28 December 2008

Need Anwar entertain Samy Velloo...............

MIC president S.Samy Vellu has asked Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to state his stand on the issue of PAS' intention to introduce hudud laws (Islamic penal code) or risk massive protests, especially from the Indian community.

He said Anwar, who is also the PKR de facto leader, should not remain silent on the matter.

"He should explain his stand and that of the party he represents (PKR) so that the people, especially the non-Muslims who supported the opposition, will be able to evaluate and come to a decision on whether to continue to support the opposition," he said in a statement today.

Samy Vellu said in the last March 8 general election, many Indians had carried PAS flags "but is this how PAS and other opposition parties reward them."


In his column,No Hold Barred, Raja Perta wrote,"PAS needs about 150 seats in Parliament to change Malaysia from a Secular state into an Islamic state. But when they contest only 60 seats, even if they win all the 60 seats they contest it will still be only 60 seats. And they can’t win all the seats they contest." "Anyway, PAS has 23 seats in Parliament. Umno has 66. Even if you add Umno Sabah into the equation, Umno’s seats will come to only 79. 23 plus 66 equals 89. Add the 13 Umno Sabah seats and it still comes to only 102. 102 of 222 comes to less than 50% because 50% of 222 is 111." "The Malays know that 23 plus 79 equals 102. And the Malays know that 50% of 222 is 111."

Mathematically, its difficult for PAS to implement hudud even if they come to power. PAS will never get UMNO's support. So,why the fuss? Samy Velloo should first ask UMNO why is UMNO still focussing on that issue?

Samy Velloo should also think about his future in MIC . The electorates of Sungai Siput had already kicked him out. The signal is clear. While his contemporaries like Mahathir,Liong Sik & Kheng Yik are enjoying their retirement, Samy Velloo still wants to cling on to power and be MIC chief.

Samy Velloo should first get some lesson on hudud from UMNO's ulamaks before he says anything about it. To make it plain,Tuan Guru Nik Aziz asked,"kenapa hukum gantung yang dibawa oleh penjajah itu tidak di pertikaikan malahan hukum Allah pula yang di kecam?"

As for Anwar,he has other more important agenda to attend to, rather than wasting his time addressing this old issue.

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