nothing to do with the Hummer, and that it was only between Chia and his son.

Citing the MACC Act 2009, Rafizi asked if Nedim received the car – estimated to be nearly RM500,000 – because Nazri was a minister.

Section 16(a) of the act states that anyone by himself or with help from another, who receives, agrees to receive, promises or offers when it comes to corruption is guilty of an offence.

With this, he said that Nazri’s excuse could not be accepted.

He also dared the minister, MACC and the Attorney-General’s Chambers to show proof that Chia was cleared by Hong Kong’s ICAC. This was echoed by PKR-Batu MP Tian Chua who was also present.

“Show proof that Michael Chia is free from all corruption, that the ICAC has freed Michael Chia, that he was never caught in Hong Kong,” he said.-FMT

  Follow Shahrizat in taking a 'holiday', Rafizi urges Nazri...

NONEDe facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz should follow former women’s minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil example of taking a “holiday” from the cabinet while he is being investigated for alleged corruption, said PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli.

“This is especially since among many Umno and BN leaders who criticised Shahrizat, the most vocal was none other than Nazri himself.

“If he was previously so concerned that the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) (scandal) would drag Umno (down) and weaken Umno’s position in the coming election, I think it is his turn now,” Rafizi (centre in photo) told a press conference at PKR’s headquarters today.

He said he will lodge a report against Nazri to initiate investigations on Monday, as well as against timber tycoon Michael Chia who had allegedly given Nazri’s son a luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV).- malaysiakini

 The politician, his son and the crony...

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to an Umno politician’s heart, is through his spouse or children. In Malaysia, cronies beat a path to the politician’s door, to provide material goods for his family members.

Only the naïve would think their acts charitable. Cronies do it for personal gain: tenders for contracts, to avoid the law, a means to fleece the public through subsidies or when government projects are ‘outsourced” like the AES (Automated Enforcement System) aka “speed traps”.

Plum jobs and multi-million dollar government contracts are reserved for the offspring of Umno politicians, their cronies and pro-Umno civil servants.

the politician

The rakyat have heard of a few of the children of ministers who are allegedly involved in cronyism and corruption, but there are many more ministerial children of whom we have heard nothing, yet.

Whose son was allegedly awarded the RM128.4 million air traffic control system contract, through a “closed tender” process? This air traffic control system was allegedly faulty and risked the lives of millions of airline users.

Whose children are allegedly hiding in New York, at least until the furore of the scandal they are involved in, dies down? Were Muslims aware that this Hari Raya Haji 3,000 cattle had to be imported from Thailand for sacrificial slaughter? 

The irony is that farmers’ needs have been sacrificed for the vanity project of an incompetent family. This money should have filtered down to the farmers, to help them earn a living, to help the economy and the cattle industry.

Whose sons are indirectly involved in the latest launch of the airline, Malindo Airways? An online newpaper alleged that one of the companies investing in Malindo, had poor financial and safety records, and that its accounts had not been audited since 2007.

Which daughter of a former top civil servant owns a major interest in alternative energy projects in Malaysia? Her companies were allegedly set up recently and despite the lack of experience, still managed to secure a controlling interest in the alternative power generation needs.

The list is endless. Children of past and present politicians and also VVIPs, monopolise the multi-million ringgit projects, providing much needed goods and services, which you and your children have no alternative but to use. You also pay through the nose, for them.

When quizzed by reporters about the involvement of their spouses, children or friends, these politicians brush prying questions aside with:
a) My husband does not tell me what he gets up to.
b) What my wife does is private.
c) I don’t know what my son (or daughter) is doing.
d) My businessman friend wanted to surprise me with the contents of his briefcase.

the son

No conflict of interest

Yesterday, Nazri ignored criticism of his son’s relationship with Michael Chia, the businessman who is embroiled in the RM40 million money laundering saga. Despite assertions that this money was destined for Sabah Umno, the members of Sabah Umno claim to have no knowledge of this donation.

Nazri also said that his reputation as a Cabinet Minister had not been compromised and he could see no conflict of interest in his or his son’s friendship with Chia.

An online newspaper reported that Nazri had said: “I don’t sleep with my son. I am not gay (homosexual). My son is not my wife, my son is not my lover. What he does, he doesn’t tell me.

“That is between my son and Michael Chia. If he (Chia) wants to give [Nedim] a Hummer or a Ferarri, it is Michael Chia’s business… its not like he (Chia) is giving it to me… and I am the minister, not my son.”

“What has he committed, tell me? He is not a minister. Where is the conflict of interest? He is my son”.

Cynics claim that the parliamentary ministerial code, which details the conduct expected of Malaysian MPs, can’t have been shown to Umno politicians like Nazri.

Despite being accused by the PKR strategy director, Rafizi Ramli, of having a conflict of interest, Nazri mocked reporters, “But I am still minister today, my friend. This is not going to hurt me one bit. I don’t think I am going to be affected by gutter politics”.

the crony

Last week, in Penang, a man was arrested for impersonating a member of the Kedah royal family. He and 12 others in his group, will be charged under Section 420 and 419 of the Penal Code, for cheating and dishonesty, and under Section 108 of the Road Transport Act 1987, for making false statements.

A few months ago, Nedim Nazri claimed to be a member of royalty, when a security guard at a luxury condominium in Kuala Lumpur denied entry to Nedim and his bodyguard. The guard was assaulted for doing his job, but last week the case was closed.

Who knows, the CCTV which recorded the attack on the security guard was probably pointing the wrong way, or was accidentally wiped clean? Did threats or rewards work this time? What happened to the charge for impersonating royalty?

In Malaysia, the person who is worse than the Umno crony is possibly the Umno politician’s son. He acts without restraint. He is free to do as he pleases. He is no better than a thug and he does not value your safety, nor your life. Nedim we know, has a chequered past.

In politics, the cocky politician who lacks humility, who belittles conflict of interest and who has two sets of laws, may well find his days numbered.

Nazri may mock the public now, but he may regret his actions later. If these men were to read about politics in the modern world, they would learn that sons follow their fathers’ fates, when the latter are toppled; men like Saddam, Gaddafi and Mubarak. - Mariam Mokhtar,FMT.


Rafizi gesa Nazri ikut jejak Shahrizat ambil 'cuti'

NONEMenteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz harus mengikut jejak bekas menteri wanita, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil yang "bercuti" daripada kabinet ketika beliau sedang disiasat berkaitan dakwaan rasuah, kata Pengarah Strategi PKR, Rafizi Ramli.

Katanya, ini kerana di kalangan pemimpin Umno dan BN yang banyak mengkritik Shahrizat, yang paling lantang adalah Nazri sendiri.

Menurut Rafizi, sekiranya Nazri yang sebelumnya begitu bimbang (skandal) National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) akan mengheret dan melemahkan kedudukan Umno dalam pilihan raya akan datang, maka "saya fikir sekarang adalah giliran beliau pula".

Bercakap dalam satu sidang akhbar di ibupejabat PKR hari ini, Rafizi berkata beliau akan membuat laporan terhadap Nazri Isnin ini supaya siasatan dapat dimulakan, juga terhadap jutawan balak, Michael Chia yang didakwa memberi kenderaan mewah (SUV) kepada anak Nazri.- malaysiakini

Skandal RM40 juta, UMNO ulang kesilapan NFC...

Pemimpin BN mengulangi kesilapan sama berdolak dalik menjawab skandal RM40 juta untuk Umno Sabah sepertimana isu National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), kata Pengarah Strategi KEADILAN, Rafizi Ramli.

“Seperti dalam kes NFC, mereka pada mula seboleh-boleh menafikan kebenaran kes itu, namun akhirnya terbongkar juga, samalah dalam isu (skandal RM40 juta) ini, kerana itu sahaja jalan yang mereka ada.

“Mereka boleh terus menafikan, tapi mereka sendiri tahu, kita ada bukti dan perkara ini akan terbongkar hari demi hari,” katanya kepada Keadilan Daily.

Beliau mengulas kenyataan Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal kononnya isu RM40 juta disumbangkan seorang ahli perniagaan kepada Umno Sabah hanya ‘permainan pembangkang’.

KEADILAN sebelum ini membuat laporan kepada Bank Negara berhubung skandal wang RM40 juta milik Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman dan menggesa perkara itu disiasat.

Pada 2008, ahli perniagaan, Michael Chia ditahan di Hong Kong bersama wang Singapura bernilai RM40 juta atas tuduhan pengubahan wang haram.

Chia kemudian memberitahu Suruhanjaya Bebas Pencegahan Rasuah Hong Kong (ICAC) bahawa wang itu untuk Musa.

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengatakan wang itu adalah sumbangan politik kepada Umno Sabah, tanpa mendedahkan penyumbangnya.

Mahkamah lindungi Salleh untuk selamatkan NFC

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Ketua Wanita, Zuraida Kamaruddin berkata, penolakan permohonan pemberi maklumat kes NFC, Datuk Shamsul Bahrin Ismail untuk mengenepikan tuduhan ke atas beliau membuktikan mahkamah cuba melindungi Pengerusi NFC, Datuk Seri Mohammed Salleh.

Ahli Parlimen Ampang itu berkata, hakim tidak sepatutnya membuat keputusan terburu-buru untuk menolak permohonan tersebut,  sebaliknya mengambil masa untuk mengkaji kes tersebut.

Beliau juga mendesak SPRM bertindak adil dan tidak berat sebelah mahupun melindungi pihak yang sepatutnya didakwa.

“Institusi kehakiman haruslah adil untuk menegakkan keadilan, dan SPRM juga harus berani menjalankan tanggungjawab menyiasat sesebuah kes tidak mengira latar belakang seseorang walaupun kepada seorang bekas menteri sekalipun,” kata Zuraida.-keadilandaily



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