01 November 2008

Gua Musang probably first & last nomination for Ku Li.....

Gua Musang Umno division has nominated Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Shahrir Samad as candidates for party president and deputy president respectively.The nominations were made unanimously by the 384 delegates this morning during the annual general meeting held at Dewan Rakyat Bukit Cekati in Gua Musang this morning.

Though Tengku Razaleigh’s first nomination from his division which he had led since 1998 was expected, nomination for Johor-based Shahrir, also his first, is bound to raise eyebrows.Both individuals were members of the so-called ‘Team B’ led by Tengku Razaleigh when the latter challenged Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the party presidency in 1987. Back then, Razaleigh lost to Mahathir by a mere 43 votes.

During the same period, Tengku Razaleigh formed Umno splinter group Semangat 46, which Shahrir did not join but remained in Umno. Shahrir has never been nominated as deputy president before and observers would be keen to see if other remaining divisions who have yet to hold their AGM will follow Gua Musang’s lead.

As for the vice-president nominations, the Gua Musang delegates nominated former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Isa Samad, former deputy finance minister Mohd Afifuddin Omar and Johor Wanita wing chief Halimah Sadique.

Gua Musang’s decision gave both Mohd Afifuddin and Halimah their first nominations for the post. Neither have offered themselves for the post and Halimah is currently vying for the Wanita deputy chief's post. The nomination for Isa however gives him a total of nine nominations so far and he is still short of the 20 minimum nominations required to qualify for the race. The domestic trade and consumer affairs minister, has not offered himself as a deputy presidential candidate, while this is the third time Tengku Razaleigh had offered himself as Umno president.

source: malaysiakini


Ku Li's fortunes this year will be similar to his previous outing. In 2004, Ku Li obtained only one nomination also from Gua Musang,out of the 59 nominations required to qualify for the party president race. So far 109 out of 193 divisions had nominated Najib to date. How will the rest of the remaining divisions determine is left to be seen, but one thing is certain, based on the current trend, Ku Li can just say, selamat jalan..............

Indirectly, UMNO has already rejected Ku Li's role for good. High time for Ku Li to look for other alternatives if he wants to remain active in the Malaysian political arena.

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Anonymous said...

Ku Li nak bertanding sangat sebab dia dah tua, hayat dia dalam dunia politik dah semakin pendek. Tu sebab dulu dia menggelabah suruh orang turun. Dia harap dapat naik secepat mungkin, sekali tengok, takda sapa nak calonkan dia pun, yang calonkan dia pun dari bahagian sendiri je. Kesian..