28 December 2011

Prof.Aziz Bari weighing option the possibility of entering politics...

NONEWith things looking uncertain for law professor Abdul Aziz Bari, the constitutional law expert from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) is weighing his options, including the possibility of entering politics.

Abdul Aziz told Malaysiakini that he has received several offers from the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

“I have received offers from PAS, PKR and DAP to contest in the coming general election but nothing is concrete yet,” he said.

The don, who hails from Sabak Bernam, was reported to be eyeing the MP seat held by Abdul Rahman Bakri, according to some media reports.

Abdul Rahman, formerly the Sungai Tawar assemblyperson, was charged with nine counts of making false claims in 2009 and he is due to enter his defence in June.

Abdul Aziz, who is now suspended from UIA with pay, views the chances of himself remaining in the university, where he had taught for 22 years, as slim.

NONEThe 53-year-old said the university’s administrators have yet to respond to his reply to their show-cause letter, as to whether they are closing the case or intend to continue with the disciplinary action.

“It has been two months since I wrote my reply to the show-cause letter,” he said.

Abdul Aziz is facing the action following his remarks on the functions and rights of the sultan as the head of Islamic affairs.

Third disciplinary action

The professor is no stranger to controversy as three years ago, he was also issued a show-cause letter over his statement likening Malaysia to Zimbabwe.

The second occasion was when he agreed to accept an appointment from the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government over the appointment of its new state secretary.
NONE“This is the third time I have been issued a show-cause letter, resulting in me facing the question of whether I can continue. Under the present circumstances, it is tough for me to continue, where I feel pressured and also the institution is not recognising academic freedom to voice one’s views.”

“It is difficult for us to give inputs to society by giving comments. Maybe this is the best time to leave this institution,” he told Malaysiakini in an interview last week.

Abdul Aziz opined that UIA’s actions against him meant that he should not communicate with society as an academician.

“Hence, I have to find other alternatives. Certainly, politics is something new,” he said.

“I received offers to enter politics prior to 2008, but at that time I was not interested. There was a political ticket for me to contest, but there was no seat then. However, I do not see myself as a candidate or a suitable character in politics.”

‘I won’t deviate from academics’

Abdul Aziz said he has not seriously considered his options on whether to continue as an academician or to enter politics.NONE

“I feel I need a flexible kind of job. I have not given serious thought of what I am going to do next. However, whatever it is, I will not deviate from what I am doing now, like being involved with consultancy work, writing, or doing research and also being a member of a consultancy body,” said the law professor.

He realises that there are limitations when one enters politics, as one would have to abide by party rules and policies on particular issues.

Abdul Aziz said he has not joined any political party as yet, and that this would not be a problem for him.

“I recognise that there are barriers or limits everywhere. However, in the academia, we have to think of the repercussions of making a statement, as you need to explain to the university or employer.

“If I become a consultant or a fellow in an independent body, I can only touch on matters that are agreed upon,” he said.

Aziz Bari masih timbang peluang sertai politik


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