01 July 2009

NS trainee found dead in his bed...............

A trainee in the National Service Training Programme was found dead in his bed at the Guar Chenderai Camp, Padang Besar. Padang Besar OCPD Supt Che Man Md Deros said Abdul Malik Ishak, 18, was discovered dead at 5.45am yesterday after his roommate tried to wake him up for morning prayers. The trainee from Kampung Kampung Relong, Sik, Kedah, registered at the camp two weeks ago.

A post-mortem would be conducted to rule out foul play, he said at the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital mortuary here yesterday.

“Besides the investigation by the hospital, forensics personnel from the Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar will also conduct further investigations,” he said.

Supt Che Man said for now the case was classified as sudden death. He said Abdul Malik had not started vigorous training yet. The trainee’s father, Ishak Sudin, 59, said his youngest son from seven siblings was happy to go for the training after receiving an offer letter.

“I did not encourage him as he was not that healthy and was fatigued,” he said when met here.

Meanwhile, Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad, who was at the hospital, hoped that the public and the mass media would not speculate on the death. He said the trainee was reported not to have any problems based on his health declaration form filled by himself.

“This is the first case this year in the third series. We know that whatever compensation would not make up for the loss of Abdul Malik,” he said.

source: Bernama

Do you all ever wonder whether the children of our UMNO/BN ministers, deputy ministers, etc. ever had send their kids to this NS program?

Except for the political mileage and siphoning money from govt coffers to that of UMNO/BN cronies this so called program is a big farce...............


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