13 December 2012

Deepak - Adik Najib, Nazim bayar PI Bala untuk tutup mulut...

Ahli perniagaan Deepak Jaikishan menamakan seorang adik perdana menteri Datuk Nazim Razak sebagai individu yang didakwanya bertanggungjawab membayar penyiasat persendirian P Balasubramaniam untuk menandatangani akuan berkanun (SD) kedua.

Dakwanya lagi, beliau turut bertanggungjawab mempertemukan Datuk Nazim Razak(bawah) dan Balasubramaniam, tetapi urusan pembayaran wang kepada Bala itu, dakwanya, dilakukan Nazim.

"Saya mengesahkan kenyataan saya sebelum ini bahawa Datuk Nazim menyertai pertemuan untuk memudahcara apa-apa yang perlu dilakukan.

"Penglibatan saya hanya untuk mempertemukan semua orang," dakwanya dalam wawancara dengan Malaysiakini.

Bala pada awalnya menandatangani satu akuan berkanun mengaitkan Datuk Seri Najib Razak dengan wanita Mongolia Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Beliau kemudiannya menandatangani akuan berkanun kedua bagi menafikan akuan pertama yang dakwanya ditandatangani ketika keselamatan keluarganya menjadi taruhan.

Bala kemudian mendakwa dibayar tunai dan dijanjikan lebih banyak wang selepas bersetuju menandatangani akuan bersumpah kedua dan berpindah ke luar negara bersama keluarganya.

Deepak dalam wawancara semalam mendakwa wang yang diterima Bala datang daripada "Datuk Nazim dan sumber-sumbernya". 

Pada tahun 2009, wartawan Malaysiakini cuba menghubungi Nazim berulang-ulang kali untuk mendapatkan penjelasannya tentang dakwaan tersebut.

Malaysiakini berkunjung ke pejabatnya dan menyerahkan senarai soalan untuk dijawab Nazim.

Malangnya, usaha tersebut tidak berhasil sehinggalah wartawan Malaysiakini bertembung dengan Nazim di Masjid Negara selepas solat Jumaat pada Disember 2009.

Beliau pada ketika itu baru selesai menziarahi pusara ayahnya, perdana menteri kedua Tun Abdul Razak.

Sewaktu ditanya tentang dakwaan Bala pada ketika itu, beliau hanya menjawab "tiada apa-apa yang perlu diperkatakan".

Dalam wawancara semalam, Deepak berkata beliau tampil mendedahkan perkara di sebalik kontroversi pembunuhan itu kerana risau "roh Altantuya tidak bersemadi dengan tenang" sehingga beliau dihantui "sumpahan Altantuya"
.- malaysiakini


 Deepak - Najib's architect brother Nazim paid Bala for SD U-turn...

After revealing how he had been recruited by the family of prime minister Najib Razak to play a role in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder saga, carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan has followed up with another startling revelation.

This time, he named Najib's younger brother Mohd Nazim Razak, an architect by profession who sits in some 25 company boards of directors, as the person who paid P Balasubramaniam to come out with a second statutory declaration denying another one he issued a day earlier which among others accused Najib of also having affair with the Altantuya.

L-R: Rosmah, Nazim and Deepak

Bala was the private investigator hired by Abdul Razak Baginda, Najib's aide who was involved in an extramarital affair with Altantuya, the Mongolian citizen who hounded him at his Damansara residence days before her brutal murder.

"I affirm what was earlier said that Datuk Nazim joined the meeting to facilitate whatever needed to be done. My involvement was just to get everyone together," Deepak told news portal Malaysiakini yesterday.

Since last month, Deepak has been giving details of his much speculated involvement in the Altantuya murder saga to several online news portals including Harakahdaily, promising to unravel more shocking details in stages.

Deepak had earlier recalled his friendship with Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor when Najib was still the Defence minister, and related how the couple had contacted him for help when Bala's first statutory declaration was issued.

Saying he believed Altantuya's 'spirit' was after him for the role he played to cover up the truth in her case, Deepak had said that he could no longer keep his silence, adding that he regretted 'helping a drowning friend'.

"You cannot be afraid of any persons - if they are angels then maybe, but since there are just mere mortals, then you shouldn't be," he was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying.

Deepak has also promised to expose more details in a booklet he planned to publish and distribute, apparently as a response to the recent publication of Rosmah's autobiography, launched by the Sultan of Pahang.

Bala, who fled Malaysia soon after the second statutory declaration, had earlier said that he received RM750,000, although he had been promised RM5 million, for his about-turn.

July 2008: Bala (left), seen here with his lawyer Americk Sidhu. The next day, he retracted his statutory declaration and fled the country

In his first statutory declaration made in July 2008, Bala claimed that Razak Baginda had told him that he was introduced to Altantuya by Najib at a diamond exhibition in Singapore, and that Najib had told Razak that he and Altantuya had had a sexual relationship.

Bala also claimed that Razak said Najib wanted him (Razak) “to look after” Altantuya, as he did not want her to harass him now that he was the deputy prime minister.

He further said Razak had told him that Altantuya had wanted money as she felt entitled to a US$500,000 commission from the Scorpenes submarine deal with a French firm. A probe is currently underway in Paris to look into alleged massive corruption in the submarines purchase.-harakahdaily

Najib's brother, Nazim paid former private eye P Bala to sign his controversial SD2...

NONECarpet trader Deepak Jaikishan has named the premier's younger brother, Mohd Nazim Abdul Razak, as the person who paid P Balasubramaniam in return for the former private eye signing his controversial second statutory declaration (SD).

"I affirm what was said earlier, that Datuk Nazim joined the meeting to facilitate whatever needed to be done. My involvement was just to get everyone together," Deepak told Malaysiakini in an interview yesterday.

He said he did this as a favour to the PM's wife, Rosmah Mansor, after receiving a call from her.

Balasubramaniam, who went public with the first SD on July 3, 2008, in which he linked Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu, claimed he was coerced to sign the second declaration to refute his earlier one.

The private investigator, who is now living in exile in India with his family, also claimed that he was paid off in cash later - with more money promised to him - after he agreed to sign the SD and relocate himself and his family out of the country.

According to Deepak, the money paid to Balasubramaniam came from "Datuk Nazim and his resources".

"Yes," he replied when asked again to confirm that the "Datuk Nazim" he mentioned was indeed Najib's brother.

Apparently promised RM5 million for his about-turn, Balasubramaniam said he only received RM750,000, in instalments, before the payments eventually stopped.

NONEMalaysiakini had tried to contact the premier's younger sibling for his response, but to no avail.

A chance encounter between Nazim (left) and the news portal's journalists during Friday prayers at Masjid Negara in December 2009 yielded a curt "I have nothing to say" from the architect when he was asked about Balasubramaniam's allegations.

Nazim was visiting the grave of his father, second prime minister Abdul Razak, when approached by Malaysiakini.

His elder brother, the PM, had also similarly dismissed Balasubramaniam's allegations with two words - "frivolous statements".

Malaysiakini had two weeks prior to that sent a list of questions to Nazim's office but did not receive any response. Repeated attempts to call him and visit his office also proved futile.

'The curse of Altantuya'

Incidentally, Deepak had earlier denied having arranged the meeting between Nazim and Balasubramaniam at a popular shopping mall in Damansara, which he now confirmed.

The carpet trader said he felt the need to come clean as he believed "the curse of Altantuya" is on him.

Deepak, with red eyes, apologised for his constant, racking coughs, saying he was unwell and had been through a lot in the past month or so.

He also feared, he added, that "Altantuya's ghost is not resting in peace" and "is crying out for justice".

On his right arm hung about two centimetres of what seemed to be yellow and red prayer strings - the kind one gets from a temple for protection or when praying for favours from the Almighty.

NONEHis decision to go public followed what he described as attempts by those he had helped to "stifle" and "disrupt" his life in order to silence him for his part in Balasubramaniam's (right) second SD saga.

"I understand that in politics when the noise is too much, there is a cooling-off period, but here maybe, because of the nature (of our politicians), there is also the stifling. 

(It's) the stifling I cannot stand," he told Malaysiakini at the interview, the second in as many weeks.

"You don't stifle someone who has helped you."

No choice but to retaliate

Deepak described what he alleged as stifling to be contracts cancelled, businesses delayed, raids on his companies by government agencies and direct harassment of him through intimidating SMSes and phone calls, all of which had him fearing for his safety.

"I am just a simple businessman. If you don't disturb me, I will not disturb you," lamented Deepak, warning that he has more information to release if the harassment against him continued.

NONEHe said he had evidence stashed overseas, with instructions to lawyers that these be made public in case anything untoward happened to him.

He was done with cowering in fear, Deepak said, since "they have already done everything imaginable" against him. As such, he felt that it was time for him to seek redress.

"You cannot molest someone you have already raped," he said, stressing that he had no choice but to retaliate.

"I have no ulterior motive," Deepak said, and he went on to plead that the enforcement agencies investigate all his claims and show the world that in Malaysia, no one - no matter how powerful he or she is - can get away with committing wrongdoings.

He also called upon government officers, politicians and cabinet ministers to no longer cringe in fear of "the two people", whom he only referred to as the "powerful couple".

"You cannot be afraid of any persons - if they are angels then maybe, but since they are just mere mortals, then you shouldn't be afraid."-malaysiakini

Kaitan Rosmah dalam pembunuhan Altantuya akan dibukukan...

Ahli perniagaan Deepak Jaikishan bercadang untuk menerbitkan buku setebal 26 halaman bagi mengaitkan isteri Perdana Menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor dengan kontroversi berhubung model Mongolia, Altantuya Shaariibuu yang mati dibunuh.

Buku itu katanya, akan menceritakan urutan peristiwa sejak beliau diminta oleh Rosmah untuk memaksa P Balasubramaniam membuat pengakuan berkanun (SD) kedua, seperti didakwanya, sehinggalah kepada wawancaranya dengan beberapa portal berita semalam.

SD kedua itu menyebabkan Balasubramaniam menukar keterangan dalam SD pertamanya yang mengaitkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dengan Altantuya.

“(Ia akan memuatkan kisah) dari hari pertama saya terima panggilan sehingga ke hari ini – semua kebenaran, semua fakta. Saya akan rampaikan semua SMS dan panggilan yang saya terima,” katanya dipetik Malaysiakini.

Buku itu akan dilancarkan Isnin depan dan boleh diperolehi secara bercetak dan dalam talian, tambahnya.

Selain itu, beliau juga akan menerbitkan autobiografinya sendiri, susulan kepada penerbitan biografi Rosmah – yang didakwa sebagai seorang kawan baik wanita itu sebelum ini.

“Datin Seri Rosmah membuat keputusan bijak untuk menerbitkan autobiografinya. Atas cadangan seorang rakan media, pagi tadi (semalam) saya bersetuju untuk menerbitkan dua buku ini,” katanya.

Atas rasa hormat kepada Rosmah, kata Deepak, beliau akan melancarkan buku autobiografi tersebut sehari selepas pelancaran buku isteri perdana menteri itu.

Buku tulisannya itu akan digarap bagi mengisi masa lapangnya apabila beliau mula menetap di Burma tidak lama lagi.- keadilandaily

Deepak says has sought Altantuya’s ‘forgiveness’

Deepak ‘mencari kemaafan’ dari Altantuya...

Penjual permaidani Deepak Jaikishan mencari kemaafan dari Altantuya Shaariibuu atas peranannya dalam akuan bersumpah kedua oleh P Balasubramaniam pada Julai 2008.

Ahli perniagaan yang menyaman Ketua Wanita Umno Selangor Senator Datuk Raja Ropiaah Abdullah kerana hal jual beli tanah, juga berkata beliau akan menerbitkan dua buah buku tentang kehidupannya dan perniagaannya.

Deepak mencari kemaafan dari Altantuya. — Gambar oleh Amin Iskandar
Saya ke kuil untuk mencari kemaafan dari Altantuya,” katanya kepada The Malaysian Insider, dengan berkata insiden tersebut sebagai “kesilapan paling besar dalam hidupnya”.

Dia juga memberitahu tentang buku yang akan diterbitkan dan diedarkan secara persendirian.

“Saya menulis dua buku, yang pertama sangat pendek, sebanyak 26 muka surat dan akan keluar pada Isnin ini,” katanya lagi.

Buku kedua Deepak, yang lebih terperinci, katanya lagi, akan dilancarkan pada bulan Januari tahun hadapan.

Akuan bersumpah Balasubramaniam dikeluarkan sehari selepas beliau membuat akuan bersumpah pertamanya tentang kematian Altantuya pada tahun 2006, dimana dua polis komando elit  didapati bersalah dan menghadapi hukuman bunuh.

Beliau menyaman ketua wanita Umno Selangor dan syarikatnya, Awan Megah Sdn Bhd kerana dakwaan menipu dalam pembelian tanah seluas 223.33 ekar di Bukit Raja.

Beliau menamakan Awan Megah bersama dengan Kementerian Pertahanan, Syarikat Tanah Dan Harta Sdn Bhd dan Cebur Megah Developement Sdn Bhd dalam dakwaan beliau mengenai tuduhan menipunya berjuta ringgit dalam perjanjian pembelian tanah itu.

Astacanggih Sdn Bhd, syarikat milik Deepak  bersetuju membeli tiga keping tanah pada 2007 dengan berharga RM13 juta dan bon jaminan bank RM72 juta dari Raja Ropiaah, yang  dianugerahkan kontrak RM100 juta untuk pembinaan pusat penyelidikan pertahanan yang dipanggil Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan Nasional (Puspahanas).

Ketua Wanita Umno Selangor itu didakwa menjual sebidang tanah dengan harga RM2 juta tunai dan RM16 juta dalam bentuk overdraf dalam usahasama dengan Guppyunip Sdn Bhd, syarikat membuat plastik, dan menyebabkan peniaga permaidani itu membuat laporan polis pada Julai lalu.- malaysian insider



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Will this news appear in tomorrow's STAR, NST,BERITA HARIAN, UTUSAN and METRO...??

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1.Altantuya only wanted her fair share of commission in the Scorpene purchase but ended gruesomely C4-ed.

2.Bala was offered RM5 million in the 2nd SD by Najib's bro. Nazim but was paid only RM750,000-betrayed, promises unfulfilled.

3.Deepak,the carpetman and a close friend of Rosmah. He was asked by your wife to help in Bala's 2nd SD.

4.But when business relationship gone sour, Deepak felt that he is now being cheated by the UMNO leaders & cronies and driven against the wall.So hell broke loose.

5.For, Najib, all these 3 persons are linked to you and your family. You are the PM.

6.However you choose to remain silent and refused not come out to defend these very serious allegations. Even a beggar will defend his honour and integrity if wrongly accused.

7.Najib,you just get lost,& we dont need you as our PM anymore!!!

8.Najib, please resign and take a holiday trip to Mongolia!!!