PKR has questioned the sleight of hand behind a shipment of ballot boxes destined for the Election Commission's (EC) headquarters in Putrajaya being allegedly diverted to a “secret” location.

NONE"A vehicle carrying ballot boxes bound for the EC headquarters in Putrajaya was met by the commission's Pajero (a four-wheeled drive vehicle) at the highway exit and was diverted to a secret address on the SC2 road at the Sg Chua Industrial Zone in Kajang," PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed at a press conference in Petaling Jaya today.

He alleged that at the secret location, large polyester bags bearing the EC logo and believed to contain ballot boxes were then offloaded.

"This requires urgent explanation... Why was it done in such a dubious manner?" said Anwar (above).

According to Anwar, an informer had told them of the incident that purportedly took place on April 8 and observed just after a toll exit from a certain highway.

He showed photographs taken by the informer of the large polyester bags to the media, but did not distribute them citing the need to protect the informer’s identity.

No other details were supplied on the incident. 

'Foreigners voting in Selangor too'

Anwar also continued to press the issue of the presence of foreigners as voters in the electoral roll.

According to him, the issue is not only prevalent in Sabah but also in the industrial state of Selangor where the BN had vowed to retake the state from Pakatan Rakyat.

The Gombak and Ampang parliamentary seats together, he claimed, contained 4,324 foreign voters.

tenang ballot boxes at tally centreAs for Sabah, the concentration of the 15,907 foreigners are in Silam, Libaran, Kalabakan, Sipanggar, Tawau and Putatan parliamentary constituencies, he added.

Anwar explained that the data was from an analysis of the electoral roll by a research group.

Mostly, he claimed the foreigners are from the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh, though 16,589 are registered as voters under the code for being Sabah-born.

42 of them, he alleged, were also registered as postal voters as military or police personnel.

Anwar urged the EC to start cleaning up and removing such dubious voters from the roll.-malaysiakini


Majority of foreign voters in Sabah, Selangor...