Khir agreed to pay an undisclosed amount as legal costs in the action initiated by Kok against him and Utusan Malayia.

In turn, she withdrew her suit against him in a settlement recorded before Kuala Lumpur High Court Judicial Commissioner Siti Khadijah S Hassan Badjenid today.

NONEKhir (right) read out a statement of apology in open court: "I, Mohamad Khir Toyo, the first defendant in the suit, without admission of liability, apologise to YB Teresa Kok Suh Sian for causing the publication on my blog on July 9, 2008 as stated in the statement of claim. 

"I regret publishing the same and agree to pay costs."

Kok filed the defamation action in December 2008 against Khir and Utusan, suing each for RM30 million. 

In his blog-post entitled ‘Ada usaha larang azan di masjid Selangor' (There are efforts to prevent the call to prayer in Selangor mosques), Khir claimed that Kok had sought the lowering of the volume of the azan at a mosque in Puchong and Kota Damansara.

The matter was highlighted by Utusan and its then columnist Mohd Zaini Hassan. 

Kok, who denied the claim, claimed that the daily and Mohd Zaini had defamed her in an article headlined ‘Azan, Jawi, Jais, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya' published on Sept 10, 2008.

As an outcome of this issue and others, she was briefly detained under the Internal Security Act the same month.

The court has since allowed Kok to withdraw her suit against Utusan and Mohd Zaini, with no order as to costs and no liberty to file afresh.

Today she was represented by Sankara Nair, while lawyer M Athimulan appeared for Khir.

Kok, in her Facebook posting, said she believed when Khir published that article, he did not realise that it would lead her to being detained under the ISA for seven days.

"My detention shows that police is always on BN/Umno's side where they would detain without doing the necessary investigation."

She added what she wanted was his apology and as he had given it she would end her legal action.-malaysiakini