06 December 2016

Kalu UMNO kalah rakyat tak apa2,Najib yang gelabah...

Momokan Najib Razak tentang DAP akan menguasai kerajaan semakin disedari bahawa ia semata-mata untuk menakut-nakutkan pengundi Melayu agar terus mengekalkan kuasa UMNO yang selanjutnya memastikan beliau kekal lagi sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Hakikatnya, Najib sedar penolakan rakyat semakin membuak-buak dan mereka hanya menunggu masa saja untuk merealisasikannya di peti-peti undi.

Untuk itu, beliau terpaksa bermain dengan sentimen perkauman yang melampau dengan harapan pengundi Melayu akan takut tentang ancaman kepada masa depan mereka.

Bagi yang celik hati dan akalnya, mereka dengan mudah menolak momokan Najib itu kerana DAP hanya bertanding 51 kerusi Parlimen saja dan lawan mereka dalam pilihanraya pula adalah MCA, MIC atau Gerakan yang juga merupakan parti bukan Melayu.

Selain di mana logiknya 51 kerusi mampu menguasai 222 kerusi, tentulah lebih tidak masuk akal jika orang Melayu harus berasa bimbang tentang siapa kalah atau menang di kerusi-kerusi tersebut.

DAP tidak bertanding di kawasan Melayu seperti Pekan, Bagan Datoh, Pagoh dan sebagainya. Di kerusi-kerusi Melayu di mana UMNO bertanding, lawannya tetap Melayu juga sama ada daripada PPBM, PKR, Amanah atau Pas.

Jadi, tiada jalan untuk DAP mengambil hak orang-orang Melayu. Di mana calon Melayu UMNO yang kalah, pemenangnya tetap Melayu juga. Baca seterusnya...

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A Short Analysis Of MO1's 
Increasing Panic And Paranoia...

The following are some comments on MO1's two speeches at the Pau. 

l.  MO1's opening speech exposed his panic and worries. He devoted his speeches to bashing Tun Mahathir and the DAP. He is extremely worried and bordering on panic since Tun M has a new party.  In a most childish and immature manner he called Tun M all kinds of names.  

When Ku Li formed Semangat 46  with the backing of two ex PM's, Tunku Abdul Rahman  and Hussein Onn,  Tun M did not describe them as traitors or used stupid descriptions against them.  Tun M knew we practise democracy and Tun M welcomed the competition.  Same when Anwar formed his personal party PKR, Tun Mahathir did not condemn Anwar just because he was a political opponent.  

It is so clear for everyone to see that MOl and his team have no idea how to fight in a democratic environment.  He only knows how to use repressive laws and abusive language.  His method of handling the DAP is to scare his silly followers.  Considering that the DAP is now a government in Penang,  intelligent Malays cannot be fooled by MOl. They now can see with their own eyes.  As a comparison is Kedah (BN) better run than Penang (DAP)? Or Perak (BN) better run than Selangor (PKR)?  

Or is the Federal Govt under MOl better run than Penang or Selangor?  DAP is a component member of Harapan.  DAP at best can contest only 50 urban seats. So how can DAP form the government all by themselves? 

MOl is not talking sense and as his followers are fools they can be led by the nose.  

2.  During the winding up MO1 claimed this was the best UMNO assembly.  He said he is ready to face elections.  He forgot that his dinner for the delegates had many empty tables. Worse for him he did not find out the reason.  Many delegates did not want to eat his dinner as they know the money was haram.  

lf he had allowed them to discuss 1MDB at the assembly even in front of  "loyal members", as he claimed,  then he would have found out the truth. But he knows the truth. He stole all the money. That is why he and his team did not want to discuss 1MDB at all.  A thief  does not know the meaning of truth. 

He mentioned opposition was twisting facts on 1MDB.  lf opposition was twisting facts then how does he explain the 1MDB related cases being prosecuted by the Courts in Singapore? So far, the Singapore High Court is prosecuting two cases related to 1MDB. 

It is also common knowledge that his AG has refused to cooperate with the Swiss AG over their 1MDB investigations in Switzerland. And is the DOJ in America also twisting facts?  Why is he scared to answer questions in parliament and why is it the opposition cannot even raise 1MDB issues in parliament?  

When he mentioned that 1MDB sent 1,200 Muslims to Mecca even sleeping Pak Lah clapped.  Does this mean that Mr Clean supports MOl on 1MDB?  Please tell us your stand Mr Clean.  

Then MOl talked about the Rohingya and the rally to be organised by PAS.  He wanted to show to UMNO members and Malays he is a bugis warrior.  He will defy objections  from the government of Myanmar.  If he is so concerned about the Rohingyas why didnt he  call a meeting of OlC members?  Why didnt the goverment take the lead by bringing a motion in parliament and get parliament to take a stand and send that to Myanmar's govt?  It becomes the responsibility of govt,  not UMNO.  

MOl cannot think clearly at all. Instead the Rohingya rally is a political rally and a PR stunt for  UMNO to show the Malays  that PAS is now working with UMNO.  lt was a PAS rally stolen by UMNO. Hadi was relegated to third place behind bugis warrior and DPM.  Poor Hadi and poor PAS played out by UMNO.  

And here is some really big time hypocrisy : Raja Baharin from Amanah tried to bring a motion before Parliament to discuss the Rohingyas but the motion was rejected. Even  PAS did not support. So the Rohingya rally (Sunday) was just political.

It is the same with RUU 355 Bill, PAS has lost the ownership.  UMNO has taken over the RUU355 and PAS again got played out.  Now what say the MCA, MIC and other BN component parties who oppossed the PAS bill? It has now become a govt bill?  lt is the same bill they have been opposing.  MCA has sent it for its lawyers to study but what is there to study as it is the same bill.  MCA has no marbles and no principles, they had no stand on 1MDB and many issues that the rakyat are not happy about. 

It is quite silly for MCA to say Cabinet is based on consensus. MCA president wants to believe that all component parties sit around and decide on cabinet members.  Don't think Malaysians are silly like the MCA president.  The PM decides  and if he wants to sack the MCA president then he can, like he did to Muhyiddin and Shafie.  Rakyat will reject MCA candidates again in PRU14.

3.  At the Rohingya rally only 7,000 turned up. Jamal preferred to go to the DAP convention. PAS members are more intelligent than Hadi and did not turn up in big numbers.  Now Myanmar govt knows it is a political rally and not a govt rally and will just ignore MO1.  MOl cannot think and confirms he is stupid.

4. On the Altantuya murder case MOl denied he was involved.  Can MO1 explain why PI Bala was forced to make a second statutory declaration prepared by Cecil Abrahim who is now a Tan Sri? And Bala too is now dead.  

Can MO1 explain why was Deepak, who was close to Rosmah, involved and why did MOl's own brother go to meet Bala?  Can MO1 deny that his brother met Bala? So why did all these things happen?  Why did Sirul run to Australia?  And who pocketed the RM500m commission for the submarines when MOl was defence minister ?

5.  Now we come to the Wanita and Pemuda  speeches.  

Wanita said that MOl was the best UMNO president. Yes, best for her. Her husband also got RMxxx million.  Best for him as well.  Of course she knows nothing about it.  Is she suffering from m_dcow d_sease.  Her son received Khazanah scholarship to study overseas while those from poor families now cannot get opportunities to get scholarship to study at local Universities.  Only UMNOputras are entitled.  

She says that the blackest moment of her life was when she saw Tun M together with Kit Siang.  Less black then when her husband was charged? Poor sorry rich husband.  It was also best for them that the AG Affendi was brilliant  because after receiving a letter from the defence lawyer, he agreed with the letter  and discontinued the case although the Court of Appeal ruled the case has to go on. Indeed those were "best' times.

6.  The Oxford graduate says Pemuda supports MOl because "he delivered". Delivered what?  Forget about corruption and 1MDB.  He forgot when he won the Pemuda post, delegates shouted corruption. His ministry lost RM100m and cannot account for it until now.  

Last year in his winding up speech to Pemuda he said  "enough is enough" and touched on 1MDB and the cost of living.  But this year he supports wala.  What about his mother's business ?

7.  The Negeri Sembilan delegate talked about corruption and MOI was very uncomfortable. The delegate also spoke about cost of living. A few were brave enough to bring real bread and butter issues to the attention of the assembly. They know the unhapiness on the ground.

Last point MOI said the polls were wrong about Brexit and Trump.  He did not realise his own slip up, he was actually admitting that UMNO's support is bad among rakyat. He is hoping that the polls may be wrong - just see Trump.  This means he does not even belief his own words when he said earlier that UMNO is united and strong and ready for election.

8.  MOl,  Zahid and Hisham misled the delegates. MOl said he trusted Zahid and Zahid said he and Hisham are like brothers.  Hisham has not said any such thing. 

After winning the two by elections MOl wanted to remove Zahid out of Home Affairs because his advisors felt Zahid was becoming too powerful and a threat to MOl, especially when 1MDB could not be resolved.  

MOl wanted to remove Zahid to the Ministry of Education and get Hisham to take over Home Affairs.  Zahid's boys threatened to act and MOI backed down but Hisham was already celebrating. 

Then recently MOl sent Hisham to see Zahid to tell him that MOl wants Zahid  to resign.  But Zahid just ignored the request.  So the show of unity was just a circus.  

lf these stories are not true then please can all these three people go somewhere and swear that this is not true, which should not be difficult especially for MOI as he is so used to swearing.  Stop lying to UMNO that you are all united. UMNO is not united.

9.  KJ : Tun tidak pernah lupa untuk ingatkan UMNO that UMNO must not be corrupt and that UMNO leaders must be clean. Tun Mahathir left UMNO over  1MDB.  Not just Tun Mahathir but anyone is entitled to critise the corrupt UMNO and its leadershiip

Tun Mahathir is now in the opposition. This means you cannot expect  him to praise UMNO.  Ku Li and Anwar attacked Tun Mahathir when they opposed  him. Tun Mahathir just replied  them and never insulted them. - Editorial Consultant,ostb

If Rohingya important, 
why motions in Parliament rejected?...

Head of the Opposition Leader's Office Malek Hussin today unearthed a 2012 motion on the plight of the Rohingya people which was shot down by Parliament, to question Malaysia's seriousness on the matter.

The motion was submitted by PKR's Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, he said.

He also pointed out Amanah's Kuala Terengganu MP Raja Kamarul Bahrin Raja Ahmad Shah tabled a motion on Nov 22 calling for Parliament to condemn the violence against the Rohingya.

This motion was also rejected by the Dewan Rakyat secretariat.

"If we are serious about the Rohingya issue, then why did Parliament reject a motion about it?" he asked on Twitter.

Malek said there have been international resolutions on the Rohingya issue by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, European Union Parliament in 2013 and the United States of America Congress in 2014 but to no avail.

"Two serious action that can be taken in the Rohingya issue - condemn Myanmar by cutting diplomatic ties and defend refugees by ratifying the UN convention (on refugees).

"Is Najib willing to do so?" he asked, referring to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

PM joins solidarity rally

This comes after Najib and top Umno leaders stood shoulder-to-shoulder with PAS leaders in a 10,000-strong gathering in Kuala Lumpur in solidarity with the Rohingya community.

Najib said Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi refused to meet Foreign Minister Anifah Aman on the matter.

Myanmar today said it will send an official complaint over Putrajaya's actions on the issue, while several demonstrations have been held in Myanmar against Najib.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yesterday urged the government to grant the Rohingya refugee status and to use its position on the United Nations security council to push for action.

This follows reports of mass killings in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, a coastal state next to the Bay of Bengal where the Rohingya minority resides.

The Myanmar government have refused to recognise the community as citizens, despite them claiming residence in Myanmar for generations.

The government refutes claims that the military is behind the violence, and blames local militants.- mk

Kalu isu Rohingya penting,pasai apa tolak usulnya di Parlimen?

Najib 'master of misdirection'...
Story kat SINI dan SINI   

The IGP told me to draw DONALD DUCK...
FACTS about 1MDB which everyone can VERIFY!


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