21 November 2008

Will UMNO protest when Idris Jala's contract is extended....

When the Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim announced the appointment of Mdm.Low Siew Moi as acting general manager of PKNS,UMNO and about 200 PKNS staff members held picket to protest the appointment.The Selangor Malays Residents Action Body held a small demonstration outside the state secretariat building here to protest against the appointment.

Malaysian Airline System Berhad (Mas) managing director, Idris Jalla 's contract that ends on November 30, has been extended by another three years. Idris Jala, who was appointed to the position in 2005, has been tasked to turn around the airline company.

In a statement issued to Bursa Malaysia, Mas said that the contract will take effect from December 1 to November 30 2011.The airline company has been facing huge challenges that have been compounded by the global financial crisis.

Will UMNO goons & those ketuanan Melayu fanatics protest his appointment too? Btw. Idris Jala is not a Muslim.


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Anonymous said...


MAS was given to an UMNO ball sucker named Tajuddin Ramli & he nearly sold MAS.....yet the gomen bailed him out by paying the same price he was offered before.

So as for MAS you rest be assured they wont dare to protest.