10 November 2008

The rakyat don’t get to choose their PM but UMNO kingpins does………….

Martin Luther Kings once said “Judge a man by his content of his character but not his colour.” Barack Obama's victory has totally created a new dimension on the meaning of race and color in American politics. They have come a long way to understand the real meaning of equal rights and have finally realized their dreams.

Barack Obama is not black. He is the first mixed-race politician ever to get this far in the onerous and arduously testing American electoral process. Apart from that Colin Powell and Condi Rice, were a few non white Americans that had been trusted with some top jobs in the American administration.

In Malaysia racial harmony is fragile and very superficial. The political landscape itself is based on racial divide.Though the racial based parties works under one umbrella i.e BN; however the real power behind the coalition is UMNO. UMNO has always been the head of BN,based on the number of seats it holds in Parliament. UMNO is PM.

Btw, the appointment of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong , is outlined in Article 43 of the Federal Constitution. Its explicitly mentioned that the person appointed must, in the judgement of the Agong, be "likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House.” By tradition UMNO being the larger share holder in the coalition, normally its president becomes PM after every BN's victory in the general election.

If Barack’s appointment as president is determine by 538 electoral college, rather than the number of popular votes he won, the same goes to Malaysians, while the rakyat don’t get to choose their PM thru general elections, as general elections only determine which party wins the most number of seats in parliament. The winning party will decide who will become PM.

The choice of Malaysia’s PM is determined by the 191 UMNO division nationwide. The UMNO AGM then decides who becomes it's president and by tradition Malaysia's PM. UMNO’s divisional elections are so tainted with corruption and power abuses. There was a suggestion that UMNO should tender its top post to the highest bidder. UMNO should consider such suggestion.

While we wait and watch for the March 09 power transition, Barack Hussein Obama, will be the 44th President of the United States come this January 09, what a way to start…………


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