08 December 2011

Rafizi willing to debate Khairy on NFC at PWTC...

orange book forum klscah 250111 rafizi ramliPKR is adamant on debating with Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin on the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) fiasco and is even willing to have the event in the Umno-owned PWTC.

In a statement today, PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli said he is proposing PWTC as a venue because the home turf advantage would put Khairy at ease.

Rafizi said the venue proposal was officially communicated to Khairy today, in reply to the latter's Dec 6 correspondence declining to have the debate on Dec 12 because of scheduling clashes.

Explaining the reasons behind the venue proposal, Rafizi said this was in response to Khairy's decision to take three weeks to reply the Nov 18 debate dare and failure to suggest an alternative date.

In his reply to Khairy today, Rafizi had also suggested that he was willing to debate with former on the NFC scandal on any date in 2011 and 2012.

"If, despite all these concessions, he still continues dilly-dallying and does not respond by noon on Dec 12, I will conclude that he is not brave enough to debate on this issue," he said.

If Khairy fails to adhere to the deadline, Rafizi said PKR would proceed with the debate on Dec 19.

"If Khairy suddenly changes his mind before the date, his participation will be very much welcomed," added Rafizi.

He also said that Khairy is the most vocal backer of the NFC among Umno leaders and it would be appropriate for him to participate in the debate to explain some of the investment decisions the company made.

Previously, Khairy had verbally agreed to Rafizi's debate dare, leading the latter to extend an official invitation on Nov 18.


Khairy, jangan cabut lari pula !


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Kalu Khairy ada teloq, takut dia berteloq pula!!