12 December 2011

Submarine resurfaces to reveal UMNO leaders' ties with sex bloggers...

Far from putting to rest suspicions revolving the controversial purchase of the two French Scorpene submarines, the trip by Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng last week has brought to the surface UMNO leaders' close ties with individuals behind several semi-pornographic blogs specialising on stories and pictures of sex scandals.

Following admission by the blogger Papagomo that he was part of the submarine trip, Defence minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was taken to task over his statement guaranteeing no blogger was on board during Lim's trip, arranged by Zahid to dismiss allegations that the submarine could not submerge.

It was also shown earlier that another staunchly pro-UMNO blogger 'Big Dog' was aboard the helicopter which brought Lim and his entourage.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua said the presence of the bloggers, one of whom published pictures of the submarine's interior on his blog, was proof that Zahid had lied when he told that only TV3 and Bernama crews were allowed to be on board with Lim.

“The privilege given to Papagomo is clearly an abuse of power, and the Defence minister must explain to the people of Malaysia on his lies and intimate relationship with the UMNO blogger,” said Pua in a statement to Harakahdaily.

The blogger in question, Papagomo, has claimed that he was in the submarine for five hours and had interviewed crew members about confidential military details which he would publish once 'clearance' was given.

Parliamentary Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim also questioned the Defence ministry’s decision to allow the blogger to board the submarine, saying his presence undermined national security.

"The police must investigate immediately,” he added.

Last Friday, Lim spent some 90 minutes in one of the Scorpene submarines KD Tun Razak. Lim said when he discovered that UMNO bloggers were also to accompany him, he protested and was told by Zahid that Papagomo would be removed.

"Zahid should clarify that he had not lied to me and the press," said Lim, who was also not spared by the blogger who alleged his 15-year old son was transfered for sexually molesting his classmate. It was later revealed that the picture of the molest 'victim' posted by the blogger was that of a Hong Kong chess player.

'UMNO leader's role in Datuk T saga proven'

After his trip, Lim, saying he was proud of the Malaysian army's professionalism, said the submarine trip could still not answer questions surrounding its purchase. Both the Scorpene submarines have been linked to the murder of Mongolian negotiator Altantuta Shariibuu, who was said to have played a role in the RM6.7 billion deal.

PKR vice president N Surendran meanwhile said the revelation of the presence of Papagomo, who had been posting sex videos which UMNO trio 'Datuk T' claimed were that of Anwar, showed that "he (Papagomo) enjoyed close and confidential links with top UMNO leaders".

"It can now no longer be doubted that UMNO and the government have been the 'secret hand' behind the 'Datuk T' sex video conspiracy," said Surendran.

"UMNO's fingerprints can be seen everywhere in the sex video plot against our country's Parliamentary Opposition Leader.This incident also demonstrates how UMNO and the government rely upon vulgar mercenaries like Papagomo in order to carry on political warfare against Anwar and the political opposition. "



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