05 May 2016

Why Did Najib Pay RM1 Million To SUPP...

Ex-SUPP chief cries foul over 'RM1m cheques from Najib' images...

A former Sarawak political leader has criticised Sarawak Report for publishing images of cheques amounting to RM1 million purportedly issued by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to his party.

However, Peter Chin neither denied nor confirmed if the matter was true.

The ex-Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) president said the publication of the images at a time when Sarawak is facing its election was aimed at disparaging the image of SUPP and its candidates.

"This publication by Sarawak Report is, in my view, an effort to cast negative aspersions on the SUPP leadership then and now, hoping to mislead voters from voting on current issues which are important to the people of Sarawak," he added in a media statement.

If Sarawak BN have nothing to do with 1MDB or UMNO how come these payments by Najib?

Chin, who led SUPP from 2012 to 2014, described this as the work of the opposition.

Urging voters not to be swayed, he said the issue was another example of "coordinated attacks with international parties meddling in the Sarawak election".

"I want to assure every voter that SUPP has not done anything wrong under the existing laws of our country," he added.

Sarawak Report, in its latest article, had published the images of two cheques bearing payments purportedly made by Najib to SUPP in 2012 and 2013.

The whistleblower site said this raised questions as to why the prime minister was making personal donations to a local Sarawak party.

Why Did Najib Pay RM1 Million To SUPP From His 'Saudi Donor' Account?

Meanwhile, Chin said SUPP's information technology team, based at its headquarters in Kuching, is working on verifying the authenticity of the images in question.

"The date on the image of the cheque (blurred in a few spots) was sometime in 2013.

"I want to stress that party funding responsibilities has always been squarely on the shoulders of the party president," he added. 

In March, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) had cited bank records which detailed how payments allegedly made by Najib went to political affiliates in the run up to the last general election, which included SUPP.- mk

Kerajaan Pualau Pinang serap RM21.5 juta GST...

Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang menyerap kira-kira RM21.5 juta yang sepatutnya ditanggung oleh rakyat di kedua-dua Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) dalam tempoh 1 April hingga 31 Disember 2015.

Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) menyerap RM15,641,007, manakala baki RM5,822,996.19 lagi diserap oleh Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP).

Pentadbiran Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng mengambil langkah sebegitu kerana Kerajaan Negeri mempunyai kuasa yang terbatas.

Kuasa melaksanakan dan menghapuskan GST hakikatnya di bawah bidang kuasa Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Justeru, Tan Sri Adenan Satim dalam kenyataannya hari ini tidak wajar berdalih supaya Pakatan Harapan menghapuskan GST di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor terlebih dahulu, jika tidak setuju dengan "Tujuh Tawaran Amanah" sekalipun sempena Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Sarawak kini sekalipun.

Pemangku Ketua Menteri Sarawak itu sepatutnya mendesak pentadbiran Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak supaya menghapuskan GST yang nyata membebankan semua peringkat rakyat Malaysia termasuk di Sarawak, jika beliau jujur.

Tiada makna Adenan yang juga Pengerusi Barisan Nasional Sarawak meraih kempen "Beri Peluang Sekali Lagi Untuk Pasukan Adenan", jika tiada komitmen ke arah menghapuskan GST sebagaimana telahpun ditunjukkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.- malaysiadateline

Walaupun BOD 1MDB dibubar tapi 11 negara tetap terus siasat...

Kementerian Kewangan hari ini mengumumkan pembubaran Lembaga Penasihat 1MDB yang dipengerusikan Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Ini adalah satu daripada langkah yang diambil kementerian itu sebagai pemegang saham tunggal 1MDB.

Kementerian Kewangan dalam satu kenyataan hari ini memaklumkan, “selepas satu kajian terperinci dan pertimbangan, Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan (MKD) bersetuju melaksanakan sepenuhnya syor-syor yang terkandung dalam laporan Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Negara (PAC) berhubung 1MDB.

Tak tahu kenapa AG Pandi the Pandir suruh tutup kes dan hentikan penyisatan dan kenapa IGP macam orang peram telor tak buat apa2. Dikhabarkan juga AG tak mahu cooperate sangat dengan badan penyiasat Switzerland. Latest, negara2 yang sedang menyiasat, 11 buah negara;

1. Australia
2. Hong Kong
3. Singapore
4. Thailand
5. UAE
6. Switzerland
7. United Kingdom
8. Luxembourg
9. USA
10. Scotland
11. Cayman 

Peta dunia di bawah menunjukan 9 buah negara, sebelum Scotland (Bank Scotland juga mukthair ni terlibat) dan juga Cayman (memberikan maklumat transaksi aliran wang kepada badan penyisat Swiss dan USA). 

Makin hari makin banyak negara yang nak katoikan Najib, Jho Low, Al Husainy, Qubaisy, Sharol dan rakan2 penyamun yang sewaktu dengan nya. Semua negara2 yang terlibat memberikan kerjesama antara mereka tanpa Malaysia. 

Mereka tak ambil pot kalau Pandi the Pandir nak beri kerjasama atau tidak. Agaknya mereka kata pada AG Pandi, "f@#k off, go to hell, we don't need your help".  Sampai bila Najib boleh bertahan? - tukar tiub

A Letter From Sarawak To The Voters In Sarawak...

In Singapore there is a joke that runs like this : "The Malays in Singapore are different from those in Malaysia. In Singapore a thief is called a pencuri. In Malaysia a thief is called a perdana menteri".  This is just a joke.

My Sarawak friends, I am surprised you allow a pencuri into your house. Are you not afraid he will steal all your timber, oil and gas and everything of value? He has already left you with a debt of RM50 billion. His friends are lying when they tell you, "Dont worry Sarawakians dont have to pay this debt".  

Sarawakians, if that is the case then please ask Adenan Satem why Sarawakians also have to pay GST? The GST is also used to pay the government's debts. Everyone knows that. They dare not say that the GST they collect from you will not be used to pay the government's debts. So you and your children have already started paying for their RM50 billion scandal.  Sarawakians cannot escape. 

Tell Adenan not to con you. Dont be a conman. Tell Adenan Satem that if he mixes with a thief, then chances are he will also become a thief. Adenan says if UMNO enters Sarawak he will resign. But Adenan forgot or pretends to forget that it was the same thief who appointed him to his post. If the thief did not agree, Adenan will not be the Chief Minister. If he does not want UMNO to enter Sarawak then why does he allow this thief to roam all over Sarawak?

Doesnt he know the thief is eyeing what else to steal? Not only is the thief given free right to roam but his deputy too. So how can you say that UMNO is not in Sarawak already when Adenan never stopped them  from coming to Sarawak? Yet you stop opposition members from coming and campaigning because you say they are troublemakers. They are Members of Parliament who have been elected by the people. They are not troublemakers but they make a lot of trouble for the thief who has stolen the rakyat's money. The voters do not elect troublemakers to be our Members of Parliament. Their job is to check and monitor the thief. Adenan openly supports this thief and says he is the best and that he has visited Sarawak 50 times. Adenan has even suggested a newer and better wife for this thief.

Surely Adenan knows that this thief is already rejected by the voters on the Peninsula. He is still not out of a job because of Sarawak's support. If Sarawak does not support him, the thief will have no more place to hide.  That is why he is all over Sarawak begging the voters to save him. Sarawak does not need this thief. It is the thief who needs Sarawak. His life is in the hands of Sarawakians. If you dont reject him he will continue to steal. Then your life will be in his hands. 

Surely Adenan Satem knows that they have already groomed their man to take over the Chief Minister's job. So UMNO does not have to be present in Sarawak to run Sarawak as even now Adenan already kowtows to him.  With their man in the Chief Minister's position everything will go to UMNO and his family will get all the big contracts in Sarawak. You can already see them moving everywhere with the thief. Voters in Sarawak must stop the theft and leave everything to the natives of Sarawak. Do not trust this thief. Do not believe him, his words or his promises. A thief will always lie. So be warned. Do not fall into his trap. Kick him out of Sarawak and tell Adenan that if he identifies with the thief then we voters will reject Adenan too. Adenan is too close to the thief so the voters must distance themselves from Adenan. Sarawakians be careful. The thief is a liar too. 

Dont forget what he said about 'donations'. First he denied   the existence of money in his personal account and said it is stupid to put so much money in his personal account. His UMNO supporters repeated what the thief said. Later when it was proven that the money was put into his personal account he kept lying by changing his stories. In the end it became a mysterious Arab donor. They never produced the mysterious Arab donor.  Why should anybody give the thief so many billions of cash money? Later the thief said he had returned the money but he could not show any documents or evidence how he had returned the money and to whom? He is a thief and a liar.

Only Adenan trusts him and allows him into Sarawak. Ask him why he returned the donation and not spend the money on the poor in Sarawak? According to the thief and liar, after all, it was a donation and there was no need to return it. Dont trust him. He is not interested in helping the Dayaks. He just wants your votes to stay in power and protect himself.  Just look at the Parliament. He gave the Speaker's post to Sabah. When there was a vacancy for the president of the Senate did it cross his mind to give it to a Dayak? Why is he not offering the office of Chief Minister to a Dayak? Tan Sri Stephen Kalong Ningkan the first Chief Minister of Sarawak was a Dayak. So was the second Chief Minister of Sarawak Dato Sri Penghulu Tawi Sli. These people were all Dayaks. So he is not sincere when he says he wants to help the Dayaks. I told you he is a thief and a liar.

Think carefully before voting and dont make a blunder by trusting him and Adenan Satem. Both of them will make promises and statements to fool you. Do you trust a thief and a liar? - Temenggong, source

The hijacking of the Sarawak election

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 18.48.16

Disaat media kerajaan puji muji kerajaan BN Sarawak dan BN Pusat serta berbillion2 RM telah dijanjikan dalam tempoh 14 hari kempen p/raya negeri,sehinggalah depa terlupa dalam setahun ada 365 hari. Gambar di atas diambil di Uganda. Kelihatan rakyat Uganda terpaksa menggunakan perahu untuk dapat rawatan di klinik Kerajaan Uganda. Pasai tu TV3suku,media2 kerajaan Malaysia tak siarkan beritanya...

Gua sogok atau gua dapat derma rm2.6b itu OK...


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