Saying he is tired of Penang BN head Teng Chang Yeow’s antics, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today ended any involvement in the challenge to contest the Padang Kota state seat.

Lim, who is Penang chief minister, said he has had enough of Teng’s twists and turns since the subject was raised, and added that Teng has been acting like a “circus performer”.

As such, Lim said, he was “not interested in playing this kind of game and will not entertain the matter any more”.

NONE“Clearly Teng’s statement yesterday showed that he has no intention of honouring his challenge to me,” he told a press conference this morning.

“This is despite the fact that I had accepted his ridiculous condition that I contest only a state seat and give up contesting a parliamentary seat, as is required of me as DAP secretary-general.”

Teng had opened himself to the possibility of contesting against Lim in the coming election when responding to a question during an exclusive interview with KiniTV.

Lim had accepted the offer the next day, saying he would meet Teng in Padang Kota, where the latter had been a state assemblyperson for three terms until he lost in 2008.

But Teng raised the condition that he would choose the seat and that Lim must contest only in the state and give up his quest for a parliamentary seat.

Lim agreed to contest in a state seat only, if Teng agreed to battle him in Padang Kota, a Chinese majority seat. Teng then said he wanted to meet Lim in a mixed race seat.

  ‘Political deception’

NONELim explained that there were three reasons why he had been drawn into Teng’s “political deception”, and maintained that it was Teng who had issued the challenge.

“If he now denies it, why did he set the ridiculous condition that I should contest only a state seat, which I had immediately accepted?” he said.

“For Teng(right) to claim that he had not issued the challenge  shows that he lacks even the courage to admit that.”

Lim said Teng had also declared that one must pick up from where one falls, which could only mean he would re-contest Padang Kota.

For him to say he meant picking himself up in Penang and not Padang Kota, is “dishonest as he might as well say he would pick himself up from planet Earth”, Lim mocked.

Teng had announced he would be a different leader from former chief minister and Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon, saying he was willing to stand up to Umno, said Lim.

“I was wrong in thinking that Teng would be a different leader from Koh. In fact, (Teng) is worse because (at least Koh) had dared to re-contest his state seat.

“Even though I have been tricked by Teng’s political deception, at least there is a silver lining in that Teng’s refusal to recontest his old seat has exposed him as a leader who leads not from the front  but from behind Umno.

“By running away from contesting his own seat of Padang Kota that he held for three terms from 1995-2008, shows that he is only willing to stand behind Umno.”-malaysiakini

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