07 December 2020

Zahid & UMNO dah tersilap langkah di Perak...

PH tak perlu sibuk nak selamatkan gomen tebuk atap...

Keputusan UMNO bawahan terutama bahagian UMNO Perak yang Zahid ada pengaruhnya menjatuhkan MB Peja, mereka telah masuk perangkap Politik sendiri sebenarnya... tujuan asal Zahid dan Najib untuk jatuhkan Peja di Perak hanya bertujuan untuk gugurkan MB dan kekalkan Kerajaan untuk bagi signal kepada Muhyidin..

Itu sebab sedar akan kesilapan, Zahid kelam kabut keluarkan keluarkan kenyataan, yang UMNO masih mahu mengekalkan kerajaan PN.. cuma mahu tukar MB... hakikatnya yang tak disedari, tindakan UMNO bahagian telah membubarkan Kerajaan sedia ada memandangkan UMNO bukan dalam gabungan rasmi PN... Itu sebab aku kata Zahid ini seorang yang gelojoh..

Mereka terlupa.. Sultan Negeri Perak adalah Sultan yang bijaksana dan arif dalam Undang2.. Bila MB hilang sokongan.. maka wajar seluruh ahli jemaah Exco turut meletak jawatan.. kerana Kerajaan sudah pun terbubar.. Itu yang berlaku bila sebelum ini Bersatu umum keluar dari gabungan PH.. 
Formula baru???-

Jadi jika ada mana mana Adun,hatta ada pemimpin UMNO menyokong tertubuhnya Kerajaan PH.. kita raikan sokongan dan kerjasama mereka... Tetapi untuk meletakkan kerjasama dengan parti UMNO dan PH membentuk kerajaan pemimpin PH wajib tolak... Jangan masuk dalam Perangkap UMNO.. Biarlah UMNO dan PN berantakan.. Pengkhianatan telah pun dilakukan UMNO..sukar untuk dipulihkan...

Jangan ada pemimpin PH kerana dendam dengan PAS terutama di dalam Amanah..rindukan kerusi empuk Exco kita masuk dalam perangkap UMNO untuk bekerjasama dengan mereka... lebih baik jadi pembangkang bermaruah dari bersama dengan UMNO... Bagi yang gelojoh dengan move politik ini..biarlah mereka bersama dengan UMNO..

Kita biarkan UMNO dan Pakatan Nasional saling berantakan.. Ini petanda baik untuk kita dipersekutuan dan dalam PRU 15.. PM tebuk atap itupun bila bila saja boleh tumbang...  
Ingat pesan Tok Guru Nik Aziz... Jangan sesekali percaya dengan UMNO!!!... - Ipohmali

New Federal Political Alliances.??

The Art of Politics never fails to disappoint us. As even we try to settle with the Perikatan Nasional (PN) Government there was already talks within the elitist in the hierarchy circles that a New Alliance might emerge after GE15. Any Possibility? Surely, amidst the chaos which developed after the Sheraton Hotel Move there must be another Partnership or Alliances of Coalition or Parties which will bring out the best of all Malaysian Leaders in Politics.

PH pulled out the rabbit from the Magician’s hat before GE14 and another political plot is being hatched in the quest to take over PutraJaya which will and might just about have the peoples mandate. Bersatu will rely heavily on PAS/GPS/GRS and others in order to keep this coalition alive and continue to be helming the Prime Minister’s post.

Looks like UMNO is making a fast and calculated move to reengineer itself to the forefront again. All eyes will be watching the political elitist in the next couple of months. UMNO who has been at loggerheads and used DAP as the bogeyman for many years is looking to regain lost ground in Malaysia’s Political Scene.

Mahathir used it together in PH with Bersatu/PKR/Amanah/DAP to see the end of the alliances of 13 parties in Barisan National and saw to the breakup with parties leaving the BN Coalition. New Coalitions have already taken shape in Sarawak under Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) and in Sabah under Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS).

UMNO will certainly be looking at this phrase with weighted interests,” The enemy of my enemy is my friend .” as they will be a clash of of distribution of seats with PAS/BERSATU. DAP will play its role if given the chance to work together in the formation of Federal Partnership as they have tasted “some power” for 2 and Half years from 2018 to 2020.

Where will PKR come in? The mechanism and operations will be for the hierarchy leaders to work out a “working formula” where all parties will be comfortable looking after their communities or constituencies where or whom they represent. Politicians will be watching to see if this  new rwality does unfold.

Malaysians we know very well that they want a Stable Government and an Vibrant Economy where the Political Climate will be sustainable for their businesses,their safety and their livelihood.

Former Bersatu supreme council member A Kadir Jasin said speculations of Umno and DAP forming political cooperation may become a reality. Kadir, who is aligned to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said he had received information about a potential Umno-DAP collaboration even before the collapse of the Bersatu-led Perak government.

An hour before the collapse of the Perak government, Kadir  said he was informed by a trusted person of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim that it was going to happen. Kadir said he then inquired who would replace the Perak government. “He (the source) replied at 10.04am saying: ‘Umno 25, DAP 16, Amanah 5 and PKR 3. Umno becomes menteri besar. DAP agreed to work with Umno in next election,” Kadir said on Facebook.

An hour later, Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faizal Azumu was ousted as the Perak menteri besar. Faizal led the coalition government in Perak comprising Perikatan Nasional’s Bersatu and PAS, BN’s Umno as well as Gerakan and an independent. However, 24 Umno assemblypersons joined another 24 from the opposition Pakatan Harapan against Faizal  in a confidence vote.

Following the incident, Kadir said he inquired with a DAP central executive committee member about the alleged DAP and Umno tie-up but the leader downplayed the speculation. However, Kadir said moments later he was informed about a similar tie-up by a Chinese Malaysian fund manager who is based in Hong Kong.

“(He said) Umno and DAP working together. Dream team finally coming together,” Kadir recounted. “Are these messages about an Umno-DAP cooperation only talk or the precursor of a new reality?” he added.

Kadir then pointed out if Mahathir could join forces with DAP in the past to oust BN, there was no reason Umno couldn’t adopt the same tactic. Furthermore, he noted that Umno’s MCA and MIC partners in BN are unable to draw non-Malay support which has shifted towards DAP.

“It won’t be surprising if DAP, which has tasted power in Harapan, aspires a return to Putrajaya through a new coalition with Umno. “Such is the nature of political manoeuvring where conspiracies are not just a theory but can become reality,” he said. Kadir’s comments came amid Umno and DAP leaders indicating that they are open to a tie-up.

Both Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming (pix,above) have signalled that cooperation could happen.   Earlier today, Umno’s Johor Menteri Besar Hasni Mohammad also hailed Harapan as a “strategic partner” amid calls by some in Bersatu to oust Hasni in a similar way that Umno ousted Bersatu’s Faizal in Perak. Hasni’s state budget easily passed the Johor assembly. - audie61

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