13 November 2008

Dr.M : UMNO full of corrupt leaders.................

Dr.Mahathir said,"I lost in my own constituency - for RM200.00 only,they sold me for RM200.00. I was division head for 22 years,prime minister and president of the party and they sold me for RM200."

Dr Mahathir said the only way to clamp down on the scourge in UMNO has to investigate all the names listed in the 900 complaints received and then have them removed from the party.

“They should be thrown in jail. That is a good way to use the Internal Security Act and not against someone writing some nonsense.

“Umno must be cleaned up. If not, they will lose in the next general election,” he said.



Anonymous said...


Look who's talking now... Wasnt this guy who formed the UMNO Baru after the old UMNO was shot down by the court?

He himself is also corrupted,why blame others. UMNO is corrupted from top to bottom & wonder whether they can survive in years to come?

Lets bury UMNO for good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ya I like what Tun said about throwing the corrupt into ISA. Like the pipe piper I suppose if TUN leads many will follows like the rats to Kemunting here they come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...probably he could lead by example i.e. by offering himself to be the first to be held under ISA for UMNO's most corrupted leader in all time.

Awang Hussein Landau
Kuching, Sarawak.