Dr M: I'll go against anybody who does not perform...

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied practising double standards in campaigning for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, but against the fifth prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"(There's) no double standard. If somebody doesn't perform, I will campaign, against anybody," Mahathir said, when approached after an event at the Malaysian Petroleum Club at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur today.

"Whether he's my nominee or somebody else, I will campaign if somebody does not perform and in my view, Pak Lah didn't perform," Mahathir said.

Asked whether his answer meant that he was satisfied with Najib's performance, he responded, "Yes, I'm satisfied".

'No need to fix GE13 date'

Mahathir was also asked his opinion on whether the date for the coming general election should be fixed.

“No, we follow the British (system), actually. The date is fixed by the government dissolving the Parliament, after putting the proposal before the King,” Mahathir said.

He said fixing the election date was an American idea and stressed to reporters that the current system should stay.

“Yes, we should maintain. I think we should not be copying everybody as we always have an inferiority complex. Whatever we do is wrong, including (the) Proton car,” he said, rousing laughter from the reporters.

NONEHe explained that reputable car companies have withdrawn vast numbers of their vehicles due to failure, but noted the same has not happened to Proton.

“So please have better appreciation of local products,” said Mahathir, who is also adviser to the national carmaker, as well as to national oil firm Petronas.

In a signing ceremony with Petronas Techology Ventures today, Proton acquired seven engine technologies and 117 patents as part of the carmaker's turnaround efforts- malaysiakini

lim chong leong - He will go against anyone who does not perform to his . Paklah cancelled the S-bridge, the double tracking and several other projects where TunMM was personally so keen that the project carried on. So sack himlah. Jibby has no guts to go against anybody in Umno and is the biggest lame duck PM where none of his transformation and slogans seem to have Umno warlords backing. So he is well liked by Tun because he can be controlled. 
Mike Chong Y. S · Pak Lah may not be the best PM but his best and wise decision was cancelling Tuns and his cronies crooked bridge project resulting Tun to be furious and since that day he opposed Pah Lah. So Tun don't test our intelligence and twist your tongue like a snake.

bootsie Badawi - was far better than you. As a PM, he was decent, transparent and open to ideas unlike you a tyrant, despot and a dictator.

Anonymous #32993250 - It is your personal vendatta against much weaker leader whom you yourself promoted and just because he did not fall in line and kowtow shows he is not an underacheiver but who had guts not to follow your song. Now you have a perfect parrot who sings your tunes and you are all praise. What a hippocratic , autocratic self serving leader you are.

Anonymous #12566075 - What Mahathir means 'perform' is 'obey'. He thought Badawi was a 'yes man' so he picked him as his successor. When Badawi did not follow his way, he campaigned to topple him. Though Najib behaves like famous ex CM of Penang nicknamed 'Boo Hood', Mahathir would make use of him now and hopefully win the GE13, only after that, he would start to topple him for his son to be the future PM.

Ferdtan - Mahathir's constant attacks on the meek Pak Lah is so mean and vindictive. Pak Lah, pluck up your balls and rebut his insulting diatribes against you. Come out to fight like a man. We are sure you have some secrets on him. Throw them at him at his face. If you were to do that then we shall think kindly of you. Right now, we are on the same page of Mahathir.