14 November 2009

Anwar is Selangor's economic adviser.........

Anwar Ibrahim has been appointed Selangor’s economic advisor, a job for which he will be paid RM1 a month, Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announced today.

The mentri besar said this while winding up the budget debate said the de facto PKR leader’s appointment would help the state boost its economy and generate growth.

Anwar was a former finance minister and deputy prime minister until he was sacked in 1998.

“I believe Anwar can help me and the state government continue our agenda to develop the state for the good of its people, and he has agreed,” the mentri besar said.

He said Anwar would head a team, which includes other prominent individuals, who will advise the state on economic matters and the planned stimulus packages which were tabled at this year's state budget.

Khalid added the team comprises individuals who were independent from the state’s administration and would liaise directly with his office.

Their role is to provide input on the various development plans, such as the rehabilitation of the Klang river and efforts to develop Shah Alam into an Islamic investment hub.

He said Anwar, who is a director in one of the biggest fund management companies in the United States and an economic advisor to a country in Europe, will play a pivotal role in the move.

Anwar will be invited to join the state government in trade missions, to attract investment.

Khalid stressed that the move to appoint Anwar was neither a gimmick nor a political gambit.

The appointment takes effect immediately.

source:malaysian insider

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