Two supporters of Pakatan Rakyat and one BN backer were injured in a scuffle in Gombak last night, during a ceramah by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

PKR organ Keadilan Daily said one victim was wounded on the left shoulder with a kerambit - a small knife with a curved blade.

"It occurred when a group of Umno thugs - some of them carrying BN flags - disrupted a ceramah at Dataran Sharuddin, Batu 8 1/2," the report states.

"Some of the group were supposedly silat practitioners. Besides making noise (and) using foul language, they also threw stones at the venue."

Pro-Pakatan blogger SharpShooter claimed that the Air Panas PAS branch chief suffered an injury to his head after a flower pot was thrown at him.

In a tweet this morning, Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin raised a question as to who had started the provocation.

NONE"Gombak incident last night: investigate all parties. Violent politics must be rejected.But who started the provocation? BN man injured," he claimed.

He posted a photograph showing a Malay man bleeding from cuts on his face. He was wearing a BN t-shirt and vest. 

Pro-Umno bloggers such as KLXpress have claimed that it was Pakatan supporters who had triggered the violence.  

"After some early provocation, they attacked by throwing stones at our youths, some 500 who had gathered here," Gombak Umno Youth chief Megat Zulkarnain said in a video interview with

"One was seriously injured on the head and was rushed to hospital." 

Megat also said the group would have had no issues with the ceramah if Anwar had spoken on the future direction of the country, but that they had to defend slander against their leaders.

(Malaysian Joe - It was a PKR ceramah and what the hell are your Umno Youth thugs doing there? Was there any disruption at the various "ceramah's" of Umno/Bn where Pakatan Bashing is a norm? Was there any Pakatan supporters at the Umno assembly when all and sundry ( including the kitchen sink) were being hurled at PKR, PAS and DAP? Khairi Jamaluddin please do not under-estimate the intelligence of the Public. They know the difference between a true Oxford Grad and the back door products!)

'Police must probe this'

Anwar condemned the incident during his speech, but urged supporters not to respond in kind.

NONE"If they (the police) do not take action, I will personally look for the Gombak police chief," he was quoted as saying in urging an investigation into the attack.

In a statement this morning, Gombak PKR division deputy chief Amirudin Shari also condemned the assault and called for Umno Youth to be held responsible for the violence.

He said the Gombak Pakatan leadership had lodged a police report on Monday at the Gombak police station, after being informed that text-messages had been circulated urging Gombak Umno Youth to disrupt the ceramah.

"Unfortunately more than 100 people from Umno Youth came to provoke and disturb the ceramah until the situation became tense and a scuffle broke out in front of the venue," he claimed.

"The assault and the throwing of stones, started by Umno Youth, reflects the attitude and the thuggish culture deep-rooted in (the party)."

NONEAmirudin, who is the Batu Cave assemblyperson, urged the police to immediately investigate the incident and act against the perpetrators.

This is the fifth incident of violence this year at events where Anwar has been present.

In January, three homemade bombs exploded outside the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex before Anwar was due to address supporters after his Sodomy II trial verdict. Two people sustained injuries.

In the following month in Alor Gajah, Malacca, a ceramah was marred by a fracas involving Umno and BN supporters.

NONEAbout a week later in Sembrong, Johor, Umno supporters reportedly hurled stones, firecrackers and other projectiles at Anwar's car, damaging the windscreen.

In May, supporters at a ceramah in Lembah Pantai and supporters at a pro-Umno ceramah at an adjacent venue hurled stones, eggs, and water bottles at one another.

This resulted in at least three injuries on both sides, with one being a 12-year-old girl.-malaysiakini