A relief teacher from Labuan who was sacked by the Islamic authorities after attending a Pakatan Rakyat ceramah has now received a membership form to join Umno.

The religious instructor Qatrun Nada Mohd Latfi claimed that the form was hand-delievered to her school two days ago, after she received “advice” from an Umno leader who is also a senator.

Qatrun further alleged that the senator had told her over the phone that as a civil servant, she could only participate in activities under Umno.

She further alleged she did not fill out the form and received a termination notice of her service on Oct 24, with effect from Dec 1.

‘She requested for membership form’

NONEMeanwhile, the Umno leader in question, Labuan Umno acting chief Yunus Kurus (left), confirmed he had sent the relief teacher the party membership form.

He, however, claimed he sent the form upon being requested for it by Qatrun herself.

Yunus also admitted to telephoning Qatrun after receiving a report that a Jawi relief religious teacher was campaigning for PAS but said he did so before the Islamic authority fired her.

“I called her up to ask if it was true that she had joined PAS. She could even laugh (during the call). I told her that it was her right (to join any party).

“She asked for the (Umno membership) form, so I gave it to her,” he said.

Yunus said he had no authority to fire Qatrun as her position fell under the purview of Jawi.

“It wasn’t me that terminated (her). I have no authority to terminate anyone,” he said, further denying Qatrun’s allegation that he had stated only civil servants who were Umno members could get involved in politics.

“That is not true. It is all talk,” Yunus added when contacted.

NONEHe urged Qatrun to contact him herself if what she claims about her dismissal were indeed true.

Suaram: Sacking political in nature

Meanwhile, human rights NGO Suaram coordinator Syukri Razab, who was accompanying Qatrun, said the series of events preceding her sacking confirms the termination of her service was political in nature.

Syukri claims the sacking, believed to be linked with the teacher’s attendance at an opposition ceramah, contravenes basic human rights to association.

When previously contacted, an official from Jawi headquarters refused comment and asked Malaysiakini to instead contact Labuan Jawi, who also refused comment. - malaysiakini