Carpet trader-cum-property developer Deepak Jaikishan has dared the pro-Umno bloggers who uploaded an edited version of a video on the Internet featuring him allegedly confessing to being a PKR stooge to show the entire footage.

Deepak confirmed that he was indeed the man in the video, which he said had been recorded without his knowledge when he met a "close personal friend" who is a member of the Umno supreme council.

NONEDeepak quipped he would not use the infamous words "It looks like me, it sounds like me, but it is not me" to defend himself.

But he disputed the pro-Umno bloggers' account of what transpired at the meeting and claimed that his remarks were taken out of context.

"What I said is what I said, what they write is what they want to hear... Please run the video from beginning to end...," Deepak told Malaysiakini, referring to the transcript that appeared in the edited video.

"If you look at the video, they worded it differently from what was said."

He said the full video footage showing the moment he arrived at the meeting to the time he left would explain what actually took place and the real context of the snippets shown in the edited video.

"I have nothing to shy away from. I have nothing to hide," he declared.

'I named names and the amount paid'

Indeed, Deepak believes that the Umno supreme council member and the bloggers have reasons not to make public the full video.

NONEThis is because during the clandestine meeting, he named members of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's family whom he had paid off to grease the land deal he claimed a senior Wanita Umno leader cheated him of.

"In that video, I explained who took the money, how much, how it was paid," he claimed.

"And they were shocked. They said, if this goes out, it would be trouble, you better don't go forward with this."

Deepak said that the meeting took place on Nov 30 at a private house in Subang Jaya.

NONEThe unnamed Umno supreme council member had earlier called to meet him at a hotel in Subang Jaya on that day - the second day of the Umno General Assembly.

His long-time friend's tone was less then friendly, revealed Deepak, leading him to inform a few members of the press.

The manner in which this person spoke sounded like "giving an ultimatum" and "I was worried for my own safety, so I thought if I informed the press, it would be better, " he said.

When he reached the hotel, his friend led him to a house in Subang Jaya, where the Umno leader had invited two friends to join the meeting.

Deepak identified them as "pro-Umno bloggers" but said that he would not identify them nor disclose the identity of the Umno supreme council member when pressed further.

He said that being a "gentleman", he would not reveal their identities despite the indignity being videotaped without his knowledge.

"If they are man enough, they should come out themselves."

Was Muhyiddin faction behind him?

The bloggers, he said, were seated near him, but he was unaware that one of them had a hidden camera which recorded the conversations at the meeting.

Deepak described how he was grilled by the trio on why he went public and who was backing him.

NONE"Why I had taken this step? Was anyone behind me? (Was it) the Muhyiddin (Yassin) faction? The opposition?"

According to Deepak, he told them this had nothing to do with the opposition or any Umno faction.

Deepak also told them that in no way was Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim involved, but he admitted to meeting the Permatang Pauh MP on an unrelated matter with regards to some problems he had with a Middle Eastern bank, which was withholding his bank guarantee.

He added that in business, he rub shoulders with many people of different political persuasions.

Deepak also explained that he only brought in PKR's Subang MP R Sivarasa as his counsel at the last minute as he lacked legal representation in his case against the Wanita Umno leader he claimed had cheated him.

He also denied having met Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar, though he conceded to sending some documents her way and spoken to her on the phone on the matter he had raised with Anwar.

"I have seen her in Parliament, I think, twice. I was in the canteen when I saw her, but I was with some other people. I just saw lah. Pretty girls, we see lah. But I never introduced myself to her nor have I met her."-malaysiakini