03 April 2008

"Rakyat masih sokongnya" - Pat Lah

Pat Lah hari ini menafikan spekulasi yang dia akan letak jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri."Saya masih di sini. Saya masih di sini. Saya masih di sini. Mereka semua membuat spekulasi. Saya larilah. Saya letak jawatan. Kenapa perlu saya letak jawatan.

Maaf ya, tapi saya....nak tidur....nak tidur....nak tidur....

Kata Pat Lah lagi,"Kerajaan saya mendapat majoriti besar walaupun bukan dua pertiga tetapi amat kukuh...itulah sokongan yang diterima. Takkan saya nak lari, tinggal saya punya tanggungjawab,".

Betul lah tu, majoriti besar tapi itu datang dari sokongan pengundi Sabah dan Sarawak bukan Semenanjong. Kenapa tak cakap pula tentang berapa peratus orang Melayu sokong UMNO?

BN juga kehilangan empat negeri kepada barisan pembangkang - PKR, PAS dan DAP - di Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Selangor. Kedah, Perak dan Selangor merupakan kubu kuat Umno, tetapi menyaksi ramai calon Umno, termasuk menteri, yang tewas.

Pat Lah lupa nak bagi tahu bahawa dia adalah PM pertama dalam sejarah yang berasal daripada negeri yang ditawan pembangkang.

On another note Mat Tyson came out defending his boss,Pat Lah. He pointed out that there were also other contributing factors to BN’s performance including the role played by bloggers, news portals and short messaging service (SMS)."It wasn’t a level-playing field (between the BN and opposition). BN did not use the portals, SMS and ICT (information and communications technology) to the fullest," he said.

Only a small percentage of the voting population used portals,SMS and ICT and those involved are the younger generation. UMNO too has their own mat rempit communities using SMS to disseminate informations, so that cannot be an excuse for UMNO's poor performance. How do you explain voters from Saluran 1(seniors) casting their votes for the opposition ini urban and semi-urban constituencies? Btw. has the local mass media ever played on a level playing-field during the campaigning period?

The 12th GE is akin to a soccer game where you have 2 teams participating, one with 14 players(BN) while the opponent has only 3 players(Opp.) whose hands and legs tied and blindfolded, playing on an uneven playing-field,with a bias referee(SPR); linesmen with one eye closed(police and govt.agencies) and the prejudices sports commentators (TV1,2,3,7,8,9) giving them a hell of a time. Against all these odds, the team with 3 players(Opp.) yet managed to deny BN's 2/3 majority and captured 5 states and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur in the process.

As for Mahathir, Mat Tyson has this to say, "What Mahathir and people are doing now is very, very wrong. It is not fair to point fingers at one person when everybody knows there were many contributing factors."It is very unfair to dump the blame on the PM. This is unfair and done in bad faith," he said.

There's nothing sinister on the part of Mahathir to comment on Pat Lah's poor performance. In some democracy, the PM will take the blame and tender his resignation if his party failed badly in an election. But UMNO’s mentality is dont ever blame or say anything bad about the party’s president. In short, "jangan lawan towkay,anggok-anggok,geleng-geleng sudah cukup" Hello....Mat Tyson, the Malays are not that stupid, except Melayu UMNO, yang sanggup jadi pak turut.... Btw, if the same had happened to Mahathir then, will he resign.....?



Anonymous said...

To your question Ali,

Mahathir will declare emergency. Ban all political parties except BN,abolish the constitution and declare himself President of Malaysia.

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