18 December 2011

Mahathir lied about World Bank loans...

pakatan ceramah shah alam 041211 anwarWorld Bank records shows that the Mahathir administration had taken 38 loans from the global financial body between May 18, 1982 to the post-financial crisis period of March 30, 1999.

This includes a USD300 million loan package known as the ‘Economic Recovery and Social Sector Loan Project' that was signed on June 18, 1998.

The last three deals between the Mahathir administration and the World Bank was inked in March 30, 1999 for a total of RM404 million worth of loans.

This includes an Education Sector Support Project (USD244 million), Year 2000 Technical Assistance Project (USD100 million) and Social Sector Support Project (USD60 million).

These three deals were inked six months after the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim (left) as deputy prime minister and finance minister.

In a statement today, the PKR communications bureau pointed to World Bank records in order to rebut claims by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he was against borrowing from it.

The latest spat between Mahathir and Anwar emerged after the latter claimed on Thursday that the former had written to the World Bank for funds in 1999.

Yesterday, Mahathir challenged Anwar to disclose the said letters, arguing that borrowing from the World Bank would result in Malaysia's enslavement.

NONE‘Proof that Dr M lied'

In the statement, PKR communications bureau said the World Bank records proved that Mahathir had lied.

"When scrutinised, it clearly shows the World Bank's commitment towards Malaysia during the Mahathir administration," read the statement.

Anwar had made the allegation against Mahathir in a bid to deflect constant claims by Umno leaders that he was a US agent because of his links with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

To justify Anwar's sacking in 1998, Mahathir (right) claimed that his former protege was bent on seeking an IMF loan package for Malaysia's economic rehabilitation after the Asian financial crisis, in order to please Western interests.

During this speech on Thursday, Anwar stressed that back in 1993, he had written to the World Bank to state that Malaysia no longer need its funding.

"Wasn't that a paradox? Anwar, who was accused of being a dependent on the World Bank decided to stop borrowing from the World Bank, but the guy who was anti-IMF and World Bank wrote quietly asking for funds," said Anwar.

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