The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's statement that senior lawyer Cecil Abraham was not involved in closing investigations into ex-private investigator P Balasubramaniam is not sufficient to clear him of allegations of involvement in the drafting of Bala's second statutory declaration.

NONEMACC operations review chairperson Hadenan Abdul Jalil's statement yesterday shows that the anti-graft body is "more concerned with defending its decision (to close the case)" rather than to investigate a wrongdoing, PKR vice-president Tian Chua (left) told a press conference today.

"Why is MACC so quickly coming up to deny things, especially since Cecil is sitting on the (operations review) panel? It's not good enough to issue a statement to say he was not involved (in closing the case).

"(It) doesn't mean that the whole issue of the falsification of an SD does not exist. This has been corroborated by at least two individuals," Tian Chua said, referring to Bala and carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan,

Instead of washing the panel's hands off the matter, he added, the MACC and the police should reopen investigations into possible offences, including "the making of a false statutory declaration, perjury, kidnap, extortion, bribery, corrupt practices, murder and the attempted covering-up of such offences".

These, he said, included Sections 107 and 120A of the Penal Code and Section 191 of the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.

Malaysiakini has contacted Cecil by way of fax, email and a letter by hand, and is awaiting his reply. 

‘PM and Rosmah not on the list’

Besides Bala and Deepak, Tian Chua said, the authorites should immediately record the statements of Cecil, the prime minister’s brother Nazim Abdul Razak and lawyer Arulampalam.

Arulampalam was photographed by Bernama accompanying Bala at the press conference to reveal the second statutory declaration.

Tian Chua said this was because the five people had material contact with Bala and Deepak in relation to the signing of the second statutory declaration.

NONEPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor are not included in the list, he said, as they were “not materially present in these meetings”.

“Whether Nazim came on behalf of Najib, or whether Rosmah met Deepak, we don’t know... Let's leave (the PM and his wife) alone first, we don’t want to defame the PM unnecessarily.

“What we want to know is whether Deepak really defamed the PM by making up these stories, and how these stories coincide with Bala's statement. We need the police to investigate,” Tian Chua said.

On claims that Deepak was paid by the opposition to make such claims, he said this was precisely the reason that the police should investigate.

Deepak sex video ‘not of concern’

He added that claims that a sex video involving Deepak would materialise soon “are not of our concern” as it is not up to “media, politicians or bloggers” to determine the credibilty of Deepak’s claims or his character.

Pro-establishment websites, including Mynewshub, have claimed that a sex video involving Deepak and a “Malay-looking lady” will circulate on the Internet soon.

Asked if the police were perhaps waiting for a report to be lodged by the prime minister himself, he said: “The DAP has lodged a police report against Deepak and PKR Youth, too, has lodged one on the issue. These are known facts.

“If what Bala and Deepak said are untrue, these two should be probed for attempting to criminally defame the PM and his wife,” he said.

Tian Chua added that the fact that Najib had sworn on the Quran to say that he has never met murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu does not negate the need for an investigation into the conflicting statutory declarations.

Also at the press conference was PKR treasurer and Selayang MP William Leong and PKR's Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul, who said that the integrity of both the MACC and the police are now on the line.-malaysiakini

Bar Council probe to verify misconduct in PI Bala’s SD