15 October 2018

Negara tenat hutang RM 1 trillion...

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Inilah warisan dajjal yang ditinggalkan kepada rakyat dan kerajaan PH hari ini. Inilah bala Allah terhadap rakyat yang salah pilih pemimpin. Dajjal-dajjal ini masih bebas lagi, masih bernafsu hendak berkuasa untuk memperhambakan rakyat yang dikorupsikan dengan BRIM, menunaikan haji dan umrah dengan wang rompakan 1MDB dengan para pegawai tinggi songlap wang negara semau-maunya. Mereka menganggap UMNO akan terus berkuasa dan mereka akan bermaharajalela menimbun harta haram menurut jejak langkah maharaja penyamun kelas cakrawala yang hilang maruah, pupus hargadiri, gila kuasa, gelojoh dengan harta dunia, pinggirkan kuasa Allah, kini meroyan meratapi nasib malang bikinan sendiri.

Hari ini rakyat tanggung hutang negara RM1 trilion. Para dajjal masih menyalak. SPRM, PDRM dan Peguam Negara masih belum berjaya jebloskan dajjal-dajjal koruptor ini ke Sg Buloh. Lambat, membosankan rakyat menunggu tindakan pihak berwajib. Apakah ada mainan kongkolikong dalam SPRM, PDRM dan Jabatan Peguam Negara yang lambat bertindak terhadap perompak, lanun kelas jerung dan naga bunting itu? Rakyat tidak tahu tetapi mahu tahu.

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Kalau tahu ada sabotaj di kalangan pegawai2 yang korup, pengkhianat negara bertindak segera, tubuh pasukan khas untuk menyiasat, dan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya. Koruptor perlu diheret ke mahkamah, dijatuhi hukuman penjara berpuluh tahun, harta haram mereka yang dimiliki keluarga dirampas oleh negara. Kalau kerajaan bertindak tegas besar kemungkinan lebih RM500 bilion boleh diperolehi dari rampasan harta dan wang haram para dajjal-dajjal ini.

Adalah tidak wajar berjuta rakyat Malaysia terpaksa menanggung hutang akibat dajjal-dajjal yg super korup ini. Para dajjal ini dan keluarga mereka perlu menerima akibatnya. Tun Mahathir pernah berkata sebahagian besar pegawai tinggi kerajaan super korup, tidak amanah, dan mereka inilah yang sabotaj kerajaan sekarang. Bertindak segera. Siasat bagaimana mereka memiliki harta dan wang ringgit berjuta-juta melampaui dari pendapatan bulanan mereka. Percayalah rakyat akan terus menyokong pimpinan Tun Mahathir kalau beliau bertindak tegas, tanpa ampun dan maaf, terhadap para dajjal yang menjadi pengkhianat negara tercinta ini. - Yahaya Ismail

Alhamdulillah Sdr Anwar Ibrahim bakal kembali ke Parlimen hari Isnin ini.

Saya menonton ucapan sulong Sdr Anwar dari bawah pentas, bersama-sama rakyat biasa. Ujar Sdr Anwar - “ya, keluarga saya memang pernah susah. Tetapi susah saya tidak sampai anak-anak saya tidak dapat masuk universiti.”

“Anak-anak keluarga biasa, yang nelayan Melayu, yang peniaga Cina, yang pekerja estet India - mereka susahnya sehingga anak tidak mampu ke universiti.”

Saya selalu ditanya kenapa saya rapat dan setia dengan Anwar Ibrahim.

Sebab saya anak orang susah, dan sepanjang saya kenal Anwar sejak 1994 - beliau betul-betul sayangkan orang susah. Beliau tidak pentingkan tauke atau kroni, tumpuan beliau yang miskin dan susah.

Usia mudanya dihabiskan mengusahakan kelas dewasa untuk anak-anak miskin yang gagal peperiksaan, supaya boleh menduduki kembali peperiksaan melalui Yayasan Anda.

Saya akan terus berada rapat dengan Sdr Anwar, supaya boleh membantu beliau membawa agenda membantu orang-orang biasa dan keluarga yang susah.

Tahniah Sdr Anwar, pikullah amanah ini dengan sebaiknya. - Rafizi Ramli

Anwar lagi selangkah jadi PM

Tears flow over sorry state of affairs...

Dear Datuk Seri, tears rolled down my cheeks as I started writing this. How could a man of your stature and wealth be reduced to going around with a begging bowl for expenses? I am in no position to help. Although you gave me several contracts, I am no longer having a bank account with a hefty balance.

This letter comes from a mountain retreat – a monastery – where I am not exactly atoning for my past debaucheries and turpitudes. I am in hiding on the pretext of meditating. I am supposed to be cut off from modern-day trappings like mobile phones and access to the Internet, but there’s nothing money cannot buy.

Remember? You told us all that cash is king!

You will recall the sadhu (sage) whom I had brought to bless you and Datin Seri at your home on several occasions? He was the long-haired and bearded man who threw sea-shells and foresaw the future for both of you. He should not be mistaken for the bald-bearded and bare-bodied priest who carried out the prayers and made the offerings on your behalf.

Unlike many fair-weathered friends, they have not abandoned nor forgotten me. I had previously given them excellent introductions and good “business” from your family and other VIPs. In a form of retribution, they have provided me with a safe haven.

Hence, I am for the moment safe in this sanctuary – away from the debt collectors; the numerous deals which went sour; scores of people I short-changed; the contractors I refused to pay; and hundreds of unpaid workers.

For a while, the lenders paid for six bodyguards to make sure that I remain alive and kicking. They believed that I will eventually repay the loans with interest. When they realised they can’t expect anything from me, they terminated their services and left me to the dogs.

Our mutual friend – Peter – in Jakarta wasn’t helpful either. I called him for help and money. He didn’t want to risk landing his private jet in Malaysia. The pilots did not want a repeat of the May 12 events on the tarmac of the Subang airport. He said the mutual moneychanger we all had used had been arrested and is singing like a canary giving explicit details of our dealings, especially Datin Seri’s.

Instead, I was compelled to take a commercial flight – heavily disguised and seated in cattle class. I was worried that the peasants in the aircraft would recognise me because of my height. However, I came away unscathed and unrecognised.

Before I left, I was touched reading about the gesture by two ladies who gave their gold bracelets towards your legal fund.

Last night, I was saddened to read about another fund-raising effort. I was wondering why you do not want to seek from the Legal Aid Bureau. After all, it was set up to help those who can’t afford legal fees.

Lawyers don’t come cheap and I should know better. I have not paid two lawyers fees in the region of RM1 million who helped stave off bankruptcy proceedings. Some will demand money upfront before even sitting and talking to you.

I presume they will be knocking on my doors but if I was around, I would unchain my ferocious bulldogs. Datuk Seri, many lawyers got so many briefs to prepare (lop-sided) contract documents. Shouldn’t they step forward and do pro bono work for you.

Datuk Seri, where are the friends who accepted handouts from you? Like a fairy, you had given money like candies to them. What about that CGPA 3.8 fellow from Johor? He admitted to receiving a couple of million and how he pretends not to know your plight. I know that you gave about RM10 million to a hot-shot lawyer to buy a house for his friend. Recall that loan.

But on the other hand, many cronies may not want to flaunt their wealth. With all eyes on money laundering and other illegal activities, they don’t want to be prosecuted for their unexplainable wealth.

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Datuk Seri, I am extremely sorry that I am unable to assist in any way at this juncture. I also do not have the “get me out of jail” card. I am obligated to you for the contracts; Datin Seri for the calls to banks to sort out my RM500 loan, and the assistance rendered to “get me out of trouble” on many occasions.

It takes a man with a big heart to order enforcement agencies to tutup satu mata (close one eye) on many of my transgressions. For all these, I am indebted to you.

But then, I just watched a tear-jerker on satellite television and wondering if all these are scenes from a Bollywood movie. In movies, the bad guys eventually are killed or end up in jail.

Judging from our past actions, our sadhu said that we will be not viewed as good guys. He said: “Be remorseful and repent, you will have a lot of time to that in internment.” I still do not know what he meant. Will I be an intern somewhere? Which company or in Bamboo River resort?

PS: The sadhu also told me that he had warned Datin Seri to stay away from diamonds – stolen, donated or purchased.

There’s danger in those stones as they do not match her appearance and demeanour. She never listened, did she? 

All the best, Sir.
Yours, faithfully,
Short Ken
(A Satire - R.Nadeswaran,mk)

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