17 May 2016

Kalu Adun Telok Datok lompat,gomen Selangor goyang...

Selepas DAP mengambil keputusan memecat keahlian Adun Teluk Datok, Loh Chee Heng kelmarin kerana didakwa menyalahgunakan peruntukan Dun, kedudukan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor kini dikatakan dalam keadaan kurang stabil.

Orientaldaily dalam laporannya semalam merumuskan sekiranya Chee Heng yang kini sudah bukan ahli DAP lagi, menjadi orang penting dalam pembentukan kerajaan negeri di Selangor.

Ini kerana, sekiranya Adun Teluk Datok itu memberi sokongan kepada BN dengan melompat  ke mana-mana parti komponen dalam BN, ini akan memberi peluang kepada Pas dan BN bergabung  menubuhkan kerajaan negeri bersama.

Pada PRU lalu, Pas mempunyai 15 Adun dalam Dun Selangor dan Umno mempunyai 12 Adun. Jika dicampur dengan Chee Heng dan seorang lagi Adun bebas, iaitu bekas Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Pas-Umno mempunyai 29 Adun berbanding Pakatan Harapan yang berjumlah 27 Adun.

Dengan kata lain, perbezaan dua kerusi ini akan memungkinkan kuasa tampuk kepimpinan kerajaan negeri Selangor boleh bertukar tangan pada bila-bila masa. 

Namun apakah Pas bersedia berpaling tadah meninggalkan rakan sekutunya, PKR untuk membentuk kerajaan baharu bersama Umno?

Kata akhbar ini lagi, inilah ujian yang dihadapi Menteri Besar, Azmin Ali untuk mengelakkan kerajaan negeri di bawah kepimpinannya terus berada dalam keadaan genting dan goyah.

Bagaimanapun, kata akhbar ini, Pas buat ketika ini masih tidak berganjak daripada pendirian dengan kekal bersama PKR dan DAP untuk sama-sama menerajui jentera kerajaan negeri.

Tambahan pula, daripada 15 Adun Pas itu, dipercayai bukan semua wakil rakyatnya yang menyokong penubuhan kerajaan campuran dengan Umno. - sinar harian

Would PAS/UMNO share the same stage during their ceramahs...

It will be two ‘interesting by-elections’ to watch should PAS and Umno go head to head in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar. Would it be a boxing match with fur on their gloves, no punching but mere swiping at each other throughout the rounds?

Or would it be a wrestling match with no hitting, no thumping and no wrestling? Or would it be the first friendly game that will be played in its literal sense - friendly? So 'friendly' that they will score own goals for Umno? Or because they are so ‘friendly’, the ball stays in the centre of the field because each refused to kick it, just because each is ‘friendly’ to the other?

Would they both help each other to campaign and walk around hand in hand and tell the constituents, “You vote for him, not me.”? Would the PAS and Umno candidates be pictured together in one poster? Would they hang each other’s banners or take half a banner each? Would they share the same stage during their ceramahs? And come voting day, would the PAS candidate vote for the Umno fellow and vice versa? 

Maybe, PAS candidate will withdraw at the last minute - to give Umno a walkover? Or maybe, even if PAS wins with more votes, PAS would hand the seat over to Umno?

It may just be - for PAS’ Dewan Ulama’s Information Chief Datuk Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali at-Takiri has said that PAS promises not to attack Umno and Barisan Nasional in the by-elections as it will then not be able to get Malays to vote the Islamist party. 

Free Malaysia Today further reported Mohd Khairuddin stating that Umno and BN are already facing too many challenges and people are no more convinced by them.  Mohd Khairuddin (better known as at-Takiri) is one of the key mooters of the Unity Government idea for PAS to work with Umno in Kelantan. It remains to be seen if he speaks for everyone in PAS.

The by-elections of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar will be held simultaneously on June 18, and nomination day will be on June 5.

However, if PAS does keep to the rules of not attacking Umno - as at-Takiri says- one doubts if Umno would do the same. After all, Umno has never been known to give in, as one can see in by elections in Kelantan, where they pump in everything they have despite knowing very well that Umno does not stand a chance in some of the rural seats.

And Umno has never backed out in any by-election campaign without pouring cash and putting up a good struggle against its competitors. It is just not in Umno’s culture to do so - for the party is now kept alive with every win over any other, especially the opposition. 

While PAS leaders are not really angels when they campaign in by-elections, but it would be very hard to win if they want to ‘play the gentleman’s game’ against Umno, who would not only do everything to won, but also ensure that PAS loses its deposit. - Zakiah Koya,theheatmalaysia

You want PAS instead of the BN?You must be out of your mind...

I am puzzled by the latest position taken by several prominent Opposition leaders such as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan with regard to the upcoming by-elections in Sungei Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

They have reportedly said that the Barisan Nasional must be defeated at all costs, even if it means supporting PAS. Now this is something new in the Opposition’s political struggle which I cannot comprehend.

Since when is PAS better than the BN? I lived in Kelantan so I should know. PAS ruled Kelantan for 26 years but did very little to improve its infrastructure or the welfare of its people. Kelantan is better off under the BN.

Furthermore, this Islamist party of clerics supports the Prime Minister, and it’s PAS President Dato Seri Hadi Awang who said that we need four witnesses before we can make any definitive decision regarding the PM’s involvement with 1MDB.

PAS is a party that only wants Muslims as leaders, supports child marriage and that believes women’s place is at home. It’s also a party that wants — above all else — hudud law to be implemented in the country. You want PAS instead of the BN? You must be out of your mind.

How on earth can we support such a party? If it’s just to see the BN defeated and the Prime Minister embarrassed by such an outcome, then I say, think again. It’s foolish and serves no useful purpose.

In a straight fight with PAS the BN will win because these parties are now on friendly terms, and Hadi will not embarrass the Supreme Leader. The BN will come out smiling.

It is, after all, a by-election and the BN will mobilise all of its considerable resources and will surely win with a bigger majority than the last election.

Some Opposition leaders have lost their bearings because their struggle is no longer based on what they wish to offer to the people in terms of policies and political messages. 

They have become consumed by their desire to win another seat, at all costs. This is not progressive politics.
Again, if they are motivated by hatred for the BN or the Prime Minsiter or both, supporting PAS will not produce the desired result. Hatred always clouds one’s judgement. 

The credibility of the Opposition is more important than a superficial win by PAS, a party that ultimately serves the BN’s interest. A PAS win in these by-elections will mean nothing. - zaid ibrahim

PAS ganti BN? Zaid bingung dengan Mahathir

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