07 April 2013

Manifesto: PR 10 minit, BN siaran langsung...

Demokrasi ala Malaysia...

Ketika Pakatan Rakyat (PR) bertungkus lumus menjelajah ke seluruh negara bagi membentangkan manifesto pilihan raya kepada rakyat, Umno BN mendapat laluan mudah apabila manifestonya disiarkan secara langsung oleh media milik kerajaan dan media arus perdana.

“Agak lucu apabila dia (Umno BN) tawarkan 10 minit kepada Pakatan Rakyat untuk bentangkan manifesto (secara rakaman),” kata Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat PKR, Datuk Johari Abdul kepada TV Selangor hari ini berhubung perkara itu.

Majlis pelancaran manifesto BN untuk PRU13 oleh Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib di Stadium Bukit Jalil malam ini dalam satu majlis khas akan disiarkan secara langsung oleh media perdana di negara ini.

Johari turut mempersoalkan siaran langsung tersebut kerana kerajaan yang wujud ketika ini adalah kerajaan sementara di mana Umno BN sebagai pentadbir tidak boleh menggunakan agensi atau jentera kerajaan bagi kerja parti.

“Saya ingin bertanya sama ada Umno BN membayar atau tidak kepada RTM kerana menggunakan fasiliti kerajaan. Secara undang-undang, dia (Umno BN) tidak boleh menggunakannya untuk tujuan kerja-kerja parti,” ujarnya dipetik Selangorku.

Johari mendakwa, Umno BN melakukan perubahan terhadap manifestonya yang diyakini telah disiapkan awal tetapi ditarik semula apabila PR melancarkan manifesto lebih awal.

Sebagai contoh, katanya, Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) tidak pernah didebatkan di dalam Parlimen sama ada bagi bajet 2010, 2011 atau 2012.

“Bila PR menyediakan Buku Jingga pada 2010 yang didalamnya jelas menyatakan bantuan RM1,000 setahun kepada rakyat khususnya berpendapatan rendah maka Umno-BN lantas melancarkan BR1M walaupun tiada bajet diluluskan oleh Parlimen.

“Ini menunjukkan Umno-BN ketandusan idea. Dia cuma akan buat ‘adjustment’ terhadap apa yang dia ada dan mengikut apa dicadangkan PR. Bagi saya, Umno-BN tidak mempunyai ‘originality’ tetapi ‘copycat’,” katanya.-Harakahdaily
YAB Tuan Guru Nik Aziz sedang menunggu giliran untuk bergunting rambut di sebuah kedai...

Jemaah melimpah keluar di Masjid Geluk, Pasir Mas DS Anwar Ibrahim terpaksa solat di luar sebelum tazkirah...

Kerajaan Selangor vs Kerajaan Malaysia. Mana lebih berhemah? Kommitment untuk menjadi kerajaan sementara atau Kerajaan yang membelanjakan duit rakyat dengan menandatangani kontrak mega walaupun mandat sudah habis? Ini Kalilah!...

Musa Hitam pun kempen untuk Pakatan Rakyat

Former Wanita Umno chief Rafidah Aziz today cautioned the voters not to treat changing a government like changing a car, boyfriend or girlfriend. "(So) please don’t say, ‘Never mind, change’. Oh my God! This is not like changing a car, boyfriend or girlfriend," she said.

Ahaks! We know la... Changing government in every 5 years, changing bf/gf etc (kalau tak bagus) every 5 minutes pun boleh ma!!!.

Malaysia needs more Ibrahim Alis, 
says Mahathir... 

 The country would  be saved if there weremore people like Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali, said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The patron of the Malay supremacist group said this today when endorsing Ibrahim to contest the Pasir Mas parliamentary seat under BN’s ticket.

“This is repayment, because in BN we repay good deeds... God willing if he is made a candidate, I would go to Pasir Mas to campaign.

“Perkasa is no small ‘party’, it has 400,000 members. It is probably bigger than PAS, but is not greedy.

“If there are many people like Ibrahim, this country is saved,” he said amid the cheers of a 3,000-strong audience.

Mahathir was speaking at Perkasa’s ‘Save Selangor Rally’ today held on a waterlogged field in Shah Alam.

NONEMahathir also praised Ibrahim for making the rally the success although he is not contesting in Selangor, which shows that Ibrahim was not serving his own interests in organising the rally.

Ibrahim (right) is currently the incumbent Pasir Mas MP, after winning the seat in the 2008 general election under the PAS ticket with a majority of 8,991 votes.

He has since defected to become a BN-friendly independent MP.

When asked at a press conference later on what if Ibrahim is not picked to contest there as the BN candidate, the still-influential Mahathir said his priority is to ensure that BN wins.

“But I hope my friend here (Ibrahim) whom I have put into prison under the Internal Security Act (ISA) would be given a chance.

“It’s terrible. How long was he detained under ISA?” he said.

In his speech, Mahathir also launched a scathing attack on top Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

Among others, he said it was his mistake to allow his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim to rise through Umno’s ranks, thinking that he is a pious person trying to further Islam through Umno, only to find out later that his only goal was to take power.

I wish Malaysia had 50 or 100 'PMs'

“I wish Malaysia has 50 or 100 ‘prime ministers’ so that we can give him one. If he wants Putrajaya so badly, perhaps we can give him a room there,” he quipped, as his audience burst into laughter.

As for PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, he criticised him for allegedly saying that Umno’s three million members would not get pahala (divine reward) for praying because the party has rejected Islam.

Mahathir (left) said such statements could divide the Muslim community, although Islam advocates kinship. Hence, he said Nik Aziz is merely a party leader vying for power, and not the religious leader that he is perceived to be.

“He wants to go to Putrajaya too; no problem! As we would give Anwar a room, we can give him a chair there and sit in a room,” he said.

After a pause to let the audience laugh at the apparent sexual innuendo, he continued, “Not in the same room as Anwar, separate rooms.

“We would put a thick wall in between. He is strong you know? We have to put a thick wall there,” he said.

The 87-year-old politician also urged DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang to retire from politics, noting that he has been active since 1964 and is still a DAP leader.

“Lim tells everyone to change. Yes, he should change, only then would his words have credibility.

“I have already changed, I have quit and let someone else (to be prime minister). I didn’t want to hoard everything and be prime minister until death,” he said.

Dr M: Just cross the dacing

He urged the crowd to save Selangor in the upcoming general election.

"We should come out in full force to vote for BN, don't care who the
candidates are, don't look at their faces, and just cross the dacing (BN logo). 

"The voters should remember that it is the party that forms the government, not the candidates."

At the press conference after the event, Mahathir also supported the idea of sending a top politician, such as Johor caretaker menteri besar Abdul Ghani Othman, to Gelang Patah to ensure Lim’s defeat in the upcoming general election. 

This was despite the seat already being considered a BN stronghold.

“Of course a ‘big shot’ should fight a ‘big shot’. I think if Lim loses, that would be the end of his political career. Otherwise, he won’t stop.

“So send Ghani or whoever else to face and defeat him (there),” he said.-malaysiakini 

Soseh-soseh sana sini...

I am Malaysian - Mahathir needs more devils like Ibrahim Ali to ruin the country. All voters must stop all these non senses from them. Finish them in this upcoming GE !!

Mohd Khamis Mazlan - We the Malays must ensure that Mahathir, Ibrahim, Mukhriz and all the scumbs who have robbed - and raped our nation should not only be kicked out of the parliament but should be jailed for all their atrocities. We the Malays would definitely punish UMNO if they keep listening to Mahathir. We are deeply angered.

Geronimo - Mahathir has always complained that Malays have short memory. So I do hope Perkasa will continue to organise such gatherings on a regular basis, even on the eve of the election day, so that the rakyat will not forget to dump BN once for all. I am sick to the core with all these racist rhetorics and the sight of that mamak. Good show, Ibrahim Ali, good show.

Bender  - Wow, this old man can really be a stand up comedian. I have to admit, that joke about Nik Aziz & Anwar in the same room is quite funny, considering. But, lets not forget that the joke is based on slander which he himself fabricated to get rid of his deputy. And Nik Aziz is an ulama who doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from anyone who claims himself to be a Muslim, let alone Mahathir, the muslim whose son owns San Miguel. That joke alone is a double strike for you, Dr. M. Boy I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Any day now God may call upon you to come and answer for that. I just hope you have made plans to repent and ask for forgiveness before your time comes. Btw when I say your jokes are funny I don't laugh for I wouldn't want to be in the same spot as you when God asks me: why did you laugh at his jokes when you knew so well that they were based on slander and disrespect of ulama'? Astaghfirullah...

Dont just talk - Dr.Mahathir,with all the chaos that you caused in Sabah by freely giving out free citizenships and Blue ICs to illegal, foreign,muslim Filipinos Suluks just to retain political power,you still have the cheek to advice Malaysians who to vote for in Kelantan and Selangor.The suluks have returned home to roost in Lahat Datu and again,you point your dirty fingers at others,not realising that the other 3 fingers are pointing back to you.You think Malaysians are stupid after being screwed by you from 1981 to 2003 and by anointing the Raja Katak Ibrahim Ali,as a candidate for Pasir Mas,your integrity,whatever that is left, has totally gone down the drain.


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