16 April 2008

The Next PM - Muhyiddin or Anwar......

Got this piece from Agenda Daily.........

No, it's not going to be Najib Tun Razak, according to Umno graybeards who have been reading their tea leaves and coffee beans at Starbucks.

Umno had, for a long time, superstitiously believed in the RAHMAN Theory when talking about who would be the next prime minister.

But now the ground is trembling a bit (only if you are one of its 3.2 million members can you feel it lah), because another new name has been picked, as this new guy's name does not start with N.

The RAHMAN Theory is this. The PMs of Malaysia 'must' follow the letters of the first PM.

R = T.A.Rahman (Tunku).
A = Abdul Razak Hussein.
H = Hussein Onn.
M = Mahathir.
A = supposed to be Anwar, but someone else came along. Abdullah.
N = Najib? (Now we must add question mark to his name).

RAHMAN is also Arabic for Most Merciful, one of the name of God, according to Islamic belief.

Now, the reason for this BIG question mark is because Mahathir Mohamad, after promoting Najib for a long time, has decided to drop the Deputy PM from his list of possible next PMs.

He said he has 'changed his mind' about Najib.

The whispers say this was because, after seeing Abdullah Badawi at his weakest point now, Najib should've made his move. But he is ever-cautious.

Or, if the nasty whispers have it, Najib cannot move because of 'files' stacked up against him (ie alleged scandals - the words of Umno insiders, not mine).

So, if the time is ripe but the main actor does not want to move, Mahathir and other impatient Umno gods have decided to pick the next most senior man, Muhyiddin.

You can see that the Johore minister has already been making statements to slightly move him away from the failed Umno leadership, while at the same time being careful enough not to sound disloyal. Not yet.

And Muhyiddin, Tan Sri to mere red-bloods like us, also has been given the powerful post of International Trade and Industry Minister.

By no less than Abdullah. According to one Putrajaya bird, the reason is because PM Abdullah too would rather that Muhyiddin take up the PM's post than give it to Najib.

So, if that is true - that both Abdullah and bitter-foe Mahathir agree on Muhyiddin - the RAHMAN theory will be chucked out the window.

Because RAHMAM - apa itu?

WAIT A MINUTE. You forgot Anwar Ibrahim, you said!

I didn't. That is for another posting lah, where the RAHMAN theory could still be fulfilled by becoming RAHMAAN (still same meaning, Most Merciful, in Arabic!)

Aiyoyo Samy, so complicated lah. Later.

Actually, the RAHMAN Theory could still go on if something else were to happen, and that is if Anwar were to become PM.

Incredible things would have to happen first:

- Anwar would have to bring in 30 Barisan Nasional MPs into his Pakatan Rakyat (comprising DAP-PKR-PAS).

- And we have to assume that the BN government, knowing that it would fall and give the reins of federal power to Pakatan, does not dissolve parliament and call for another general election.

- And then, we also had to assume that there won't be chaos (because the voting public is not ready for a change of government), thus allowing Anwar to become PM.

And only then the formula would become RAHMAA...

Someone could still complete the N later, whether Najib, or ahem, Nurul Izzah.

You see, in Arabic, the word Rahman could be pronounced as RAHMAAN, or even RAHMAAAN.

Or maybe another scenario could happen.

Anwar could rejoin Umno, unlikely as that may seem. This would cause Pakatan to shatter, and there will be a serious fight in Umno too, because Mahathir and the anti-Anwar faction won't sit idly by.

A more likely thing is for Muhyiddin to jump above Abdullah and Najib and become PM.

What would Najib do? Sulk and sit in one corner? He would likely have to come out, guns blazing to stop this. But can he? Do they have enough 'files' against him as alleged? Time will tell.

But more importantly, what about the People of Malaysia!?

Many people voted AGAINST Abdullah and BN/Umno to send the government a message. They got fed up with high crime rates, nonsense pronouncements by idiot ministers and their spin doctors, and the sheer arrogance of those in power - including the mainstream media who think that people are stupid to swallow the shallow government crap.

Most people did NOT vote FOR Anwar, or to strengthen PKR-DAP-PAS.

The Chinese who voted in Dr Lo Lo Ghazali of PAS in KL did not vote to bring in a PAS Islamic state in Malaysia.

The Malays who voted for Teresa Kok of DAP in KL did not do so because they love the left-leaning Chinese-based DAP.

They did so out of a protest against the BN.

So it would be foolish for the top people now, whether Mahathir, Abdullah, Najib, Muhyiddin, Anwar etc to now battle for power without thinking of these voters.

They voted for a better future for their children, not for these top idiots to go kill each other in public for power, while the country continues to suffer.

So for Anwar to make a power grab to form the federal government would be foolish. People are not ready for a total change of government.

Show the people in the next five years what this Pakatan can do. If they could indeed improve lives - from town council transparency to reducing crime and inflation to less greedy politicians - then perhaps people would vote Anwar and his group in at the next elections.- Agenda Daily
Kalu benar teori R.A.H.M.A.N ini menjadi maka PM yang akan ganti Pat Lah ialah Najib. Tapi nama Najib sebenarnya ialah Mohd.Najib b Tun Abdul Razak,iaitu huruf pertama namanya ialah "M". Begitu juga dengan Tengku Abdul Rahman Putra, huruf pertama nama Tengku ialah "A" bukan "R". Sama ada Najib akan bernasib baik macam Allahyarham Tengku Abdul Rahman tiada siapa yang akan tahu.

Pelukis Zunar pula melihat dari prespektif lain pula, Menurutnya,huruf N dalam perkataan RAHMAN itu bermaksud "New Dawn for Malaysia". Maybe the next PM of Malaysia 'must' not necessarily follow the last alphabet of the first PM. If that happens Najib can kiss goodbye. As for Mahyuddin, he is neither here or there.

Satu pendapat lain pula berkata putaran teori RAHMAN akan berakhir dengan huruf "A" saja. Dalam ertikata lain Pat Lah adalah PM yang terakhir dari UMNO. Selepas itu UMNO tewas dan menjadi lintang pukang seperti mana yang sedang berlaku sekarang. Sesiapa saja yang menjadi PM selepas itu tidak semestinya mengikut teori RAHMAN itu.

Hey, what about Wan Azizah or Nurul Izzah or Raja Nazrin? Wan Azizah can be Malaysia's first woman PM and sorry for makchik tembam, Rafidah... or for that matter it could be Nurul Izzah, instead of Najib, and poor Rosmah will be crying for 40 days and 40 nights. Raja Nazrin is a good candidate however his highness got a state to rule.

So you see in politics anything goes....



Anonymous said...

The letter A is missing after RAHMAN. My prediction: Najib will be there for a while before he is replaced by Anwar. RAHMANA sounds like Hindi version.

Anonymous said...

It has to be Najib. After that Malaysia will start a new theory ANWAR....starting with Anwar loh!

panca said...

written by panca, April 16, 2008 | 17:48:23

The Next PM - Muhyiddin or Anwar......

No way Muhyiddin, It's My Way.....see below.

R.A.H.M.A.N .....last 4 years we have seen two(2) semi headless Heads( a combination of A.bdullah & N.ajib failed leadership, completion of the RAHMAN era) running the gomen. The A.N is considered done! finito!.....so now the end of A.N. is the to complete and continuation with W.A.R.(Opposition in War with corruption). New Beginning A.N.W.A.R

"And now the end is near so I'll face the final curtain, my friend I say it clear I state my case of which I am certain....." A.N.W.A.R 2008

Thereafter ANWAR successful years, follow those in line that begins with W.A.R(aja?)

The Dawn of a New Era Begins with GE12, Y2008 A.N.W.A.R.

Anonymous said...

It could also be Anwar, who then decides to create a dynasty by apponting his daughter, Nurul Izzah
as the next PM when he retires

Then it will become R.A.H.M.A.A.N

It should have the same meaning right?..

Anonymous said...

You guys worship the RAHMAN theory like it's a revelation from God.

Are you guys stupid ?

Anonymous said...

The PM after Anwar is ME ME ME!!

Anonymous said...

N for Nasarudin Mat Isa?

Anonymous said...

The next Prime Minister

Follow the trail of the RAHMAN theory.

It was proven correct before for RAHMA....and it should be now for N.

Cannot be Najib. His real name of Mohd Najib.

Forget about Muhydding or Anwar or Ku LI.

Here are likely candidates:

In UMNO: NOR YAKCOP... only fault is the financial crisis blunder but that is not a political blunder.

The other Ns if PR wins govt are

(a) Nik Aziz
(b) Nasaruddin

The money at the moment is on Nor Yakcop to be the next PM.

Possibly after N, it will be NEW Govt.

The likelihood is that PR Govt will be formed AFTER N not after A>

Anonymous said...

Mula-mula teori RAHMAN:

R = Rahman (Tunku Abdul Rahman)
A = Abdul Razak
H = Hussein Onn
M = Mahathir
A = Abdullah
N = Najib

Lepas tu BN kalah pada tahun 2013. Bermulalah teori ANWAR:

A = Anwar
N = Nurul Izzah (anak Anwar)
W = Wan Azizah (bini Anwar)
A = Azmin Ali (Naib Presiden PKR)
R = Raja Ahmad Shahrir (menantu Anwar, suami Nurul Izzah)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha Ghermina, spot on!

nasa said...

I think after Anwar, it will be Nasaruddin Mohd Isa becoz i believed in God's promise that Islam will rise and rule the world before come the End of The World (kiamat) - read more the book Armagedon (malay) My theory for this RAHMAN can be read here: http://takgedebe.blogspot.com/2008/04/adalah-salah-untuk-menyuruh-pm-meletak.html

Anonymous said...

Guess no more, the new PM is going to be HRH Raja Mongrel ...

Royal Mongrel @ No Hole Barred

Anonymous said...

poyo la melayu.. sibuk nak jadi PM konon.. sedor lah diri sikit... banyak kerje lain lagi Yob..macam la dalam kubur jibrail tanya... dunia dah tak selamt... mike2 semua sibuk nak kuasa..

remi said...

ehehehe...it should be muhyiddin...why, the rahman theory ends with N. Muhyidin ends with N and that would be the END of the RAHMAN theory la. hehehe.

its good to have the a NICE last man standing...

Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Hariz Hussein said...

teori nie sme mengarut jer...
semua ini ketentuan allah.

when our politician become ignorance